WNMU-TV Channel 13.1 August 2018 Schedule


  Date Start_Time Program Title Program_# Episode Title Description RepeatDay Rating
Wednesday 18/1/2018
8/1/20186:00aWild Kratts401Liturgusa KrattorumTVY
8/1/20186:30aWild Kratts402Panda Power Up!TVY
8/1/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga611Breathe and MeditateTVG
8/1/20187:30aBody Electric1902TVG
8/1/20188:00aNature Cat133The Glow Games/Have A Grape DayTVY
8/1/20188:30aCurious George509Follow That Boat/Windmill MonkeyTVY
8/1/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific104TVY
8/1/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood316Daniel's Very Different Day/Class Trip to the LibraryTVY
8/1/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood317Daniel Loves Tigey/Daniel Needs Tigey at SchoolTVY
8/1/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles108Deflated Dunk/Kelp Forest KeepersTVY
8/1/201811:00aSesame Street4728Bert and Ernie Make A MovieTVY
8/1/201811:30aSuper Why!104Jack and the BeanstalkTVY
8/1/201812:00pEarth’s Natural Wonders - Life at the Extremes203Surviving Against The OddsTVPG
8/1/20181:00pFrontline3701Separated: Children at the BorderTVPG
8/1/20182:00pForeigner Live at the SymphonyTVG
8/1/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2512Joshua Tree National Park, Part 3TVG
8/1/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1228TVG
8/1/20184:00pDW News15153TVG
8/1/20184:30pDestination Michigan604
8/1/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1825Elegant DessertsTVG
8/1/20185:30pCiao Italia2701TVG
8/1/20186:00pBBC World News America16213
8/1/20186:30pNightly Business Report37153
8/1/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12323
8/1/20188:00pOutback101The Kimberley Comes AliveMeet the diverse humans and creatures who inhabit this stunning landscape in Western Australia in part 1 of a new 3-part series.(8/8 12p)TVPG
8/1/20189:00pWonders of Mexico101Forests of the MayaTravel to Mexico to discover its amazing wildlife and culture in this new 3-part series. This week, venture into a secret underworld: Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, home to the Maya.(8/3 2p)TVG
8/1/201810:00pNOVA4220Making North America: OriginsSee the epic 3-billion-year story of how our continent came to be in this 3-part mini-series.(8/2 12p)TVG
8/1/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS268
8/1/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days222
8/2/201812:00aBBC World News214
8/2/201812:30aNHK Newsline9088
8/2/20181:00aWonders of Mexico101Forests of the MayaTVG
8/2/20182:00aNOVA4220Making North America: OriginsTVG
8/2/20183:00aOutback101The Kimberley Comes AliveTVPG
8/2/20184:00a10 Homes That Changed AmericaTVG
8/2/20185:00aNo Passport Required104Queens, NYCTVPG
Thursday 28/2/2018
8/2/20186:00aWild Kratts404Pangolin RescueTVY
8/2/20186:30aWild Kratts403Snowy Owl InvasionTVY
8/2/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga612Galloping Horse, Arching TigerTVG
8/2/20187:30aBody Electric1903TVG
8/2/20188:00aNature Cat201Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune PatrolTVY
8/2/20188:30aCurious George401Personal Trainer/Sprout OutingTVY
8/2/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105TVY
8/2/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood318Circle Time Squabble/It's Not Okay to Hurt SomeoneTVY
8/2/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood319King Daniel for the DayTVY
8/2/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles109Splash's Swim School/Light at the End of the TunnelTVY
8/2/201811:00aSesame Street4716Make Your GardenTVY
8/2/201811:30aSuper Why!105The Tortoise and the HareTVY
8/2/201812:00pNOVA4220Making North America: OriginsTVG
8/2/20181:00p10 Homes That Changed AmericaTVG
8/2/20182:00pNo Passport Required104Queens, NYCTVPG
8/2/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1605The Piano Player Part ITVG
8/2/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1229TVG
8/2/20184:00pDW News15154TVG
8/2/20184:30pSteven Raichlen’s Project Fire109Extreme GrillingTVG
8/2/20185:00pGarden Smart5109TVG
8/2/20185:30pFocus On Europe3630
8/2/20186:00pBBC World News America16214
8/2/20186:30pNightly Business Report37154
8/2/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12324
8/2/20188:00pThe Breaks: Centuries of StruggleDocumentary, narrated by Mike Rowe, looks at the history and future of Breaks Canyon, an interstate park in Kentucky and Virginia.(8/3 12p)TVG
8/2/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1831TVG
8/2/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan811Golf-ganza(8/3 5p, 8/4 10:30p)TVG
8/2/201810:00pHillary105Race to the PoleBored with setting up supply bases for the expedition, Hillary decides to try reaching the South Pole himself.TVPG
8/2/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS269
8/2/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days223
8/3/201812:00aBBC World News215
8/3/201812:30aNHK Newsline9089
8/3/20181:00a10 Homes That Changed AmericaTVG
8/3/20182:00aNo Passport Required104Queens, NYCTVPG
8/3/20183:00aWonders of Mexico101Forests of the MayaTVG
8/3/20184:00aOutback101The Kimberley Comes AliveTVPG
8/3/20185:00aNOVA4220Making North America: OriginsTVG
Friday 38/3/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Gary and Debbie Asano, Marquette, in honor of their wedding anniversary
8/3/20186:00aWild Kratts407Puffin RescueTVY
8/3/20186:30aWild Kratts408Stars of the TidesTVY
8/3/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga613Arch & BendTVG
8/3/20187:30aBody Electric1904TVG
8/3/20188:00aNature Cat115Kingdom of Rotting Log/Can You Dig It?TVY
8/3/20188:30aCurious George402The Big Picture/Juicy GeorgeTVY
8/3/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific116Cha-Cha-Licious /Show and SmellTVY
8/3/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood313Daniel Wants to Be Alone/Daniel's Alone SpaceTVY
8/3/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood320Daniel Learns About Lizards/Daniel Wonders About TrolleyTVY
8/3/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles110Small But Mighty/Washed AwayTVY
8/3/201811:00aSesame Street4701TVY
8/3/201811:30aSuper Why!106Goldilocks and the Three BearsTVY
