WNMU-TV Channel 13.1 April 2018 Schedule


  Date Start_Time Program Title Program_# Episode Title Description RepeatDay Rating
Sunday 14/1/2018
4/1/20186:00aSid the Science Kid215Rock & Roll Easter!TVY
4/1/20186:30aDinosaur Train121Dinosaur Camouflage/Family Scavenger HuntTVY
4/1/20187:00aSesame Street4703Abby Helps Clear Things UpTVY
4/1/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood315Daniel Takes His Time/Sometime's It's Good to Go SlowTVY
4/1/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
4/1/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles110Small But Mighty/Washed AwayTVY
4/1/20189:00aCurious George902Monkey Goes Batty/Curious George and the Balloon HoundTVY
4/1/20189:30aNature Cat201Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune PatrolTVY
4/1/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1311TVG
4/1/201810:30aGrowing Bolder405Believe That You Can Change The WorldTVG
4/1/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein505Concussion: How to Protect Your BrainTVG
4/1/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World523Farmgirls: Seattle, WaTVG
4/1/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17089
4/1/201812:30pOff the Record4739TVG
4/1/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2704
4/1/20181:30pWashington Week5739
4/1/20182:00p#MeToo, Now What?104
4/1/20182:30pMedia Meet1805109th District Update - Sara CambensyInterview with State Representative Sara Cambensy, elected to finish the term of the late John Kivela. Topics include state politics, House rules and practices, current issues and activities.
4/1/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1612(4/6 1p)TVPG
4/1/20184:00pClassic Gospel1007The Gospel Music of Marty Stuart and His Fabulous SuperlativesTVG
4/1/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1632Easter (1979)TVG
4/1/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend880
4/1/20186:30pDownton Abbey Season 1 on Masterpiece4102Part 2Mary entertains three suitors.TVPG
4/1/20188:00pCall the Midwife Season 7703Part 3A mother abandons her children at the clinic, leaving the family devastated.(4/2 1p)TV14
4/1/20189:00pThe Child in Time on Masterpiece4808A moment of distraction triggers a crisis; Benedict Cumberbatch and Kelly Macdonald star.(4/3 1p)TV14
4/1/201810:30pLittle Women: A Timeless StoryMASTERPIECE executive producer Rebecca Eaton hosts a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming series.TVG
4/1/201811:00pAn Act of DogAn artist sets out to paint 5,500 dog portraits – the number of dogs killed every day in our nation's shelters.(4/3 2:30p)TVPG
4/1/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17061
4/2/201812:00aCall the Midwife Season 7703Part 3TV14
4/2/20181:00aThe Child in Time on Masterpiece4808TV14
4/2/20182:30aLittle Women: A Timeless StoryTVG
4/2/20183:00aSoundbreaking101The Art of RecordingTVPG
4/2/20184:00aSoundbreaking102Painting with SoundTVPG
4/2/20185:00aSoundbreaking103The Human InstrumentTVPG
Monday 24/2/2018
4/2/20186:00aWild Kratts220Attack of the Tree Eating AliensTVY
4/2/20186:30aWild Kratts301Hermit Crab Shell ExchangeTVY
4/2/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga602Shake Your LegsTVG
4/2/20187:30aBody Electric1919
4/2/20188:00aNature Cat202Stop and Hear The Cicadas/Cold-BloodedTVY
4/2/20188:30aCurious George903George's Photo Finish/Monkey Mystery GiftTVY
4/2/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific109Snow Fairy/to Catch A LeafTVY
4/2/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood317Daniel Loves Tigey/Daniel Needs Tigey at SchoolTVY
4/2/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood319King Daniel for the DayTVY
4/2/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles111Super Splash!/PearleneTVY
4/2/201811:00aSesame Street4720Wild Animals Stop for LunchTVY
4/2/201811:30aSuper Why!301The Story of the Super ReadersTVY
4/2/201812:00pHigh School Bowl4035-36Quarterfinals 3 & 4
4/2/20181:00pCall the Midwife Season 7703TV14
4/2/20182:00pDefending the Fire
4/2/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3315Warm Winter DayTVG
4/2/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1101TVG
4/2/20184:00pPublic Eye News1606
4/2/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches121
4/2/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1319Finger DexterityTVG
4/2/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1705Cotton All AroundTVG
4/2/20186:00pBBC World News America16092
4/2/20186:30pNightly Business Report37066
4/2/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12196
4/2/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2210Portland (1)(4/3 12p, 4/7 7p)TVG
4/2/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow2004Little Rock (1)TVG
4/2/201810:00pThe Great British Baking Show514Easter MasterclassMary Berry and Paul Hollywood showcase some of their favorite Easter recipes.(4/9 2p)TVPG
4/2/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS181
4/2/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days152
4/3/201812:00aBBC World News93
4/3/201812:30aNHK Newsline9001
4/3/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2210Portland (1)TVG
4/3/20182:00aCall the Midwife Season 7703Part 3TV14
4/3/20183:00aThe Child in Time on Masterpiece4808TV14
4/3/20184:30aLittle Women: A Timeless StoryTVG
4/3/20185:00aMakers205Women In BusinessTVPG
Tuesday 34/3/2018
4/3/20186:00aWild Kratts302When Fish FlyTVY
4/3/20186:30aWild Kratts303Slider, The OtterTVY
4/3/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga603Easy PloughTVG
4/3/20187:30aBody Electric1920TVG
4/3/20188:00aNature Cat203Lights Out for Sea Turtles/Nature ArtTVY
4/3/20188:30aCurious George904Happy Valentine's Day, George!/Oh DeerTVY
4/3/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
4/3/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood101Daniel's Birthday/Daniel's PicnicTVY
4/3/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood312Daniel's Goldfish Dies/Daniel's Strawberry SeedsTVY
4/3/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles112Guess Who?/Sleepless SleepoverTVY
4/3/201811:00aSesame Street4710Elmo Comes CleanTVY
4/3/201811:30aSuper Why!139Super Why! and the Little MermaidTVY
4/3/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2210Portland (1)(4/7 7p)TVG
4/3/20181:00pThe Child in Time on Masterpiece4808TV14
4/3/20182:30pAn Act of DogTVPG
4/3/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford405June Afternoon Part 2TVG
4/3/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1102TVG
4/3/20184:00pPublic Eye News1607
4/3/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches122
4/3/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television109Not Your Mother's CakeTVG
4/3/20185:00pWider World1823TVG
4/3/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg404Hidden Gems of Ras Al-KhaimahTVG
4/3/20186:00pBBC World News America16093
4/3/20186:30pNightly Business Report37067
4/3/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12197
4/3/20188:00pRoads to Memphis: American Experience2207Examine the entwined stories of assassin James Earl Ray and his target, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.TVPG
4/3/20189:00pBlack America Since MLK: And Still I Rise101Out of the Shadows/Move On UpHenry Louis Gates, Jr. takes a personal journey through the last 50 years of black history.(4/4 1p)TVPG
4/3/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS182
4/3/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days153
4/4/201812:00aBBC World News94
4/4/201812:30aNHK Newsline9002
4/4/20181:00aRoads to Memphis: American Experience2207TVPG
4/4/20182:00aBlack America Since MLK: And Still I Rise101Out of the Shadows/Move On UpTVPG
4/4/20184:00aIndependent Lens1913When God SleepsTV14
4/4/20185:30aLittle Women: A Timeless StoryTVG
Wednesday 44/4/2018
4/4/20186:00aWild Kratts305Under Frozen PondTVY
4/4/20186:30aWild Kratts306Search for the Florida PantherTVY
4/4/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga604Stay CoolTVG
4/4/20187:30aBody Electric1921TVG
4/4/20188:00aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
4/4/20188:30aCurious George905Georges Curious Dragon Dance/Bowling for BobolinksTVY
4/4/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
4/4/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood102Daniel Visits School/Daniel Visits The DoctorTVY
4/4/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood103Daniel's Babysitter/Daniel Goes to SchoolTVY
4/4/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles129Stormy Waters/Scoot On Over!TVY
4/4/201811:00aSesame Street4719House of WormTVY
4/4/201811:30aSuper Why!141Snow WhiteTVY
4/4/201812:00pNature3111Leave It to BeaversTVG
4/4/20181:00pBlack America Since MLK: And Still I Rise101Out of the Shadows/Move On UpTVPG
4/4/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2408Ablaze with Color, Part 3TVG
4/4/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1103TVG
4/4/20184:00pPublic Eye News1608
4/4/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches123
4/4/20184:30pDestination Michigan701Cadillac, Beulah, Glen Arbor, Midland, & Mt. Pleasant”
4/4/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1809TVG
4/4/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table608In Search of La MixtecaTVG
4/4/20186:00pBBC World News America16094
4/4/20186:30pNightly Business Report37068
4/4/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12198
