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Production Credits
From Mali to Michigan: A Musical Bridge

Producers: Louise Bourgault and Robert Thomson

Editors: Robert Thomson and Louise Bourgault

Script: Louise Bourgault

Camera: Louise Bourgault (Mali); Robert THomson, Michael Lakenen, and Joe Heath (Michigan)

Narration: Michala Hansen

Graphics: Melinda Stamp

Post-Production: Michael Lakenen

Assistants: Jacques Keita, Monsieur Maïga, Montaga Ly (Mali); Cathryn Smith, Nicole Weber, Brandon Thomas, Heather Sawaski (Michigan)

Ms. Dïabaté's Accompanists: Macry Volcy-Keyboard; Mady Kouyaté-Kora; Brin Jungwirth-Djembe; Dave Ziegner-Base Guitar

Special Thanks To: Jason Balas (for SIDA Music video segments); Standing O, NMU student-produced musical TV program; Cathryn Smith, interpreter and companion to Ms. Dïabaté

From Mali to Michigan was made possible in part by a Fulbright Senior Scholar-Africa Regional Research Grant awarded to Dr. Louise Bourgault in 2003.