8/3/201812:00pThe Breaks: Centuries of StruggleTVG
8/3/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1602Road Trip: Rust Belt Highway 2, USATVPG
8/3/20182:00pWonders of Mexico101TVG
8/3/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer1012Sea Oats and DunesTVG
8/3/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1230TVG
8/3/20184:00pDW News15155TVG
8/3/20184:30pRough Cut with Fine Woodworking808TVG
8/3/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan811Golf-ganza(8/4 10:30p)TVG
8/3/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2722
8/3/20186:00pBBC World News America16215
8/3/20186:30pNightly Business Report37155
8/3/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12325
8/3/20188:00pWashington Week5805
8/3/20188:30pOff the Record4805
8/3/20189:00pThe Great British Baking Show508BiscuitsWatch the bakers approach crispbreads, chocolate tea cakes and biscuits as a building material.(8/6 1p)TVPG
8/3/201810:00pBrandi Carlile in Concert - A Bluegrass Underground SpecialInside The Caverns, Bluegrass Underground presents a concert special by roots-rocker Brandi Carlile.(8/8 2p)TVG
8/3/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS270
8/3/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS131
8/4/201812:00aBBC World News216
8/4/201812:30aNHK Newsline9090
8/4/20181:00aThe Great British Baking Show508BiscuitsTVPG
8/4/20182:00aBrandi Carlile in Concert - A Bluegrass Underground SpecialTVG
8/4/20183:00aPOV3108Whose Streets?TVPG
8/4/20184:30aRibbon of SandTVG
8/4/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1609TVG
Saturday 48/4/2018
8/4/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1755Violinist Hilary Hahn/Some Things Children Can't Yet UnderstandTVY
8/4/20186:30aDinosaur Train108One Big Dinosaur/Play Date with AnnieTVY
8/4/20187:00aBob the Builder921Competition TimeTVY
8/4/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood318Circle Time Squabble/It's Not Okay to Hurt SomeoneTVY
8/4/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105TVY
8/4/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles109Splash's Swim School/Light at the End of the TunnelTVY
8/4/20189:00aCurious George509Follow That Boat/Windmill MonkeyTVY
8/4/20189:30aNature Cat201Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune PatrolTVY
8/4/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!906Stylish ShawlsTVG
8/4/201810:30aFons & Porter's Love of Quilting3009Quilting for Drama, Direction, DiversionTVG
8/4/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1111Style That Goes EverywhereTVG
8/4/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3333Stormy SeasTVG
8/4/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen521Italian Style BBQTVG
8/4/201812:30pGarden Smart5109TVG
8/4/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3706Big Ash Mallet!TVG
8/4/20181:30pThis Old House3709TVG
8/4/20182:00pAsk This Old House1609Walkway Reset, Patch Chipped FloorTVG
8/4/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy303The Puppet MakerTVG
8/4/20183:30pWilderness Journal1925
8/4/20184:00pGreat Getaways1509Great Lakes GetawayTVG
8/4/20184:30pAmerica from the Ground Up204Paradise LostTVG
8/4/20185:00pNative Report1203
8/4/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1831TVG
8/4/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1010
8/4/20186:30pMedia Meet1817Neighborhood Business LegislationA review of legislative proposals by Michigan House Democrats to support small businesses and entrepreneurship. The package, dubbed Neighborhood Business, Neighborhood Growth, includes a small business preference in state procurement, a retirement insurance option, and a new state services office aimed solely at small business owners.
8/4/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2223Vintage BirminghamTVG
8/4/20188:00pOutside with Greg Aiello203Baja California Road TripTVG
8/4/20188:30pRumble & Roar3
8/4/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1650Small Town, U.S.A. (1969)(8/5 5p)TVG
8/4/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville208Ballie and the Boys, Kathie Bonagoura, Michael Bonagoura, Molly CherryholmesTVG
8/4/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan811Golf-ganzaTVG
8/4/201811:00pAustin City Limits4312Dan Auerbach/ShinyribsTVPG
8/5/201812:00aWoodsongs2112Billy Strings and Whisky ShiversTVG
8/5/20181:00aNOVA4220Making North America: OriginsTVG
8/5/20182:00aOutback101The Kimberley Comes AliveTVPG
8/5/20183:00aWonders of Mexico101Forests of the MayaTVG
8/5/20184:00aBrandi Carlile in Concert - A Bluegrass Underground SpecialTVG
8/5/20185:00aWashington Week5805
8/5/20185:30aBreaking Big108Sen. Kirsten GillibrandTVPG
Sunday 58/5/2018
8/5/20186:00aSid the Science Kid225Sid Wings It!TVY
8/5/20186:30aDinosaur Train109Armored Like An Ankylosaurus/Campout!TVY
8/5/20187:00aSesame Street4727Twinkle Twinkle Little ElmoTVY
8/5/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood319King Daniel for the DayTVY
8/5/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific116Cha-Cha-Licious /Show and SmellTVY
8/5/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles110Small But Mighty/Washed AwayTVY
8/5/20189:00aCurious George402The Big Picture/Juicy GeorgeTVY
8/5/20189:30aNature Cat115Kingdom of Rotting Log/Can You Dig It?TVY
8/5/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1307TVG
8/5/201810:30aGrowing Bolder410After the Fairytale Ends, Will You Keep Growing Bolder?TVG
8/5/201811:00aSecond Opinion903Foot PainTVPG
8/5/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World805Redeeming Your Ground (Atlanta, Ga)TVG
8/5/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17215
8/5/201812:30pOff the Record4805
8/5/20181:00pFiring Line with Margaret Hoover107
8/5/20181:30pWashington Week5805
8/5/20182:00pBreaking Big108Sen. Kirsten GillibrandTVPG
8/5/20182:30pMedia Meet1817Neighborhood Business LegislationA review of legislative proposals by Michigan House Democrats to support small businesses and entrepreneurship. The package, dubbed Neighborhood Business, Neighborhood Growth, includes a small business preference in state procurement, a retirement insurance option, and a new state services office aimed solely at small business owners.