4/4/20188:00pNature3509Sex, Lies and ButterfliesExplore the amazing abilities of butterflies—360 vision, chemical weaponry and fantastic flight.(4/11 12p)TVPG
4/4/20189:00pBlack America Since MLK: And Still I Rise102Keep Your Head Up/Touch The SkyHenry Louis Gates, Jr. connects the civil rights era to today—exploring race, politics and culture.(4/5 1p)TVPG
4/4/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS183
4/4/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days154
4/5/201812:00aBBC World News95
4/5/201812:30aNHK Newsline9003
4/5/20181:00aNature3509Sex, Lies and ButterfliesTVPG
4/5/20182:00aBlack America Since MLK: And Still I Rise102Keep Your Head Up/Touch The SkyTVPG
4/5/20184:00aBlack America Since MLK: And Still I Rise101Out of the Shadows/Move On UpTVPG
Thursday 54/5/2018
4/5/20186:00aWild Kratts307OspreyTVY
4/5/20186:30aWild Kratts308Opossum In My PocketTVY
4/5/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga605Yoga DanceTVG
4/5/20187:30aBody Electric1922TVG
4/5/20188:00aNature Cat102TVY
4/5/20188:30aCurious George906Curious Georges Amazon Adventure/Monkey SensesTVY
4/5/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
4/5/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood104Daniel Gets Mad/Katerina Gets MadTVY
4/5/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood105Prince Wednesday Finds A Way To Play/Finding A Way To Play On Backwards DayTVY
4/5/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles113The Kelp Needs Help/Mountain of FireTVY
4/5/201811:00aSesame Street4720Wild Animals Stop for LunchTVY
4/5/201811:30aSuper Why!148Cinderella: The Prince's Side of the StoryTVY
4/5/201812:00pNOVA4409Chinese Chariot RevealedTVPG
4/5/20181:00pBlack America Since MLK: And Still I Rise102Keep Your Head Up/Touch The SkyTVPG
4/5/20183:00pMake it Artsy401MediumsTVG
4/5/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1104TVG
4/5/20184:00pPublic Eye News1609
4/5/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches124
4/5/20184:30pSeeing Canada103Lake Louise & Niagara FallsTVG
4/5/20185:00pGarden Smart5005TVG
4/5/20185:30pFocus On Europe3613
4/5/20186:00pBBC World News America16095
4/5/20186:30pNightly Business Report37069
4/5/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12199
4/5/20188:00pAsk the Realtors1825(4/6 12p)TVG
4/5/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1814TVG
4/5/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan807Detroit(4/6 5p, 4/7 10:30p)TVG
4/5/201810:00pUnchained: Generational Trauma and HealingExamines the lingering trauma handed down from the American slavery system.(4/6 2p)TVPG
4/5/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS184
4/5/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days155
4/6/201812:00aBBC World News96
4/6/201812:30aNHK Newsline9004
4/6/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1618TVG
4/6/20182:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage201Part 1
4/6/20183:00aRoads to Memphis: American Experience2207TVPG
4/6/20184:00aNature3509Sex, Lies and ButterfliesTVPG
4/6/20185:00aNOVA4409Chinese Chariot RevealedTVPG
Friday 64/6/2018
4/6/20186:00aWild Kratts309Bandito: The Black Footed FerretTVY
4/6/20186:30aWild Kratts310Where The Bison RoamTVY
4/6/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga606Twisting CobraTVG
4/6/20187:30aBody Electric1923TVG
4/6/20188:00aNature Cat104TVY
4/6/20188:30aCurious George101Curious George Flies A Kite/From ScratchTVY
4/6/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific101TVY
4/6/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood106Daniel And Miss Elaina Play Rocketship/Daniel Plays At The CastleTVY
4/6/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood107Friends Help Each Other/Daniel Helps O Tell A StoryTVY
4/6/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles130Puffy/The Big ShakeTVY
4/6/201811:00aSesame Street4718Counting HatsTVY
4/6/201811:30aSuper Why!143Peter RabbitTVY
4/6/201812:00pAsk the Realtors1825TVG
4/6/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1612HawaiiTVPG
4/6/20182:00pUnchained: Generational Trauma and HealingTVPG
4/6/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer909Dinosaur National ParkTVG
4/6/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1105TVG
4/6/20184:00pPublic Eye News1610
4/6/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches125
4/6/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2504Turned Urns and Pepper MillsTVG
4/6/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan807Detroit(4/7 10:30p)TVG
4/6/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2705
4/6/20186:00pBBC World News America16096
4/6/20186:30pNightly Business Report37070
4/6/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12200
4/6/20188:00pWashington Week5740(4/8 1:30p)
4/6/20188:30pOff the Record4740TVG
4/6/20189:00pSoundbreaking104Going ElectricLearn how the amplification and electrification of instruments transformed the sound of music from from Delta blues to the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder and Devo. TVPG
4/6/201810:00pSoundbreaking105Four on the FloorChart the progression of the beat from drum and bass to beatbox, with Little Richard, James Brown, the Bee Gees, EDM and Beyoncé.TVPG
4/6/201811:00pSoundbreaking106The World is YoursTake a look at the art of sampling with Public Enemy, Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, Beck and more.TVPG
4/7/201812:00aBBC World News97
4/7/201812:30aNHK Newsline9005
4/7/20181:00aWashington Week5740
4/7/20181:30a#MeToo, Now What?105
4/7/20182:00aSoundbreaking104Going ElectricTVPG
4/7/20183:00aSoundbreaking105Four on the FloorTVPG
4/7/20184:00aSoundbreaking106The World Is YoursTVPG
4/7/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1618TVG
Saturday 74/7/2018
4/7/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1578Helping Others After Mistakes/Eraser FactoryTVY
4/7/20186:30aDinosaur Train125Pteranodon Family World Tour/Gilbert The Junior ConductorTVY
4/7/20187:00aBob the Builder904All Together NowTVY
4/7/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood312Daniel's Goldfish Dies/Daniel's Strawberry SeedsTVY
4/7/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
4/7/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles113The Kelp Needs Help/Mountain of FireTVY
4/7/20189:00aCurious George905Georges Curious Dragon Dance/Bowling for BobolinksTVY
4/7/20189:30aNature Cat102TVY
4/7/201810:00aKnitting Daily1413Don't Sweater The Small StuffTVG
4/7/201810:30aQuilting Arts2106Inspired By ColorTVG
4/7/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1008Stepping OutTVG
4/7/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3316Mountain RiverTVG
4/7/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen505Crazy for MushroomsTVG
4/7/201812:30pGarden Smart5005TVG
4/7/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3602Sliding Lid BoxesTVG
4/7/20181:30pThis Old House3718Charleston | Demo TimeTVG
4/7/20182:00pAsk This Old House1618Jimmy Diresta, Trough PlanterTVG
4/7/20183:00pThe Aviators704Aviation Science and TechnologyTVG
4/7/20183:30pWilderness Journal1908
4/7/20184:00pGreat Getaways1308More Fishing Than EverTVG
4/7/20184:30pOutdoor Wisconsin3410TVG
4/7/20185:00pNative Report1103TVG
4/7/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1814TVG
4/7/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend881
4/7/20186:30pMedia Meet1808Making Votes Matter, Part 1A survey of proposals aimed at increasing voter response. Topics include voter behavior, a proposed constitutional amendment to lift certain voter restrictions in Michigan, and efforts to address issues with political gerrymandering. (4/8 2:30p)
4/7/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2210Portland (1)TVG
4/7/20188:00pHigh School Bowl4037-38SemifinalsQuarterfinal winners match up in the two semifinal games of the 2018 tournament.(4/9 12p)
4/7/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1633April Showers (1967)(4/8 5p)TVG
4/7/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville237John Rich, Part 1TVG
4/7/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan807DetroitTVG
4/7/201811:00pAustin City Limits4209Cyndi LauperTVPG
4/8/201812:00aWoodsongs1608Matt Anderson and the Howlin' BrothersTVG
4/8/20181:00aNOVA4409Chinese Chariot RevealedTVPG
4/8/20182:00aNature3509Sex, Lies and ButterfliesTVPG
4/8/20183:00aIndependent Lens1913When God SleepsTV14
4/8/20184:30aKatmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG
4/8/20185:00aWashington Week5740
4/8/20185:30a#MeToo, Now What?105
Sunday 84/8/2018
4/8/20186:00aSid the Science Kid209Save The Stump!TVY
4/8/20186:30aDinosaur Train126Confuciusornis Says/Tiny's Tiny DollTVY
4/8/20187:00aSesame Street4719House of WormTVY
4/8/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood103Daniel's Babysitter/Daniel Goes to SchoolTVY
4/8/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific101TVY
4/8/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles130Puffy/The Big ShakeTVY
4/8/20189:00aCurious George101Curious George Flies A Kite/From ScratchTVY
4/8/20189:30aNature Cat104TVY
4/8/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1312TVG
4/8/201810:30aGrowing Bolder406Life Advice from a Group of Musical LegendsTVG
4/8/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein506Living with Bipolar DisorderTVG
4/8/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World524Thomas Jefferson; Organic Gardening Pioneer: Monticello: VirginiaTVG
4/8/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17096