8/5/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1603Tough Trains: The Transcontinental Railroad, USATVPG
8/5/20184:00pClassic Gospel1111All Day Singin' at the DomeTVG
8/5/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1650Small Town, U.S.A. (1969)TVG
8/5/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1011
8/5/20186:30pOff the Record4805
8/5/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 4 on Masterpiece4402Learn the fates of several characters as they converge at a glittering house party. TV14
8/5/20188:00pPoldark Season 2 on Masterpiece4654Part 8Demelza and Ross wage bitter war. Lady luck pays a visit.(8/6 2p)TVPG
8/5/20189:00pSherlock Season 4 on Masterpiece4701The Six ThatchersMercurial Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) is back in Britain as the Watsons prepare for parenthood. Enjoy 3 encore episodes.(8/7 1p)TVPG
8/5/201810:37p[22:37] The Tunnel: Vengeance306Part 6Karl and Elise face a tense and gripping showdown with the Pied Piper. Series finale.TVPG
8/5/201811:37p[JIP 23:37] BBC Newsnight17215
8/6/201812:00aNew Environmentalists - The Series106From Chicago to the Karoo(8/7 2:30p)TVG
8/6/201812:30aPoldark Season 2 on Masterpiece4654Part 8TVPG
8/6/20181:30aSherlock Season 4 on Masterpiece4701The Six ThatchersTVPG
8/6/20183:06a[03:06] The Tunnel: Vengeance306Part 6TV14
8/6/20184:06a[04:06] 10 Homes that Changed AmericaTVG
8/6/20185:06a[05:06] No Passport Required104Queens, NYCTVPG
Monday 68/6/2018
8/6/20186:00aWild Kratts409The Last Largest LobsterTVY
8/6/20186:30aWild Kratts410Golden Snub Nosed Monkey ManTVY
8/6/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga614Flex Your FeetTVG
8/6/20187:30aBody Electric1905TVG
8/6/20188:00aNature Cat202Stop and Hear The Cicadas/Cold-BloodedTVY
8/6/20188:30aCurious George403Girl Meets Monkey/Curious George Ramps It UpTVY
8/6/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific117School Rules/ScooterboyTVY
8/6/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood401Daniel Finds Something to Do/Daniel's Royal Good TimeTVY
8/6/201810:00aSplash and Bubbles: Pole-to-Pole(8/8 10a, 8/10 10a)TVY
8/6/201811:00aSesame Street4803TVY
8/6/201811:30aSuper Why!107The Boy Who Cried WolfTVY
8/6/201812:00pOutside with Greg Aiello203Baja California Road TripTVG
8/6/201812:30pRumble & Roar3
8/6/20181:00pThe Great British Baking Show508BiscuitsTVPG
8/6/20182:00pPoldark Season 2 on Masterpiece4654Part 8TVPG
8/6/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3333Stormy SeasTVG
8/6/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1201Plantar Fasciitis ReleaseTVG
8/6/20184:00pDW News15156TVG
8/6/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1417Your Feet, Your FoundationTVG
8/6/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden to Table110The Joy of CanningTVG
8/6/20186:00pBBC World News America16218
8/6/20186:30pNightly Business Report37156
8/6/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12326
8/6/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2225Vintage San Francisco(8/7 12p, 8/11 7p)TVG
8/6/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow1830Vintage Salt Lake CityTVG
8/6/201810:00pPOV3109Still TomorrowA rural poet whose writings ponder life, love and pain becomes a sudden star in China.TVPG
8/6/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS271
8/6/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days224
8/7/201812:00aBBC World News219
8/7/201812:30aNHK Newsline9091
8/7/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow1830Vintage Salt Lake CityTVG
8/7/20182:00aPoldark Season 2 on Masterpiece4654Part 8TVPG
8/7/20183:00aSherlock Season 4 on Masterpiece4701The Six ThatchersTVPG
8/7/20184:36a[04:36] The Tunnel: Vengeance306Part 6TV14
8/7/20185:30aRibbon of SandTVG
Tuesday 78/7/2018
8/7/20186:00aWild Kratts411The Other MartinsTVY
8/7/20186:30aWild Kratts412Eel-Lectric!TVY
8/7/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga615Plough TwistTVG
8/7/20187:30aBody Electric1906TVG
8/7/20188:00aNature Cat203Lights Out for Sea Turtles/Nature ArtTVY
8/7/20188:30aCurious George404The Inside Story/A Monkey, A Plan, A CanalTVY
8/7/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
8/7/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood121You Are Special/Daniel Is SpecialTVY
8/7/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood122Neighborhood Clean Up/Clean Up TimeTVY
8/7/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles111Super Splash!/PearleneTVY
8/7/201811:00aSesame Street4834TVY
8/7/201811:30aSuper Why!108RapunzelTVY
8/7/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2225Vintage San Francisco(8/11 7p)TVG
8/7/20181:00pSherlock Season 4 on Masterpiece4701The Six ThatchersTVPG
8/7/20182:34p[14:34] New Environmentalists - The Series106From Chicago to the KarooTVG
8/7/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford209Out to Pasture, Part 2TVG
8/7/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1202Hip Pain Relief and StretchTVG
8/7/20184:00pDW News15157TVG
8/7/20184:30pMartha Bakes1001TVG
8/7/20185:00pWider World1841TVG
8/7/20185:30pWild Travels106TVG
8/7/20186:00pBBC World News America16219
8/7/20186:30pNightly Business Report37157
8/7/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12327
8/7/20188:00p10 Towns That Changed AmericaVisit influential towns designed from the ground up that transformed our ideas of community.(8/9 1p)TVG
8/7/20189:00pNo Passport Required105MiamiChef Marcus Samuelsson explores the cuisine, culture and history of the city’s Haitian community.(8/9 2p)TVPG
8/7/201810:00pFrontline3613Documenting Hate: CharlottesvilleExposing the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis involved in the 2017 Charlottesville rally.(8/8 1p)
8/7/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS272
8/7/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days225
8/8/201812:00aBBC World News220
8/8/201812:30aNHK Newsline9092
8/8/20181:00aNo Passport Required105MiamiTVPG
8/8/20182:00aFrontline3613Documenting Hate: Charlottesville
8/8/20183:00aBrandi Carlile in Concert - A Bluegrass Underground SpecialTVG
8/8/20184:00aPOV3109Still TomorrowTVPG
8/8/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow1830Vintage Salt Lake CityTVG
Wednesday 88/8/2018
8/8/20186:00aWild Kratts413The Mystery of the Two Horned NarwhalTVY
8/8/20186:30aWild Kratts414Sea Otter SwimTVY
8/8/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga616Bow Your BackTVG
8/8/20187:30aBody Electric1907TVG
8/8/20188:00aNature Cat116Mud Love/Call It A NightTVY
8/8/20188:30aCurious George405Guest Monkey/Charkie Goes to SchoolTVY
8/8/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific116Cha-Cha-Licious /Show and SmellTVY
8/8/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood123The Dragon Dance/Teacher Harriet's BirthdayTVY
8/8/201810:00aSplash and Bubbles: Pole-to-Pole(8/10 10a)TVY
8/8/201811:00aSesame Street4802TVY
8/8/201811:30aSuper Why!109The Ugly DucklingTVY
8/8/20181:00pFrontline3613Documenting Hate: Charlottesville
8/8/20182:00pBrandi Carlile in Concert - A Bluegrass Underground SpecialTVG
8/8/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2513Joshua Tree National Park, Part 4TVG
8/8/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1203Quad StrengtheningTVG
8/8/20184:00pDW News15158TVG
8/8/20184:30pDestination Michigan605
8/8/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1826Pub-Style Favorites, RevisitedTVG
8/8/20185:30pCiao Italia2702Fabulous Focaccia / Favoloso FocacciaTVG
8/8/20186:00pBBC World News America16220
8/8/20186:30pNightly Business Report37158
8/8/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12328
8/8/20188:00pOutback102The Dry SeasonWatch the people and creatures of the Outback spring into action during the busy dry season(8/15 12p)TVPG
8/8/20189:00pWonders of Mexico102Mountain WorldsTravel to Mexico's mountains and discover black bears, fiery volcanoes and millions of butterflies.(8/10 2p)TVG
8/8/201810:00pNOVA4221Making North America: LifeExplore the story of life and land, from origins to dinosaurs to an ancient primate invasion.(8/9 12p)TVG
8/8/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS273
8/8/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days226
8/9/201812:00aBBC World News221
8/9/201812:30aNHK Newsline9093
8/9/20181:00aWonders of Mexico102Mountain WorldsTVG
8/9/20182:00aNOVA4221Making North America: LifeTVG
8/9/20183:00aPOV3109Still TomorrowTVPG
8/9/20184:00a10 Towns That Changed AmericaTVG
8/9/20185:00aNo Passport Required105MiamiTVPG
Thursday 98/9/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Dawn and Paul Kangas, Champion, celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary.
8/9/20186:00aWild Kratts415Red Panda RescueTVY
8/9/20186:30aWild Kratts501Mystery of the North Pole Penguins?TVY
8/9/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga617Hamstring BalanceTVG
8/9/20187:30aBody Electric1908TVG
8/9/20188:00aNature Cat134Flight of the Firefly/ThunderstruckTVY
8/9/20188:30aCurious George402The Big Picture/Juicy GeorgeTVY
8/9/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
8/9/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood125Daniel Uses His Words/All Aboard!TVY
8/9/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood126Daniel Says I'm Sorry/The Royal MudpiesTVY
8/9/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles112Guess Who?/Sleepless SleepoverTVY
8/9/201811:00aSesame Street4827TVY
8/9/201811:30aSuper Why!110The Elves and the ShoemakerTVY
8/9/201812:00pNOVA4221Making North America: LifeTVG
8/9/20181:00p10 Towns That Changed AmericaTVG
8/9/20182:00pNo Passport Required105MiamiTVPG
8/9/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1606The Piano Player Part IITVG
8/9/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1204Weight Loss and Calorie BurnTVG
8/9/20184:00pDW News15159TVG
8/9/20184:30pSteven Raichlen’s Project Fire110Wrangler TailgateTVG
8/9/20185:00pGarden Smart5110TVG
8/9/20185:30pFocus On Europe3631
8/9/20186:00pBBC World News America16221
8/9/20186:30pNightly Business Report37159
8/9/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12329
8/9/20188:00pLegacy in StoneLearn the story of an amazing 1961 discovery of ancient Clovis points uncovered in Idaho.TVG
8/9/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1832TVG
8/9/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan316Southeast Michigan(8/10 5p, 8/11 10:30p)
8/9/201810:00pHillary106Hillary devotes himself to building schools and hospitals in Nepal, then struggles with tragedy and loss.Series finale.TVPG
8/9/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS274
8/9/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days227
8/10/201812:00aBBC World News222
8/10/201812:30aNHK Newsline9094
8/10/20181:00a10 Towns That Changed AmericaTVG
8/10/20182:00aNo Passport Required105MiamiTVPG
8/10/20183:00aOutback102The Dry SeasonTVPG
8/10/20184:00aWonders of Mexico102Mountain WorldsTVG
8/10/20185:00aNOVA4221Making North America: LifeTVG
Friday 108/10/2018
8/10/20186:00aWild Kratts416Spirit BearTVY
8/10/20186:30aWild Kratts418Box Turtled In!TVY
8/10/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga618Ab-SenseTVG
8/10/20187:30aBody Electric1909TVG
8/10/20188:00aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
8/10/20188:30aCurious George302George Meets The Press/Snow UseTVY
8/10/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific117School Rules/ScooterboyTVY