4/8/201812:30pOff the Record4740TVG
4/8/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2705
4/8/20181:30pWashington Week5740
4/8/20182:00p#MeToo, Now What?105
4/8/20182:30pMedia Meet1808Making Votes Matter, Part 1
4/8/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1613Papua New Guinea Islands(4/13 1p)TVPG
4/8/20184:00pClassic Gospel1008The Gospel Music of the Statler Brothers Volume #1TVG
4/8/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1633April Showers (1967)TVG
4/8/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend882
4/8/20186:30pDownton Abbey Season 1 on Masterpiece4103Part 3Matthew brings out the bitter rivalry between sisters Mary and Edith.TVPG
4/8/20188:00pCall the Midwife Season 7704Part 4Sister Julienne helps a family face unexpected pregnancy; Sister Monica Joan’s eyesight worsens.(4/9 1p)TV14
4/8/20189:00pUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4809Part 1New 3-part series follows a stone-cold case of murder that tests the wits of crime-solving duo DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DS Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar). In part 1, Cassie and Sunny confront a skeleton buried in a cellar. Is it ancient or recent?(4/10 1p)TVPG
4/8/201810:30pLast Tango in Halifax Season 3301As season 3 begins, see how an unexpected visitor forces Alan to think about his past and makes the daughters anxious.TV14
4/8/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17068
4/9/201812:00aThis American Land701(4/10 2:30p)TVG
4/9/201812:30aCall the Midwife Season 7704Part 4TV14
4/9/20181:30aUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4809Part 1TVPG
4/9/20183:00aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3301Part 1TV14
4/9/20184:00aSoundbreaking106The World Is YoursTVPG
4/9/20185:00aRoads to Memphis: American Experience2207TVPG
Monday 94/9/2018
4/9/20186:00aWild Kratts311Crocogator ContestTVY
4/9/20186:30aWild Kratts312The Amazing Creature RaceTVY
4/9/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga607Strength & BalanceTVG
4/9/20187:30aBody Electric1924TVG
4/9/20188:00aNature Cat106TVY
4/9/20188:30aCurious George102Curious George's Home for Pigeons/Out of OrderTVY
4/9/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific102TVY
4/9/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood108Something Special for Dad/I Love You, MomTVY
4/9/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood109A Trip To The Enchanted Garden/A Trip To The Crayon FactoryTVY
4/9/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles116The Greatest Treasure of All/CrabulousTVY
4/9/201811:00aSesame Street4821Shape HuntTVY
4/9/201811:30aSuper Why!144The Boy Who Drew CatsTVY
4/9/201812:00pHigh School Bowl4037-38Semifinals
4/9/20181:00pCall the Midwife Season 7704Part 4TV14
4/9/20182:00pThe Great British Baking Show514Easter MasterclassTVPG
4/9/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3316Mountain RiverTVG
4/9/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1106TVG
4/9/20184:00pPublic Eye News1611
4/9/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches126
4/9/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1320Happy Feet, Healthy BodyTVG
4/9/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1706Keep It SimpleTVG
4/9/20186:00pBBC World News America16099
4/9/20186:30pNightly Business Report37071
4/9/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12201
4/9/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2211Portland (2)(4/10 12p, 4/14 7p)TVG
4/9/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow2005Little Rock (2)TVG
4/9/201810:00pIndependent Lens1914The Art of the ShineMeet the unforgettable people who are turning the job of shoe shiner into an art form.(4/11 2p)TVPG
4/9/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS186
4/9/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days156
4/10/201812:00aBBC World News100
4/10/201812:30aNHK Newsline9006
4/10/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2211Portland (2)TVG
4/10/20182:00aCall the Midwife Season 7704Part 4TV14
4/10/20183:00aUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4809Part 1TVPG
4/10/20184:30aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3301Part 1TV14
4/10/20185:30aKatmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG
Tuesday 104/10/2018
4/10/20186:00aWild Kratts313Prairie Who?TVY
4/10/20186:30aWild Kratts314Mystery on the PrairieTVY
4/10/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga608Tadagi MudraTVG
4/10/20187:30aBody Electric1925TVG
4/10/20188:00aNature Cat127Spring Hunter 3000/The Case of the Missing MoonTVY
4/10/20188:30aCurious George103Zeros to Donuts/Curious George, Stain RemoverTVY
4/10/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific103TVY
4/10/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood110Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car/Katerina Shares Her TutuTVY
4/10/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood111Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty/Daniel Goes To The PottyTVY
4/10/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles117Here Comes The Hammerhead/Denny's New ShellTVY
4/10/201811:00aSesame Street4718Counting HatsTVY
4/10/201811:30aSuper Why!302The Alphabet's Sad DayTVY
4/10/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2211Portland (2)(4/14 7p)TVG
4/10/20181:00pUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4809TVPG
4/10/20182:30pThis American Land701TVG
4/10/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford406Canada HonkersTVG
4/10/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1107TVG
4/10/20184:00pPublic Eye News1612
4/10/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches127
4/10/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television110Milk Street MenuTVG
4/10/20185:00pWider World1824TVG
4/10/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg405Hidden Gems of JordanTVG
4/10/20186:00pBBC World News America16100
4/10/20186:30pNightly Business Report37072
4/10/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12202
4/10/20188:00pSecrets of the Dead1702Hannibal in the AlpsUncover the mystery of how Hannibal crossed the near-impregnable Alps to attack Rome.(4/11 1p)TVPG
4/10/20189:00pThe Perfect Crime: American Experience2805Re-examine the shocking story of Leopold and Loeb, who murdered a 14-year-old boy in 1924. (4/13 2p)TV14
4/10/201810:00pFrontline3607Trump's TakeoverVenture inside President Trump’s high-stakes battle for control of the Republican Party.
4/10/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS187
4/10/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days157
4/11/201812:00aBBC World News101
4/11/201812:30aNHK Newsline9007
4/11/20181:00aSecrets of the Dead1702Hannibal in the AlpsTVPG
4/11/20182:00aThe Perfect Crime: American Experience2805
4/11/20183:00aFrontline3607Trump’s Takeover
4/11/20184:00aIndependent Lens1914The Art of the ShineTVPG
4/11/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2005Little Rock (2)TVG
Wednesday 114/11/2018
4/11/20186:00aWild Kratts315Chameleons On TargetTVY
4/11/20186:30aWild Kratts316Fossa PaloozaTVY
4/11/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga609Better BacksTVG
4/11/20187:30aBody Electric1926TVG
4/11/20188:00aNature Cat125Stop That Squirrel/Onward and PondwardTVY
4/11/20188:30aCurious George104Buoy Wonder/Roller MonkeyTVY
4/11/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific104TVY
4/11/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood112Fruit Picking Day/Daniel Is Big Enough to Help DadTVY
4/11/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood113Daniel Waits For Show And Tell/A Night Out At The RestaurantTVY
4/11/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles118The Sand Is Grand/The Treasure TroveTVY
4/11/201811:00aSesame Street4821Shape HuntTVY
4/11/201811:30aSuper Why!147The Swan MaidenTVY
4/11/201812:00pNature3509Sex, Lies and ButterfliesTVPG
4/11/20181:00pSecrets of the Dead1702Hannibal in the AlpsTVPG
4/11/20182:00pIndependent Lens1914The Art of the ShineTVPG
4/11/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2409Ablaze with Color, Part 4TVG
4/11/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1108TVG
4/11/20184:00pPublic Eye News1613
4/11/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches128
4/11/20184:30pDestination Michigan702Flint, Bellaire, Traverse City, Boyne City & Empire
4/11/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1810TVG
4/11/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table609Oaxaca Breakfast: Messy and DeliciousTVG
4/11/20186:00pBBC World News America16101
4/11/20186:30pNightly Business Report37073
4/11/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12203
4/11/20188:00pNature3310Moose: Life of a Twig EaterTravel to Canada's Rockies and into the world of moose to experience a calf's first year of life.(4/18 12p)TVPG
4/11/20189:00pNOVA4407Holocaust Escape TunnelArchaeologists probe a Nazi execution site to uncover the secrets of a hidden escape tunnel.(4/12 12p)TV14
4/11/201810:00pGI Jews - Jewish Americans in World War IIDiscover the story of the brave Jewish Americans who served in World War II.(4/12 1p)TVPG
4/11/201811:30pAmanpour on PBS188
4/12/201812:00aBBC World News102
4/12/201812:30aNHK Newsline9008
4/12/20181:00aNature3310Moose: Life of a Twig EaterTVPG
4/12/20182:00aNOVA4407Holocaust Escape TunnelTV14
4/12/20183:00aGI Jews - Jewish Americans in World War IITVPG