8/10/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood127Calm for Storytime/Calm at the Clock FactoryTVY
8/10/201810:00aSplash and Bubbles: Pole-to-PoleTVY
8/10/201811:00aSesame Street4803TVY
8/10/201811:30aSuper Why!111Little Miss MuffetTVY
8/10/201812:00pLegacy in StoneTVG
8/10/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1603Tough Trains: The Transcontinental Railroad, USATVPG
8/10/20182:00pWonders of Mexico102Mountain WorldsTVG
8/10/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer1013Balloon FestivalTVG
8/10/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1205Back Pain ReliefTVG
8/10/20184:00pDW News15160TVG
8/10/20184:30pRough Cut with Fine Woodworking809TVG
8/10/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan316Southeast Michigan(8/11 10:30p)
8/10/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2723
8/10/20186:00pBBC World News America16222
8/10/20186:30pNightly Business Report37160
8/10/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12330
8/10/20188:00pWashington Week5806
8/10/20188:30pOff the Record4806
8/10/20189:00pThe Great British Baking Show509PatisserieFollow the four bakers vying to be finalists with petits fours, fraisier cakes and choux gateaus.(8/13 1p)TVPG
8/10/201810:00pGreat Performances4304Chicago VoicesCelebrate the city's vibrant music with Renee Fleming, Jessie Mueller, Michelle Williams and more.(8/15 2p)TVG
8/10/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS275
8/10/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS132
8/11/201812:00aBBC World News223
8/11/201812:30aNHK Newsline9095
8/11/20181:00aThe Great British Baking Show509PatisserieTVPG
8/11/20182:00aGreat Performances4304Chicago VoicesTVG
8/11/20183:00aPOV3109Still TomorrowTVPG
8/11/20184:00aAntiques Roadshow1830Vintage Salt Lake CityTVG
8/11/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1610TVG
Saturday 118/11/2018
8/11/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1756Ready to ReadTVY
8/11/20186:30aDinosaur Train110Laura The Giganotosaurus/Dinosaur Poop!TVY
8/11/20187:00aBob the Builder922Rain Or ShineTVY
8/11/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood402Daniels Lunch/Daniels ToyTVY
8/11/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
8/11/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles112Guess Who?/Sleepless SleepoverTVY
8/11/20189:00aCurious George405Guest Monkey/Charkie Goes to SchoolTVY
8/11/20189:30aNature Cat134Flight of the Firefly/ThunderstruckTVY
8/11/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!907Teddy Bear BlanketsTVG
8/11/201810:30aFons & Porter's Love of Quilting3010Parade RestTVG
8/11/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1112Retro Style for TodayTVG
8/11/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3334Cabin at Trail’s EndTVG
8/11/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen522Tomato TimeTVG
8/11/201812:30pGarden Smart5110TVG
8/11/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3707Carving Away with Mary MayTVG
8/11/20181:30pThis Old House3710TVG
8/11/20182:00pAsk This Old House1610Silica Dust, Wobbly ToiletTVG
8/11/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy304The Duck Decoy MakerTVG
8/11/20183:30pWilderness Journal1926
8/11/20184:00pGreat Getaways1510Top of the Lake Circle TourTVG
8/11/20184:30pAmerica from the Ground Up205An Un-Civil WarTVG
8/11/20185:00pNative Report1204
8/11/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1832TVG
8/11/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1012
8/11/20186:30pMedia Meet1814Ghost Town RevivalHow does one make a cultural resource out of a ghost town? We'll put that question to members of the Keweenaw County Historical Society, which has been restoring period homes in the town of Central, a former Copper Country mining community. (Repeat from July)
8/11/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2225Vintage San FranciscoTVG
8/11/20188:00pOutside with Greg Aiello204California GrasslandsTVG
8/11/20188:30pRumble & Roar4
8/11/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1651Can't Help Singing (1966)(8/12 5p)TVG
8/11/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville209Tommy RoeTVG
8/11/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan316Southeast Michigan
8/11/201811:00pAustin City Limits4110Angelique KidjoTVPG
8/12/201812:00aWoodsongs2113Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge, and Aoife O’DonovanTVG
8/12/20181:00aNOVA4221Making North America: LifeTVG
8/12/20182:00aOutback102The Dry SeasonTVPG
8/12/20183:00aWonders of Mexico102Mountain WorldsTVG
8/12/20184:00aGreat Performances4304Chicago VoicesTVG
8/12/20185:00aWashington Week5806
8/12/20185:30aBreaking Big109Lee DanielsTVPG
Sunday 128/12/2018
8/12/20186:00aSid the Science Kid226Sid Engineers A SolutionTVY
8/12/20186:30aDinosaur Train111Derek The Deinonychus/Don's DragonflyTVY
8/12/20187:00aSesame Street4802TVY
8/12/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood122Neighborhood Clean Up/Clean Up TimeTVY
8/12/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific117School Rules/ScooterboyTVY
8/12/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles111Super Splash!/PearleneTVY
8/12/20189:00aCurious George302George Meets The Press/Snow UseTVY
8/12/20189:30aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
8/12/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1308TVG
8/12/201810:30aGrowing Bolder411It's Not About Age; It's About AttitudeTVG
8/12/201811:00aSecond Opinion904Foodborne IllnessTVPG
8/12/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World806Gardening in the Desert Southwest (Phoenix, Az)TVG
8/12/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17222
8/12/201812:30pOff the Record4806
8/12/20181:00pFiring Line with Margaret Hoover108
8/12/20181:30pWashington Week5806
8/12/20182:00pBreaking Big109Lee DanielsTVPG
8/12/20182:30pMedia Meet1814Ghost Town RevivalHow does one make a cultural resource out of a ghost town? We'll put that question to members of the Keweenaw County Historical Society, which has been restoring period homes in the town of Central, a former Copper Country mining community. (Repeat from July)
8/12/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1604Art Trails of the French RivieraTVPG
8/12/20184:00pClassic Gospel1112Gaither Vocal Band: Happy RhythmTVG
8/12/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1651Can't Help Singing (1966)TVG
8/12/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1013
8/12/20186:30pOff the Record4806
8/12/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 4 on Masterpiece4403Part 3Mary, Edith, Tom and Anna each struggle with a dilemma. TVPG
8/12/20188:00pPoldark Season 2 on Masterpiece4655Part 9An enraged mob threatens George and Elizabeth. Ross and Demelza confront their demons.(8/13 2p)TVPG
8/12/20189:00pSherlock Season 4 on Masterpiece4702The Lying DetectiveSherlock faces a chilling enemy--a powerful and seemingly unassailable man with a very dark secret(8/14 1p)TV14
8/12/201811:00pNew Environmentalists - The Series107From Kenya to the Arctic CircleTVG
8/12/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17222
8/13/201812:00aPoldark Season 2 on Masterpiece4655Part 9TVPG
8/13/20181:00aSherlock Season 4 on Masterpiece4702The Lying DetectiveTV14
8/13/20183:00aGreat Performances4304Chicago VoicesTVG
8/13/20184:00a10 Towns That Changed AmericaTVG
8/13/20185:00aNo Passport Required105MiamiTVPG
Monday 138/13/2018
8/13/20186:00aWild Kratts419Back In Creature Time - Part 1TVY
8/13/20186:30aWild Kratts420Archerfish SchoolTVY
8/13/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga619Energize with the SunTVG
8/13/20187:30aBody Electric1910TVG
8/13/20188:00aNature Cat118Woodpecker Picks A Place/Here Comes The SunTVY
8/13/20188:30aCurious George303For The Birds/Curious George-AsaurusTVY
8/13/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific118Garden Gnome Party/That Unicorn FeelingTVY
8/13/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood130Safety Patrol/Safety at the BeachTVY
8/13/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood131Neighbor DayTVY
8/13/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles113The Kelp Needs Help/Mountain of FireTVY
8/13/201811:00aSesame Street4807TVY
8/13/201811:30aSuper Why!112CinderellaTVY
8/13/201812:00pOutside with Greg Aiello204California GrasslandsTVG
8/13/201812:30pRumble & Roar4
8/13/20181:00pThe Great British Baking Show509PatisserieTVPG
8/13/20182:00pPoldark Season 2 on Masterpiece4655Part 9TVPG
8/13/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3334Cabin at Trail’s EndTVG
8/13/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1206Full Body StrengtheningTVG
8/13/20184:00pDW News15161TVG
8/13/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1418Flabby ArmsTVG
8/13/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden to Table111Cooking for Old-Fashioned FlavorTVG
8/13/20186:00pBBC World News America16225
8/13/20186:30pNightly Business Report37161
8/13/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12331
8/13/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2017Cleveland (2)(8/14 12p)TVG
8/13/20189:00pFrontline3614Our Man in Tehran (Part 1)A fascinating and revealing view of life inside Iran, with NYTimes correspondent Thomas Erdbrink.
8/13/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS276
8/13/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days228
8/14/201812:00aBBC World News226
8/14/201812:30aNHK Newsline9096
8/14/20181:00aFrontline3614Our Man in Tehran (Part 1)
8/14/20183:00aPoldark Season 2 on Masterpiece4655Part 9TVPG
8/14/20184:00aSherlock Season 4 on Masterpiece4702The Lying DetectiveTV14
Tuesday 148/14/2018
8/14/20186:00aWild Kratts502Temple of the TigersTVY
8/14/20186:30aWild Kratts421This Orca Likes SharksTVY
8/14/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga620Shoulderstand FunTVG
8/14/20187:30aBody Electric1911TVG
8/14/20188:00aNature Cat119The Great Grasshopper Race/Fall for HalTVY
8/14/20188:30aCurious George304Mulch Ado About Nothing/What Goes UpTVY
8/14/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
8/14/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood134Line Leader Daniel/Neighborhood JobsTVY
8/14/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood133Daniel's New Friend/Same and DifferentTVY
8/14/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles114One Big Ocean: Parts 1 and 2TVY
8/14/201811:00aSesame Street4827TVY
8/14/201811:30aSuper Why!113The Ant and the GrasshopperTVY
8/14/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2017Cleveland (2)TVG
8/14/20181:00pSherlock Season 4 on Masterpiece4702The Lying DetectiveTV14
8/14/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford210Seaside SolitudeTVG
8/14/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1207PostureTVG
8/14/20184:00pDW News15162TVG
8/14/20184:30pMartha Bakes1002Perfect Pate A ChouxTVG
8/14/20185:00pWider World1842TVG
8/14/20185:30pTravels with Darley401West Virginia AdventuresTVG
8/14/20186:00pBBC World News America16226
8/14/20186:30pNightly Business Report37162
8/14/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12332
8/14/20188:00pNo Passport Required106Chef Marcus Samuelsson dines, dances and dishes with the Ethiopian community in the U.S. capital.(8/16 2p)TVPG
8/14/20189:00pFrontline3615Our Man in Tehran (Part 2)More surprising encounters inside the closed society with NYTimes correspondent Thomas Erdbrink.