4/12/20184:30aSecrets of the Dead1702Hannibal in the AlpsTVPG
4/12/20185:30aRibbon of SandTVG
Thursday 124/12/2018
4/12/20186:00aWild Kratts317Mini MadagascarTVY
4/12/20186:30aWild Kratts318Aye AyeTVY
4/12/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga610Exhilaration!TVG
4/12/20187:30aBody Electric1701Acapulco, MexicoTVG
4/12/20188:00aNature Cat126Appily Ever After/Sound OffTVY
4/12/20188:30aCurious George105Curious George On Time/Curious George's Bunny HuntTVY
4/12/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105TVY
4/12/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood114Thank You, Grandpere Tiger!/Neighborhood Thank You DayTVY
4/12/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood317Daniel Loves Tigey/Daniel Needs Tigey at SchoolTVY
4/12/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles119Mayor for a Day/Oblo from Down BelowTVY
4/12/201811:00aSesame Street4726The Camouflage ShowTVY
4/12/201811:30aSuper Why!149The Three Little Pigs: The Return of the WolfTVY
4/12/201812:00pNOVA4407Holocaust Escape TunnelTV14
4/12/20181:00pGI Jews - Jewish Americans in World War IITVPG
4/12/20182:30pDiscovering Beverly ClearyTVG
4/12/20183:00pMake it Artsy402It's All Art!TVG
4/12/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1109TVG
4/12/20184:00pPublic Eye News1614
4/12/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches129
4/12/20184:30pSeeing Canada104Western Newfoundland & The Northwest TerritoriesTVG
4/12/20185:00pGarden Smart5006TVG
4/12/20185:30pFocus On Europe3614
4/12/20186:00pBBC World News America16102
4/12/20186:30pNightly Business Report37074
4/12/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12204
4/12/20188:00pAsk the Doctors1826Digestive Health/General Health(4/13 12p)TVG
4/12/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1815TVG
4/12/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan808Winter Wonderland - Activities Show(4/13 5p, 4/14 10:30p)TVG
4/12/201810:00pTrezoros: The Lost Jews of KastoriaChronicles the Jewish life and culture of Kastoria, a picturesque lakeside village in the mountains of Northwestern Greece, near the Albania border. Here, Jews and Greek Orthodox Christians lived together in harmony for more than two millennia until World War II.TVPG
4/12/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days159
4/13/201812:00aBBC World News103
4/13/201812:30aNHK Newsline9009
4/13/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1619TVG
4/13/20182:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage202Part 2
4/13/20183:00aSecrets of the Dead1702Hannibal in the AlpsTVPG
4/13/20184:00aNOVA4407Holocaust Escape TunnelTV14
4/13/20185:00aNature3310Moose: Life of a Twig EaterTVPG
Friday 134/13/2018
4/13/20186:00aWild Kratts319Lemur LegsTVY
4/13/20186:30aWild Kratts320Lemur Stink FightTVY
4/13/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga611Breathe and MeditateTVG
4/13/20187:30aBody Electric1702Tallahassee, FlTVG
4/13/20188:00aNature Cat129The Shell Game/Heron Food BluesTVY
4/13/20188:30aCurious George106Curious George Takes A Job/Curious George Takes Another Job - (Part 1 & 2)TVY
4/13/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
4/13/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood115The Neighborhood Votes/The Class VotesTVY
4/13/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood319King Daniel for the DayTVY
4/13/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles120Chompy's New Foods/Cloning AroundTVY
4/13/201811:00aSesame Street4821Shape HuntTVY
4/13/201811:30aSuper Why!303The Silly Word PlayTVY
4/13/201812:00pAsk the Doctors1826Digestive Health/General HealthTVG
4/13/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1613Papua New Guinea IslandsTVPG
4/13/20182:00pThe Perfect Crime: American Experience2805TV14
4/13/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer910American EgretTVG
4/13/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1110TVG
4/13/20184:00pPublic Eye News1615
4/13/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches130
4/13/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2505Scrolled Kitchen Trenchers and TrivetsTVG
4/13/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan808Winter Wonderland - Activities Show(4/14 10:30p)TVG
4/13/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2706
4/13/20186:00pBBC World News America16103
4/13/20186:30pNightly Business Report37075
4/13/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12205
4/13/20188:00pWashington Week5741(4/15 1:30p)
4/13/20188:30pOff the Record4741TVG
4/13/20189:00pSoundbreaking107Sound and VisionTrace the rise of the music video from David Bowie, Devo and Madonna to the Eurythmics and Nirvana.TVPG
4/13/201810:00pSoundbreaking108I Am My MusicDiscover how distribution formats, from the LP to MP3s, have shaped our experience of music, featuring Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead.TVPG
4/13/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS190
4/13/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS115
4/14/201812:00aBBC World News104
4/14/201812:30aNHK Newsline9010
4/14/20181:00aWashington Week5741
4/14/20181:30aIn Principle101
4/14/20182:00aSoundbreaking107Sound and VisionTVPG
4/14/20183:00aSoundbreaking108I Am My MusicTVPG
4/14/20184:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage202Part 2TV14
4/14/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1619TVG
Saturday 144/14/2018
4/14/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1579Pianist Andre Watts/Practicing & MistakesTVY
4/14/20186:30aDinosaur Train404Junior Conductors Academy: Part One/Junior Conductors Academy: Part TwoTVY
4/14/20187:00aBob the Builder905On The Job!TVY
4/14/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood110Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car/Katerina Shares Her TutuTVY
4/14/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105TVY
4/14/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles119Mayor for a Day/Oblo from Down BelowTVY
4/14/20189:00aCurious George104Buoy Wonder/Roller MonkeyTVY
4/14/20189:30aNature Cat126Appily Ever After/Sound OffTVY
4/14/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!701TVG
4/14/201810:30aQuilting Arts2107Inspired to QuiltTVG
4/14/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1009Sewing 101TVG
4/14/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3317Purple SplendorTVG
4/14/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen506Spiced Up Soup and Salad NightTVG
4/14/201812:30pGarden Smart5006TVG
4/14/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3603Carved Oak Desk BoxTVG
4/14/20181:30pThis Old House3719Charleston | Brick and MortarTVG
4/14/20182:00pAsk This Old House1619Stair Railing, Smart Show HouseTVG
4/14/20183:00pThe Aviators705The Future of AviationTVG
4/14/20183:30pWilderness Journal1909
4/14/20184:00pGreat Getaways1211More Lakes, More Fish, More FunTVG
4/14/20184:30pOutdoor Wisconsin3411TVG
4/14/20185:00pNative Report1104TVG
4/14/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1815TVG
4/14/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend883
4/14/20186:30pMedia Meet1803Chronic Fatigue SyndromeDiscussion of a baffling and often misrepresented condition affecting up to 2.5 million Americans. Topics include the signs and symptoms, possible causes, research history and contemporary efforts to control it. Guests: Family Physician Scott Doughty, CFS patient and activist Kelly Parks, and Mining Journal Staff Writer Christie Bleck. (Repeat from March) (4/15 2:30p)
4/14/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2211Portland (2)TVG
4/14/20188:00pHigh School Bowl4039ChampionshipSemifinal winners compete for scholarships and glory in the final game of the 2018 season.(4/16 12p)
4/14/20188:30pHigh School Bowl Season 40 Review4040Host Jim Koski reviews the most memorable moments from our 40th tournament, and interviews the winning team.(4/16 12:30p)
4/14/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1634Hooray for Hollywood (1975)(4/15 5p)TVG
4/14/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville238John Rich, Part 2TVG
4/14/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan808Winter Wonderland - Activities ShowTVG
4/14/201811:00pAustin City Limits4106James TaylorTVPG
4/15/201812:00aWoodsongs1609Special Consensus plus Bluegrass Kids with Cane Mill Road and Jonathan Wilson-RaderTVG
4/15/20181:00aNOVA4407Holocaust Escape TunnelTV14
4/15/20182:00aNature3310Moose: Life of a Twig EaterTVPG
4/15/20183:00aIndependent Lens1914The Art of the ShineTVPG
4/15/20184:00aGI Jews - Jewish Americans in World War IITVPG
4/15/20185:30aWashington Week5741
Sunday 154/15/2018
4/15/20186:00aSid the Science Kid206Where Did The Water Go?TVY
4/15/20186:30aDinosaur Train129New Neighbors /Don's CollectionTVY
4/15/20187:00aSesame Street4715HalloweenTVY
4/15/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood317Daniel Loves Tigey/Daniel Needs Tigey at SchoolTVY
4/15/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
4/15/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles120Chompy's New Foods/Cloning AroundTVY
4/15/20189:00aCurious George106Curious George Takes A Job/Curious George Takes Another Job - (Part 1 & 2)TVY
4/15/20189:30aNature Cat129The Shell Game/Heron Food BluesTVY
4/15/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1313TVG
4/15/201810:30aGrowing Bolder407Leave The Past Behind and Start Growing BolderTVG
4/15/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein507Schizophrenia: New Approaches to RecoveryTVG
4/15/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World525Money in the Honey: The Business of an Urban BeekeeperTVG
4/15/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17103
4/15/201812:30pOff the Record4741TVG
4/15/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2706
4/15/20181:30pWashington Week5741
4/15/20182:00pIn Principle101
4/15/20182:30pMedia Meet1803Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
4/15/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1614Food Hour: The Story of Beef(4/20 1p)TVPG
4/15/20184:00pClassic Gospel1009Goodman Revival: Songs in the Key of HappyTVG
4/15/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1634Hooray for Hollywood (1975)TVG
4/15/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend884
4/15/20186:30pDownton Abbey Season 1 on Masterpiece4104Part 4The heir crisis at Downton Abbey takes an unexpected turn.TVPG
4/15/20188:00pCall the Midwife Season 7705Part 5Lucille helps a woman face her fear of childbirth; a case of suspected smallpox causes alarm.(4/16 1p)TV14
4/15/20189:00pUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4810Part 2Cassie and Sunny dig deeper into Jimmy’s murder, which involved torture.(4/17 1p)TV14
4/15/201810:30pLast Tango in Halifax Season 3302Part 2See why Celia punishes Caroline and Gillian loses her job.TV14
4/15/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17075
4/16/201812:00aThis American Land702Wyoming Wilderness, Rising Sea Levels, Managing National Forests(4/17 2:30p)TVG
4/16/201812:30aCall the Midwife Season 7705Part 5TV14
4/16/20181:30aUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4810Part 2TV14
4/16/20183:00aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3302Part 2TV14
4/16/20184:00aSoundbreaking107Sound and VisionTVPG
4/16/20185:00aSoundbreaking108I Am My MusicTVPG
Monday 164/16/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Bill & Monica McKenny,Marquette, remembering their son, Casey James McKenny, on his birthday
4/16/20186:00aWild Kratts321Golden Bamboo LemurTVY
4/16/20186:30aWild Kratts304Mosquito DragonTVY
4/16/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga612Galloping Horse, Arching TigerTVG
4/16/20187:30aBody Electric1703Seaside Resort, FlTVG
4/16/20188:00aNature Cat130Mighty Mountain Climbers/Bug Eating Plants!TVY
4/16/20188:30aCurious George107Curious George, Door Monkey/Curious George Goes Up the RiverTVY
4/16/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
4/16/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood116Be A Vegetable Taster!/Daniel Tries A New FoodTVY
4/16/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood117Good Morning Daniel/Goodnight DanielTVY
4/16/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles114One Big Ocean: Parts 1 and 2TVY
4/16/201811:00aSesame Street4731Hello RudyTVY
4/16/201811:30aSuper Why!150The City Mouse and the Country MouseTVY
4/16/201812:00pHigh School Bowl4039Championship
4/16/201812:30pHigh School Bowl Season 40 Review4040
4/16/20181:00pCall the Midwife Season 7705Part 5TV14
4/16/20182:00pThe Queen's GardenTVPG
4/16/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3317Purple SplendorTVG
4/16/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1111TVG
4/16/20184:00pPublic Eye News1616
4/16/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches1
4/16/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1401All Systems Go!TVG
4/16/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1707Add A Little ColorTVG
4/16/20186:00pBBC World News America16106
4/16/20186:30pNightly Business Report37076
4/16/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12206
4/16/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2212Portland (3)(4/17 12p, 4/21 7p)TVG
4/16/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow2006Little Rock (3)TVG
4/16/201810:00pIndependent Lens1915What Lies UpstreamTravel to West Virginia to uncover the truth behind a massive chemical spill.(4/18 1p)TVPG
4/16/201811:30pAmanpour on PBS191
4/17/201812:00aBBC World News107
4/17/201812:30aNHK Newsline9011
4/17/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2006Little Rock (3)TVG
4/17/20182:00aCall the Midwife Season 7705Part 5TV14
4/17/20183:00aUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4810Part 2TV14
4/17/20184:30aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3302Part 2TV14
4/17/20185:30aRibbon of SandTVG
Tuesday 174/17/2018
4/17/20186:00aWild Kratts322Tenrec Treasure HuntTVY
4/17/20186:30aWild Kratts323Praying MantisTVY
4/17/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga613Arch & BendTVG
4/17/20187:30aBody Electric1704Tallahassee, FlTVG
4/17/20188:00aNature Cat131The Queen of the Night/Space RocksTVY
4/17/20188:30aCurious George108Curious George and the Invisible Sound/Curious George, A Peeling MonkeyTVY
4/17/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
4/17/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood118Daniel Plays Ball/O Builds A TowerTVY
4/17/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood119Daniel Gets A Shot/A Stormy NightTVY
4/17/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles115One Big Ocean: Parts 3 and 4TVY
4/17/201811:00aSesame Street4725The Recycling FairyTVY
4/17/201811:30aSuper Why!145AladdinTVY
4/17/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2212Portland (3)(4/21 7p)TVG
4/17/20181:00pUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4810Part 2TV14
4/17/20182:30pThis American Land702Wyoming Wilderness, Rising Sea Levels, Managing National ForestsTVG
4/17/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford407New England Light Part 1TVG
4/17/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1112TVG
4/17/20184:00pPublic Eye News1617
4/17/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches2
4/17/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television111Milk Street HolidaysTVG
4/17/20185:00pWider World1825TVG
4/17/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg406Crossing Border for Cheaper AirfareTVG
4/17/20186:00pBBC World News America16107
4/17/20186:30pNightly Business Report37077
4/17/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12207
4/17/20188:00pCivilizations101Examine the formative role of art and the creative imagination in the forging of humanity itself.(4/19 2p)TVPG
4/17/20189:00pAmerican Experience3005The Island MurderDiscover the truth behind the scandalous 1930s murder case that rocked Hawaii and the nation.
4/17/201810:00pFrontline3608McCainExamine Sen. McCain’s complicated relationship with President Trump and his own Republican Party.
4/17/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS192
4/17/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days161
4/18/201812:00aBBC World News108
4/18/201812:30aNHK Newsline9012
4/18/20181:00aCivilizations101The Second Moment of CreationTVPG
4/18/20182:00aAmerican Experience3005The Island Murder
4/18/20184:00aIndependent Lens1915What Lies UpstreamTVPG
4/18/20185:30aKatmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG
Wednesday 184/18/2018
4/18/20186:00aWild Kratts401Liturgusa KrattorumTVY
4/18/20186:30aWild Kratts324Capture The FishmobileTVY
4/18/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga614Flex Your FeetTVG
4/18/20187:30aBody Electric1705Tallahassee, FlTVG
4/18/20188:00aNature Cat132Croak and Swagger/Puddle Pool PartyTVY
4/18/20188:30aCurious George109Curious George, Dog Counter/Squirrel for a DayTVY
4/18/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific109Snow Fairy/to Catch A LeafTVY
4/18/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood120Daniel's Sleepover/Backyard CampingTVY
4/18/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood121You Are Special/Daniel Is SpecialTVY
4/18/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles121TVY
4/18/201811:00aSesame Street4729Big Birds Big MoveTVY
4/18/201811:30aSuper Why!304The Rhyming CarnivalTVY
4/18/201812:00pNature3310Moose: Life of a Twig EaterTVPG
4/18/20181:00pIndependent Lens1915What Lies UpstreamTVPG
4/18/20182:30pThis American Land703Forest Homes for Bats, Defenses Against Flooding, Prescribed FiresTVG
4/18/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2410Triple Mischief, Part 1TVG
4/18/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1113TVG
4/18/20184:00pPublic Eye News1618
4/18/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches3
4/18/20184:30pDestination Michigan703Chelsea, Traverse City, Holland, Marshall & Lansing
4/18/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1811TVG
4/18/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table610How I Got to NowTVG
4/18/20186:00pBBC World News America16108
4/18/20186:30pNightly Business Report37078
4/18/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12208
4/18/20188:00pNOVA4507Decoding the Weather MachineJoin scientists on a quest to better understand the weather and climate machine we call Earth.(4/19 12p)TVPG
4/18/201810:00pPOV3101Bill Nye: Science GuyFollow Bill Nye as he seeks to change the world through science.(4/20 2p)TVPG
4/18/201811:30pAmanpour on PBS193
4/19/201812:00aBBC World News109
4/19/201812:30aNHK Newsline9013
4/19/20181:00aNOVA4507Decoding the Weather MachineTVPG
4/19/20183:00aPOV3101Bill Nye: Science GuyTVPG
4/19/20184:30aRibbon of SandTVG
4/19/20185:00aCivilizations101The Second Moment of CreationTVPG
Thursday 194/19/2018
4/19/20186:00aWild Kratts325Back In Creature Time - Go Dodo Go, Part 1TVY