8/14/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS277
8/14/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days229
8/15/201812:00aBBC World News227
8/15/201812:30aNHK Newsline9097
8/15/20181:00aFrontline3615Our Man in Tehran (Part 2)
8/15/20183:00aThe Great British Baking Show509PatisserieTVPG
8/15/20184:00aGreat Performances4304Chicago VoicesTVG
8/15/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2017Cleveland (2)TVG
Wednesday 158/15/2018
8/15/20186:00aWild Kratts422Baby Tooth & Kid MuskyTVY
8/15/20186:30aWild Kratts423Cheetah AdoptedTVY
8/15/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga621Lizard, Locust, & Flapping FishTVG
8/15/20187:30aBody Electric1912TVG
8/15/20188:00aNature Cat120Playground-Palooza/Small But BigTVY
8/15/20188:30aCurious George305Amazing Maze Race/The Color of MonkeyTVY
8/15/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific117School Rules/ScooterboyTVY
8/15/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood135Duckling Goes Home/Daniel Feels Left OutTVY
8/15/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood136Daniel Gets Frustrated/Frustration at SchoolTVY
8/15/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles115One Big Ocean: Parts 3 and 4TVY
8/15/201811:00aSesame Street4808TVY
8/15/201811:30aSuper Why!114The Little Red HenTVY
8/15/201812:00pOutback102The Dry SeasonTVPG
8/15/20181:00pLive from Lincoln Center4301Sutton Foster in ConcertTVG
8/15/20182:00pGreat Performances4304Chicago VoicesTVG
8/15/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell1701Cowboy Campfires, Part 1TVG
8/15/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1208Long AdductorTVG
8/15/20184:00pDW News15163TVG
8/15/20184:30pDestination Michigan606
8/15/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1703Back to BasicsTVG
8/15/20185:30pCiao Italia2703Magic in a Pot / Magia In Una PetolaTVG
8/15/20186:00pBBC World News America16227
8/15/20186:30pNightly Business Report37163
8/15/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12333
8/15/20188:00pOutback103Return of the WetWatch as the Outback skies explode with thunder and rain, bringing much-needed relief from the heat.(8/22 12p)TVPG
8/15/20189:00pWonders of Mexico103Burning NorthJourney across northern Mexico to see how its animals find clever ways to survive against the odds.(8/17 2p)TVG
8/15/201810:00pNOVA4222Making North America: HumanDiscover the human story of vast wealth--and lethal risks--hidden in North America's landscape.(8/16 12p)TVG
8/15/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS278
8/15/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days230
8/16/201812:00aBBC World News228
8/16/201812:30aNHK Newsline9098
8/16/20181:00aWonders of Mexico103Burning NorthTVG
8/16/20182:00aNOVA4222Making North America: HumanTVG
8/16/20183:00aFrontline3614Our Man in Tehran (Part 1)
8/16/20185:00aNo Passport Required106D.C.TVPG
Thursday 168/16/2018
8/16/20186:00aWild Kratts503The Dhole DuplicatorTVY
8/16/20186:30aWild Kratts424Musk Ox ManiaTVY
8/16/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga622Renew Your EnergyTVG
8/16/20187:30aBody Electric1913TVG
8/16/20188:00aNature Cat121Slime Time/Rock StarsTVY
8/16/20188:30aCurious George306The Man with the Monkey Hands/Whistle Pig WednesdayTVY
8/16/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific109Snow Fairy/to Catch A LeafTVY
8/16/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood137Daniel Gets A Cold/Mom Tiger Is SickTVY
8/16/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood138Daniel Is Jealous/Jealousy at the TreehouseTVY
8/16/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles116The Greatest Treasure of All/CrabulousTVY
8/16/201811:00aSesame Street4803TVY
8/16/201811:30aSuper Why!115The Frog PrinceTVY
8/16/201812:00pNOVA4222Making North America: HumanTVG
8/16/20181:00pDoing the Reptile Rumba from the Rainforest of RanomafanaTVG
8/16/20182:00pNo Passport Required106D.C.TVPG
8/16/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1607Rearing Horse Part ITVG
8/16/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1209Back Pain ReliefTVG
8/16/20184:00pDW News15164TVG
8/16/20184:30pSteven Raichlen’s Project Fire111So-Cal GrillTVG
8/16/20185:00pGarden Smart5111TVG
8/16/20185:30pFocus On Europe3632
8/16/20186:00pBBC World News America16228
8/16/20186:30pNightly Business Report37164
8/16/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12334
8/16/20188:00pA City at War: ChicagoChronicles changes in America’s major cities when individuals and businesses were transformed by World War II.(8/17 12p)TVPG
8/16/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1833TVG
8/16/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan601UP Adventure(8/17 5p)TVG
8/16/201810:00pWe Knew What We Had: The Greatest Jazz Story Never ToldLearn about the unrecognized history of jazz in Pittsburgh, PA, featuring jazz legends Billy Eckstine, Kenny Clarke, Art Blakey, Billy Strayhorn, Mary Lou Williams and more.TVG
8/16/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS279
8/16/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days231
8/17/201812:00aBBC World News229
8/17/201812:30aNHK Newsline9099
8/17/20181:00aNo Passport Required106D.C.TVPG
8/17/20182:00a10 Parks That Changed AmericaTVG
8/17/20183:00aFrontline3615Our Man in Tehran
8/17/20185:00aNOVA4222Making North America: HumanTVG
Friday 178/17/2018
8/17/20186:00aWild Kratts504The Cobra KingTVY
8/17/20186:30aWild Kratts417The Colors of ChinaTVY
8/17/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga623Forward FoldsTVG
8/17/20187:30aBody Electric1914TVG
8/17/20188:00aNature Cat122Gimme Shelter/Goin' BattyTVY
8/17/20188:30aCurious George307George Digs Worms/Everything Old Is New AgainTVY
8/17/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific118Garden Gnome Party/That Unicorn FeelingTVY
8/17/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood140Someone Else's Feelings/Empathy at SchoolTVY
8/17/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood201The Tiger Family Grows/daniel Learns About Being A Big BrotherTVY
8/17/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles135Mo's Sunburn/Imagin-OceanTVY
8/17/201811:00aSesame Street4807TVY
8/17/201811:30aSuper Why!116The Princess and the PeaTVY
8/17/201812:00pA City at War: ChicagoTVPG
8/17/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1604Art Trails of the French RivieraTVPG
8/17/20182:00pWonders of Mexico103Burning NorthTVG
8/17/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer301Clapboard IslandTVG
8/17/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1210Endurance and PowerTVG
8/17/20184:00pDW News15165TVG
8/17/20184:30pRough Cut with Fine Woodworking810TVG
8/17/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan601UP AdventureTVG
8/17/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2724
8/17/20186:00pBBC World News America16229
8/17/20186:30pNightly Business Report37165
8/17/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12335
8/17/20188:00pWashington Week5807
8/17/20188:30pOff the Record4807
8/17/20189:00pThe Great British Baking Show510Try to determine which of the three finalists will be judged best amateur baker as they attempt pastry perfection.(8/20 1p)TVPG
8/17/201810:00pRick Steves’ Travel as a Political ActRick shares his views on the importance of traveling outside the United States in order to experience other cultures.(8/20 2p)TVG
8/17/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS133
8/18/201812:00aBBC World News230
8/18/201812:30aNHK Newsline9101
8/18/20181:00aThe Great British Baking Show510The FinalTVPG
8/18/20182:00aGreat Performances4305Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2018TVG
8/18/20183:00aOutback103Return of the WetTVPG
8/18/20184:00aWonders of Mexico103Burning NorthTVG
8/18/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1611TVG
Saturday 188/18/2018
8/18/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1508Visiting A Restaurant/Anger & ApologiesTVY
8/18/20186:30aDinosaur Train115The Old Spinosaurus & The Sea/A Spiky Tail TaleTVY
8/18/20187:00aBob the Builder923Putting on a ShowTVY
8/18/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood131Neighbor DayTVY
8/18/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific109Snow Fairy/to Catch A LeafTVY
8/18/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles116The Greatest Treasure of All/CrabulousTVY
8/18/20189:00aCurious George305Amazing Maze Race/The Color of MonkeyTVY
8/18/20189:30aNature Cat121Slime Time/Rock StarsTVY
8/18/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!908Contempo CardigansTVG
8/18/201810:30aFons & Porter's Love of Quilting3011LuminousTVG
8/18/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1113Style and TechnologyTVG
8/18/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3335Mighty Mountain LakeTVG
8/18/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen523Family BrunchTVG
8/18/201812:30pGarden Smart5111TVG
8/18/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3708Dovetailed Grease PotTVG
8/18/20181:30pThis Old House3711TVG
8/18/20182:00pAsk This Old House1611Tankless Water Heater, Retaining WallTVG
8/18/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy305The Tool MakerTVG
8/18/20183:30pWilderness Journal2001
8/18/20184:00pGreat Getaways1511Lighthouse Kayak TripTVG
8/18/20184:30pAmerica from the Ground Up206Go WestTVG
8/18/20185:00pNative Report1205
8/18/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1833TVG
8/18/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1014
8/18/20186:30pMedia Meet1816Joselyn Benson: Candidate for Michigan Secretary of StateA discussion with presumed Democratic candidate for Michigan Secretary of State, Joselyn Benson from Detroit, addressing issues of interest to voters.
8/18/20187:00pGuardians of the Great Lakes: The Michigan ShoreTour the lofty lighthouses protecting the lives of Great Lakes sailors since 1825, and hear the enduring stories of the keepers of the light.(8/20 12p, 8/23 8p)
8/18/20188:00pThe Tenors: Fan FavoritesExperience the soaring harmonies and timeless songs of the popular and prolific trio.(8/21 1p)TVG
8/18/20189:30pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville211Duane EddyTVG
8/18/201810:00pGrateful Dead – Downhill from HereCaptures a classic performance filmed in the summer of 1989.(8/22 1p, 8/24 9p)TVG
8/19/201812:00aSong of the Mountains1301Wilson Banjo Co. / Clay BankTVG
8/19/20181:00aNOVA4222Making North America: HumanTVG
8/19/20182:00aOutback103Return of the WetTVPG
8/19/20183:00aWonders of Mexico103Burning NorthTVG
8/19/20184:00aGreat Performances4305Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2018TVG
8/19/20185:00aWashington Week5807
8/19/20185:30aAretha! Queen of Soul  New special produced by the PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND team and hosted by Hari Sreenivasan.TVPG
Sunday 198/19/2018
8/19/20186:00aSid the Science Kid202Slide to the Side!TVY
8/19/20186:30aDinosaur Train116Night Train/Fossil FredTVY
8/19/20187:00aSesame Street4808TVY
8/19/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood136Daniel Gets Frustrated/Frustration at SchoolTVY
8/19/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific118Garden Gnome Party/That Unicorn FeelingTVY
8/19/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles135Mo's Sunburn/Imagin-OceanTVY
8/19/20189:00aCurious George307George Digs Worms/Everything Old Is New AgainTVY
8/19/20189:30aNature Cat122Gimme Shelter/Goin' BattyTVY
8/19/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1309TVG
8/19/201810:30aGrowing Bolder412Hope. Inspiration. Possibility.TVG
8/19/201811:00aSecond Opinion905Breast Cancer In Young WomenTVPG
8/19/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World807Hope for Heroes: The Farmer Veteran Coalition (Davis, CA)TVG
8/19/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17229
8/19/201812:30pOff the Record4807
8/19/20181:00pFiring Line with Margaret Hoover109
8/19/20181:30pWashington Week5807
8/19/20182:00pBreaking Big102Eddie HuangTVPG
8/19/20182:30pMedia Meet1816Joselyn Benson: Candidate for Michigan Secretary of StateA discussion with presumed Democratic candidate for Michigan Secretary of State, Joselyn Benson from Detroit, addressing issues of interest to voters.
8/19/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1605Food Hour: Provence, FranceTVPG
8/19/20184:00pClassic Gospel1113Joy in the CampTVG
8/19/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1652Those Were The Days (1975)TVG
8/19/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1015
8/19/20186:30pOff the Record4807
8/19/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 4 on Masterpiece4404Part 4Find out if Bates can determine what’s troubling Anna.TVPG
8/19/20188:00pPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4739Part 1The third season finds Poldark in revolutionary France, where the firebrands outdo even Warleggan for ruthlessness. In part 1, George has everything going for him; Demelza’s brothers begin preaching; Caroline and Dwight elope.TVPG
8/19/201810:00pPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4740Part 2Ross goes to revolutionary France; George dispenses rough justice; Drake falls for Morwenna. TVPG
8/19/201811:00pNew Environmentalists - The Series108From Zimbabwe to El Salvador(8/21 2:30p)TVG
8/19/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17229
8/20/201812:00aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4739Part 1TVPG
8/20/20182:00aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4740Part 2TVPG
8/20/20183:00aGreat Performances4305Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2018TVG
8/20/20184:00aGreat Performances4305Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2018TVG
8/20/20185:00aNo Passport Required106D.C.TVPG
Monday 208/20/2018
8/20/20186:00aWild Kratts505Fire SalamanderTVY
8/20/20186:30aWild Kratts506Cheeks The HamsterTVY
8/20/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga624Rocking BowTVG
8/20/20187:30aBody Electric1915TVG
8/20/20188:00aNature Cat207Garden Impossible/Agents of the Great OutdoorsTVY
8/20/20188:30aCurious George308Wheels on the Bus/Seed TroubleTVY
8/20/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific119Missing Squeakykins/The Cloud-O-MaticTVY
8/20/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood202The Baby Is HereTVY
8/20/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood203Time for Daniel/There's Time for Daniel and Baby TooTVY