4/19/20186:30aWild Kratts402Panda Power Up!TVY
4/19/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga615Plough TwistTVG
4/19/20187:30aBody Electric1706Tallahassee, FlTVG
4/19/20188:00aNature Cat111TVY
4/19/20188:30aCurious George110Curious George Discovers The 'Poles'/Curious George Finds His WayTVY
4/19/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
4/19/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood312Daniel's Goldfish Dies/Daniel's Strawberry SeedsTVY
4/19/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood122Neighborhood Clean Up/Clean Up TimeTVY
4/19/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles122Partner Pals/Ultimate Hide and SeekTVY
4/19/201811:00aSesame Street4731Hello RudyTVY
4/19/201811:30aSuper Why!146Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy AdventureTVY
4/19/201812:00pNOVA4507Decoding the Weather MachineTVPG
4/19/20183:00pMake it Artsy403MavericksTVG
4/19/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1114TVG
4/19/20184:00pPublic Eye News1619
4/19/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches4
4/19/20184:30pSeeing Canada105Nunavut & YukonTVG
4/19/20185:00pGarden Smart5007TVG
4/19/20185:30pFocus On Europe3615
4/19/20186:00pBBC World News America16109
4/19/20186:30pNightly Business Report37079
4/19/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12209
4/19/20188:00pAsk the DNR1827Fishing Season, Wildfire Prevention(4/20 12p)TVG
4/19/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1816TVG
4/19/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan806Grand Rapids(4/20 5p, 4/21 10:30p)TVG
4/19/201810:00pTreblinka’s Last WitnessSamuel Willenberg, now 92 years old, is the last living survivor of the Treblinka death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.TVPG
4/19/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days163
4/20/201812:00aBBC World News110
4/20/201812:30aNHK Newsline9014
4/20/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1620TVG
4/20/20182:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage203Part 3
4/20/20183:00aNature3108My Bionic PetTVPG
4/20/20184:00aNOVA4507Decoding the Weather MachineTVPG
Friday 204/20/2018
4/20/20186:00aWild Kratts326Back In Creature Time - Tasmanian Tiger, Part 2TVY
4/20/20186:30aWild Kratts404Pangolin RescueTVY
4/20/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga616Bow Your BackTVG
4/20/20187:30aBody Electric1707Acapulco, MexicoTVG
4/20/20188:00aNature Cat117Earth Day Today/Earth Day Every DayTVY
4/20/20188:30aCurious George111Water to Ducks/Animal MagnetismTVY
4/20/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
4/20/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood123The Dragon Dance/Teacher Harriet's BirthdayTVY
4/20/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood315Daniel Takes His Time/Sometime's It's Good to Go SlowTVY
4/20/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles124Bubbles' Little Friend/Mrs. TidyTVY
4/20/201811:00aSesame Street4723Elmo and Rositas Rainbow SearchTVY
4/20/201811:30aSuper Why!305The Mixed Up StoryTVY
4/20/201812:00pAsk the DNR1827Fishing Season, Wildfire PreventionTVG
4/20/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1614Food Hour: The Story of BeefTVPG
4/20/20182:00pPOV3101Bill Nye: Science GuyTVPG
4/20/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1115TVG
4/20/20184:00pPublic Eye News1620
4/20/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches5
4/20/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2506Decorative TurningsTVG
4/20/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan806Grand Rapids(4/21 10:30p)TVG
4/20/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2707
4/20/20186:00pBBC World News America16110
4/20/20186:30pNightly Business Report37080
4/20/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12210
4/20/20188:00pWashington Week5742(4/22 1:30p)
4/20/20188:30pOff the Record4742TVG
4/20/20189:00pLive from Lincoln Center4301Sutton Foster in ConcertTony-winner Sutton Foster brings her talent and charm to the stage; with guest Jonathan Groff.(4/23 2p)TVG
4/20/201810:00pwill.i.am - Landmarks Live in Concert: A Great Performances SpecialExperience will.i.am plus special guests from the Black Eyed Peas at London’s Royal Albert Hall. (4/25 2p)
4/20/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS195
4/20/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS116
4/21/201812:00aBBC World News111
4/21/201812:30aNHK Newsline9015
4/21/20181:00aWashington Week5742
4/21/20181:30aIn Principle102
4/21/20182:00aLive from Lincoln Center4301Sutton Foster in ConcertTVG
4/21/20183:00awill.i.am - Landmarks Live in Concert: A Great Performances Special
4/21/20184:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage203Part 3TV14
4/21/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1620TVG
Saturday 214/21/2018
4/21/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1580Board Games & Musical Fun with Ella JenkinsTVY
4/21/20186:30aDinosaur Train135The Good Mom/HornucopiaTVY
4/21/20187:00aBob the Builder906What A Build!TVY
4/21/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood122Neighborhood Clean Up/Clean Up TimeTVY
4/21/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
4/21/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles122Partner Pals/Ultimate Hide and SeekTVY
4/21/20189:00aCurious George109Curious George, Dog Counter/Squirrel for a DayTVY
4/21/20189:30aNature Cat111TVY
4/21/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!702Slip Into SlippersTVG
4/21/201810:30aQuilting Arts2108TextureTVG
4/21/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1010Decorating at HomeTVG
4/21/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3318Arctic BeautyTVG
4/21/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen507A Special OccasionTVG
4/21/201812:30pGarden Smart5007TVG
4/21/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3604Waving Arm WhirligigsTVG
4/21/20181:30pThis Old House3720Charleston | Southern RootsTVG
4/21/20182:00pAsk This Old House1620Shower Valve, Chainsaws, Bucket StoolTVG
4/21/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy201TVG
4/21/20183:30pWilderness Journal1910
4/21/20184:00pGreat Getaways1304Great Getaways Fish FryTVG
4/21/20184:30pOutdoor Wisconsin3412TVG
4/21/20185:00pNative Report1105TVG
4/21/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1816TVG
4/21/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend885
4/21/20186:30pMedia Meet1809Making Votes Matter, Part 2The discussion about voter access, integrity and accountability continues with Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma, Marquette City Clerk Kris Hazeres and retired NMU political science Professor Robert Kulisheck. Single party voting, polls, and gerrymandering are addressed.(4/22 2:30p)
4/21/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2212Portland (3)TVG
4/21/20188:00pTapping the Great LakesNew documentary takes a deep dive into several methods of water withdrawal and their impact on the Great Lakes.(4/23 12p)
4/21/20188:30pBeneath the Surface: The Line 5 Pipeline in the Great LakesExamines the controversy surrounding the pipeline on the lakebed between Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsulas.(4/23 12a, 4/23 12:30p)
4/21/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1635Sights and Sounds of L.A. (1979)(4/22 4p)TVG
4/21/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville239Tony OrlandoTVG
4/21/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan806Grand RapidsTVG
4/21/201811:00pAustin City Limits4112Leon Bridges/Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night SweatsTVPG
4/22/201812:00aWoodsongs1610The Holmes Brothers and Chatham County LineTVG
4/22/20181:00aNOVA4507Decoding the Weather MachineTVPG
4/22/20183:00aNature3108My Bionic PetTVPG
4/22/20184:00aIndependent Lens1915What Lies UpstreamTVPG
4/22/20185:30aWashington Week5742
Sunday 224/22/2018
4/22/20186:00aSid the Science Kid207Clean Air!TVY
4/22/20186:30aDinosaur Train136Elmer Elasmosaurus/Dinosaur Block PartyTVY
4/22/20187:00aSesame Street4725The Recycling FairyTVY
4/22/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood123The Dragon Dance/Teacher Harriet's BirthdayTVY
4/22/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
4/22/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles124Bubbles' Little Friend/Mrs. TidyTVY
4/22/20189:00aCurious George111Water to Ducks/Animal MagnetismTVY
4/22/20189:30aNature Cat117Earth Day Today/Earth Day Every DayTVY
4/22/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1314TVG
4/22/201810:30aGrowing Bolder408Every Day Can Be A VictoryTVG
4/22/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein508Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderTVG
4/22/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World526Blooms and Birds; A Gardeners Guide to Backyard Birding: Copake Falls, NYTVG
4/22/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17110
4/22/201812:30pOff the Record4742TVG
4/22/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2707
4/22/20181:30pWashington Week5742
4/22/20182:00pIn Principle102
4/22/20182:30pMedia Meet1809Making Votes Matter, Part 2The discussion about voter access, integrity and accountability continues with Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma, Marquette City Clerk Kris Hazeres and retired NMU political science Professor Robert Kulisheck. Single party voting, polls, and gerrymandering are addressed.
4/22/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1615Food Hour: The Story of Beer(4/27 1p)TVPG
4/22/20184:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1635Sights and Sounds of L.A. (1979)TVG
4/22/20185:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend886
4/22/20185:30pOff the Record4742TVG
4/22/20186:00pDownton Abbey Season 2 on Masterpiece4201Part 1Two years into World War I, Downton Abbey is in turmoil.TV14
4/22/20188:00pCall the Midwife Season 7706Part 6Barbara helps a widowed, pregnant mother of two; a furious mother objects to Lucille’s health class.(4/23 1p)TV14
4/22/20189:00pUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4811Part 3A second cold case solves the mystery. (4/24 1p)TV14
4/22/201810:30pLast Tango in Halifax Season 3303Part 3Follow Celia as she builds bridges with Alan and stands by Caroline’s side.TV14
4/22/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17082
4/23/201812:00aBeneath the Surface: The Line 5 Pipeline in the Great Lakes(4/23 12:30p)
4/23/201812:30aCall the Midwife Season 7706Part 6TV14
4/23/20181:30aUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4811Part 3TV14
4/23/20183:00aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3303Part 3TV14
4/23/20184:00aPOV3101Bill Nye: Science GuyTVPG
4/23/20185:30aKatmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG
Monday 234/23/2018
4/23/20186:00aWild Kratts506Cheeks The HamsterTVY
4/23/20186:30aWild Kratts403Snowy Owl InvasionTVY
4/23/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga617Hamstring BalanceTVG
4/23/20187:30aBody Electric1708Seaside Resort, FlTVG
4/23/20188:00aNature Cat205Lets Talk Turkey Vulture/Prescription: NatureTVY
4/23/20188:30aCurious George112Doctor Monkey/Curious George The ArchitectTVY
4/23/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific102TVY
4/23/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood129It's Time to Go/Daniel Doesn't Want to Stop PlayingTVY
4/23/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood130Safety Patrol/Safety at the BeachTVY
4/23/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles131Seal Sitters/from Ray to ZeeTVY
4/23/201811:00aSesame Street4732Rudy Lets LooseTVY
4/23/201811:30aSuper Why!306Roxie's Missing Music BookTVY
4/23/201812:00pTapping the Great Lakes
4/23/201812:30pBeneath the Surface: The Line 5 Pipeline in the Great Lakes
4/23/20181:00pCall the Midwife Season 7706Part 6TV14
4/23/20182:00pLive from Lincoln Center4301Sutton Foster in ConcertTVG
4/23/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3318Arctic BeautyTVG
4/23/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1116TVG
4/23/20184:00pPublic Eye News1621
4/23/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches6
4/23/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1402Fit from Head to ToeTVG
4/23/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1708Chef Vs ChefTVG
4/23/20186:00pBBC World News America16113
4/23/20186:30pNightly Business Report37081
4/23/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12211
4/23/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2213Green Bay (1)(4/24 12p, 4/28 7p)TVG
4/23/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow2007Charleston (1)TVG
4/23/201810:00pIndependent Lens1916Look & See: Wendell Berry's KentuckyExperience the changing landscapes and shifting values of rural America, as seen through the mind's eye of award-winning writer and farmer Wendell Berry.(4/25 1p)TVG
4/23/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS196
4/23/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days164
4/24/201812:00aBBC World News114
4/24/201812:30aNHK Newsline9016
4/24/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2007Charleston (1)TVG
4/24/20182:00aCall the Midwife Season 7706Part 6TV14
4/24/20183:00aUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4811Part 3TV14
4/24/20184:30aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3303Part 3TV14
4/24/20185:30aRibbon of SandTVG
Tuesday 244/24/2018
4/24/20186:00aWild Kratts507Wild PoniesTVY
4/24/20186:30aWild Kratts407Puffin RescueTVY
4/24/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga618Ab-SenseTVG
4/24/20187:30aBody Electric1709Tallahassee, FlTVG
4/24/20188:00aNature Cat206Enter The Dragonfly/Water WoesTVY
4/24/20188:30aCurious George113Zoo Night/Charkie EscapesTVY
4/24/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific103TVY
4/24/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood316Daniel's Very Different Day/Class Trip to the LibraryTVY
4/24/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood131Neighbor DayTVY
4/24/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles132The Sea Sparkles/Tyke and SeekTVY
4/24/201811:00aSesame Street4723Elmo and Rositas Rainbow SearchTVY
4/24/201811:30aSuper Why!307The Banana MysteryTVY
4/24/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2213Green Bay (1)(4/28 7p)TVG
4/24/20181:00pUnforgotten Season 1 on Masterpiece4811Part 3TV14
4/24/20182:30pThis American Land704Farmland Runoff, Maintaining National Parks, Rafting Through A Monument(4/30 12a)TVG
4/24/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford408New England Light Part 2TVG
4/24/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1117TVG
4/24/20184:00pPublic Eye News1622
4/24/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches7
4/24/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television112Crazy NoodlesTVG
4/24/20185:00pWider World1826TVG
4/24/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg407OvertourismTVG
4/24/20186:00pBBC World News America16114
4/24/20186:30pNightly Business Report37082
4/24/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12212
4/24/20188:00pCivilizations102How Do We Look?Explore how we look at the human body in art.(4/26 2p)TVPG
4/24/20189:00pFirst Civilizations101(4/27 2p)TVPG
4/24/201810:00pFrontline3609Trafficked in AmericaGet the inside story of Guatemalan teens forced to work against their will at an egg farm in Ohio.
4/24/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS197
4/24/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days165
4/25/201812:00aBBC World News115
4/25/201812:30aNHK Newsline9017
4/25/20181:00aCivilizations102How Do We Look?TVPG
4/25/20182:00aFirst Civilizations101War
4/25/20183:00aFrontline3609Trafficked in America
4/25/20184:00aIndependent Lens1916Look & See: Wendell Berry's KentuckyTVG
4/25/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2007Charleston (1)TVG
Wednesday 254/25/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Robert and Cheryl Marietti, Ishpeming, supporting the Ishpeming High School musical production of "Once on This Island" April 27 and 28 at 7 p.m. and April 29 at 2 p.m. Tickets at the door or in advance at the high school office.
4/25/20186:00aWild Kratts508Elephant Brains!TVY
4/25/20186:30aWild Kratts408Stars of the TidesTVY
4/25/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga619Energize with the SunTVG
4/25/20187:30aBody Electric1710Acapulco, MexicoTVG
4/25/20188:00aNature Cat207Garden Impossible/Agents of the Great OutdoorsTVY
4/25/20188:30aCurious George114Curious George's Rocket Ride/Curious George, Station MasterTVY
4/25/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific104TVY
4/25/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood124Super Daniel!/Play PretendTVY
4/25/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood126Daniel Says I'm Sorry/The Royal MudpiesTVY
4/25/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles133Lights Out!/Catching Some ZzzsTVY
4/25/201811:00aSesame Street4730Battle of the ChefsTVY
4/25/201811:30aSuper Why!308The Underwater Lost TreasureTVY
4/25/201812:00pNature3108My Bionic PetTVPG
4/25/20181:00pIndependent Lens1916Look & See: Wendell Berry's KentuckyTVG
4/25/20182:00pwill.i.am - Landmarks Live in Concert: A Great Performances Special
4/25/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2411Triple Mischief, Part 2TVG
4/25/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1118TVG
4/25/20184:00pPublic Eye News1623
4/25/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches9
4/25/20184:30pDestination Michigan704Detroit, Mt. Pleasant, Scottville & Lansing
4/25/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1812TVG
4/25/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table611Juju's Chocolate-Covered LifeTVG
4/25/20186:00pBBC World News America16115
4/25/20186:30pNightly Business Report37083
4/25/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12213
4/25/20188:00pNature3510Natural Born Rebels: Hunger WarsMeet the animals who will steal, cheat and fight to get food.TVPG
4/25/20189:00pNOVA Wonders101What Are Animals Saying?New series journeys to the frontiers of science, where researchers are tackling some of the biggest questions about life and the cosmos. Thise week: Can we crack the code of animal communication? (4/26 12p)TVPG
4/25/201810:00pNOVA4420Bird BrainWatch as scientists test the intelligence of birds and reveal skills we assumed unique to humans.(4/26 1p)TVG
4/25/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS198
4/25/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days166
4/26/201812:00aBBC World News116
4/26/201812:30aNHK Newsline9018
4/26/20181:00aNature3510Natural Born Rebels: Hunger WarsTVPG
4/26/20182:00aNOVA Wonders101What Are Animals Saying?TVPG
4/26/20183:00aNOVA4420Bird BrainTVG
4/26/20184:00aFirst Civilizations101War
4/26/20185:00aCivilizations102How Do We Look?TVPG
Thursday 264/26/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Robert and Cheryl Marietti, Ishpeming, supporting the Ishpeming High School musical production of "Once on This Island" April 27 and 28 at 7 p.m. and April 29 at 2 p.m. Tickets at the door or in advance at the high school office.
4/26/20186:00aWild Kratts509Sloth Bear SuctionTVY
4/26/20186:30aWild Kratts409The Last Largest LobsterTVY
4/26/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga620Shoulderstand FunTVG
4/26/20187:30aBody Electric1711Tallahassee, FlTVG
4/26/20188:00aNature Cat205Lets Talk Turkey Vulture/Prescription: NatureTVY
4/26/20188:30aCurious George115Curious George and the Dam Builders/Curious George's Low High ScoreTVY
4/26/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105TVY
4/26/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood125Daniel Uses His Words/All Aboard!TVY
4/26/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood127Calm for Storytime/Calm at the Clock FactoryTVY
4/26/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles134The Job Search/Reeftown's Got Talent!TVY
4/26/201811:00aSesame Street4732Rudy Lets LooseTVY
4/26/201811:30aSuper Why!151King MidasTVY
4/26/201812:00pNOVA Wonders101TVPG
4/26/20182:00pCivilizations102How Do We Look?TVPG
4/26/20183:00pMake it Artsy404All About BrushesTVG
4/26/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1119TVG
4/26/20184:00pPublic Eye News1624
4/26/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches10
4/26/20184:30pSeeing Canada106Pei, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & QuebecTVG
4/26/20185:00pGarden Smart5008TVG
4/26/20185:30pFocus On Europe3616
4/26/20186:00pBBC World News America16116
4/26/20186:30pNightly Business Report37084
4/26/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12214
4/26/20188:00pAsk the Doctors1828Men's Health(4/27 12p)TVG
4/26/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1817TVG
4/26/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan807Detroit(4/27 5p, 4/28 10:30p)TVG
4/26/201810:00pMystery of the Mountain: Hidden in Plain ViewA 430-year-old map of Meixco depicts what could be one of the largest step pyramid structures in known history,TVPG
4/26/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS199
4/26/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days167
4/27/201812:00aBBC World News117
4/27/201812:30aNHK Newsline9019
4/27/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1621TVG
4/27/20182:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage204Part 4
4/27/20183:00aNature3510Natural Born Rebels: Hunger WarsTVPG
4/27/20184:00aNOVA Wonders101What Are Animals Saying?TVPG
4/27/20185:00aNOVA4420Bird BrainTVG
Friday 274/27/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Mary and Marty Jurgensen, Chassell, in memory of Mayme Frantti|Geraldine Anderson, Eben Junction, in memory of her husband, Marvin Anderson
4/27/20186:00aWild Kratts410Golden Snub Nosed Monkey ManTVY
4/27/20186:30aWild Kratts506Cheeks The HamsterTVY
4/27/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga621Lizard, Locust, & Flapping FishTVG
4/27/20187:30aBody Electric1712Tallahassee, FlTVG
4/27/20188:00aNature Cat206Enter The Dragonfly/Water WoesTVY
4/27/20188:30aCurious George117George Makes A Stand/Curious George Sees The LightTVY
4/27/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
4/27/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood128Katerina's Costume/Dress Up DayTVY
4/27/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood132A Snowy Day/Tutu All The TimeTVY
4/27/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles131Seal Sitters/from Ray to ZeeTVY
4/27/201811:00aSesame Street4722Rocking RollieTVY
4/27/201811:30aSuper Why!153George and the DragonTVY
4/27/201812:00pAsk the Doctors1828Men's HealthTVG
4/27/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1615Food Hour: The Story of BeerTVPG
4/27/20182:00pFirst Civilizations101TVPG
4/27/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer911TVG
4/27/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1120TVG
4/27/20184:00pPublic Eye News1625
4/27/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches11
4/27/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2507Stanton ToolsTVG
4/27/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan807Detroit(4/28 10:30p)TVG
4/27/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2708
4/27/20186:00pBBC World News America16117
4/27/20186:30pNightly Business Report37085
4/27/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12215
4/27/20188:00pWashington Week5743(4/29 1:30p)
4/27/20188:30pOff the Record4743TVG
4/27/20189:00pLive from Lincoln Center4302Leslie Odom Jr. in ConcertThe Tony-winning jazz vocalist brings his remarkable talent to this intimate performance.(4/30 2p)TVG
4/27/201810:00pInternational Jazz Day from Cuba2018Renowned jazz artists who perform a concert in Havana. Quincy Jones and Will Smith host.TVG
4/27/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS200
4/27/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS117
4/28/201812:00aBBC World News118
4/28/201812:30aNHK Newsline9020
4/28/20181:00aWashington Week5743
4/28/20181:30aIn Principle103
4/28/20182:00aLive from Lincoln Center4302Leslie Odom Jr. in ConcertTVG
4/28/20183:00aInternational Jazz Day from Cuba2018TVG
4/28/20184:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage204Part 4TV14
4/28/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1621TVG
Saturday 284/28/2018
4/28/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1586KindnessTVY
4/28/20186:30aDinosaur Train203Stargazing on the Night Train/Get Into Nature!TVY
4/28/20187:00aBob the Builder907Machine Moves!TVY
4/28/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood316Daniel's Very Different Day/Class Trip to the LibraryTVY
4/28/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105TVY
4/28/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles134The Job Search/Reeftown's Got Talent!TVY
4/28/20189:00aCurious George114Curious George's Rocket Ride/Curious George, Station MasterTVY
4/28/20189:30aNature Cat205Lets Talk Turkey Vulture/Prescription: NatureTVY
4/28/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!703Vested InterestTVG
4/28/201810:30aQuilting Arts2109PaintTVG
4/28/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1011What's TrendingTVG
4/28/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3319Winter CabinTVG
4/28/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen508The RoastTVG
4/28/201812:30pGarden Smart5008TVG
4/28/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3605Wedged Tusk TenonTVG
4/28/20181:30pThis Old House3721Charleston | Good WoodTVG
4/28/20182:00pAsk This Old House1621TVG
4/28/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy202The Metal EngraverTVG
4/28/20183:30pWilderness Journal1911
4/28/20184:00pGreat Getaways1503Top of the Lake Scenic BywayTVG
4/28/20184:30pOutdoor Wisconsin3413TVG
4/28/20185:00pNative Report1106TVG
4/28/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1817TVG
4/28/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend887
4/28/20186:30pMedia Meet1806College to WorkA discussion of hiring trends and job issues for college graduates with Michigan State University Collegiate Employment Research Institute Director Philip Gardener, who is also an expert on Millennials in the workplace. (Repeat from March)(4/29 2:30p)
4/28/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2213Green Bay (1)TVG
4/28/20188:00pThe Search for the Last SupperFollow the search for a mysterious copy of the "Last Supper" fresco, painted by Leonardo da Vinciand his pupils.(4/30 12p)
4/28/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1636Great Entertainers (1981)(4/29 5p)TVG
4/28/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville240Jamie O'NealTVG
4/28/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan807DetroitTVG
4/28/201811:00pAustin City Limits4105TV on the Radio/The War On DrugsTVPG
4/29/201812:00aWoodsongs1611Crowder and the CollectionTVG
4/29/20181:00aNOVA4420Bird BrainTVG
4/29/20182:00aNOVA Wonders101What Are Animals Saying?TVPG
4/29/20183:00aNature3510Natural Born Rebels: Hunger WarsTVPG
4/29/20184:00aIndependent Lens1916Look & See: Wendell Berry's KentuckyTVG
4/29/20185:00aCivilizations102How Do We Look?TVPG
Sunday 294/29/2018
4/29/20186:00aSid the Science Kid208Reused Robot!TVY
4/29/20186:30aDinosaur Train140Junior Conductor Jamboree/Troodon Train DayTVY
4/29/20187:00aSesame Street4732Rudy Lets LooseTVY
4/29/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood131Neighbor DayTVY
4/29/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
4/29/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles131Seal Sitters/from Ray to ZeeTVY
4/29/20189:00aCurious George117George Makes A Stand/Curious George Sees The LightTVY
4/29/20189:30aNature Cat206Enter The Dragonfly/Water WoesTVY
4/29/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1315TVG
4/29/201810:30aGrowing Bolder409The Magic of MentoringTVG
4/29/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein509Technology and Mental HealthTVG
4/29/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World701The Giving Garden: Ample Harvest Helps Share the Bounty (Milford, NJ)TVG
4/29/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17117
4/29/201812:30pOff the Record4743TVG
4/29/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2708
4/29/20181:30pWashington Week5743
4/29/20182:00pIn Principle103
4/29/20182:30pMedia Meet1806College to Work
4/29/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1616MyanmarTVPG
4/29/20184:00pClassic Gospel1101Jimmy Fortune Hits & HymnsTVG
4/29/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1636Great Entertainers (1981)TVG
4/29/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend888
4/29/20186:30pOff the Record4743TVG
4/29/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 2 on Masterpiece4202Part 2Downton is turned into a convalescent home.TVPG
4/29/20188:00pCall the Midwife Season 7707Part 7Barbara’s in isolation at the hospital; Dr. Turner and Shelagh assist a man held in a remand home.(4/30 1p)TV14
4/29/20189:00pUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4812Part 1Crime-solving duo DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan return to solve another stone-cold case of murder. In part 1, a waterlogged suitcase holds the remains of David Walker, 25 years after he disappeared.TVPG
4/29/201810:30pLast Tango in Halifax Season 3304Part 4Find out who may be the answer to Caroline’s prayers.TV14
4/29/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17089
4/30/201812:00aThis American Land704Farmland Runoff, Maintaining National Parks, Rafting Through a MonumentTVG
4/30/201812:30aCall the Midwife Season 7707Part 7TV14
4/30/20181:30aUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4812Part 1TVPG
4/30/20183:00aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3304Part 4TV14
4/30/20184:00aLive from Lincoln Center4302Leslie Odom Jr. in ConcertTVG
4/30/20185:00aInternational Jazz Day from Cuba2018TVG
Monday 304/30/2018
4/30/20186:00aWild Kratts412Eel-Lectric!TVY
4/30/20186:30aWild Kratts507Wild PoniesTVY
4/30/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga622Renew Your EnergyTVG
4/30/20187:30aBody Electric1713Acapulco, MexicoTVG
4/30/20188:00aNature Cat111TVY
4/30/20188:30aCurious George116Curious George Sees Stars/Curious George Gets A TrophyTVY
4/30/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
4/30/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood133Daniel's New Friend/Same and DifferentTVY
4/30/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood134Line Leader Daniel/Neighborhood JobsTVY
4/30/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles132The Sea Sparkles/Tyke and SeekTVY
4/30/201811:00aSesame Street4733Hide and Seek RudyTVY
4/30/201811:30aSuper Why!309The Cowgirl MysteryTVY
4/30/201812:00pThe Search for the Last Supper
4/30/20181:00pCall the Midwife Season 7707Part 7TV14
4/30/20182:00pLive from Lincoln Center4302Leslie Odom Jr. in ConcertTVG
4/30/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3319Winter CabinTVG
4/30/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1121TVG
4/30/20184:00pDW News15086
4/30/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1403Sensory Awareness and BreathingTVG
4/30/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1709Sensory ExperiencesTVG
4/30/20186:00pBBC World News America16120
4/30/20186:30pNightly Business Report37086
4/30/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12216
4/30/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2214Green Bay (2)TVG
4/30/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow2008Charleston (2)TVG
4/30/201810:00pIndependent Lens1919True ConvictionMeet three exonerated ex-prisoners who start a detective agency.TVPG
4/30/201811:30pAmanpour on PBS201
5/1/201812:00aBBC World News121
5/1/201812:30aNHK Newsline9021
5/1/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2008Charleston (2)TVG
5/1/20182:00aCall the Midwife Season 7707Part 7TV14
5/1/20183:00aUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4812Part 1TVPG
5/1/20184:30aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3304Part 4TV14
5/1/20185:30aKatmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG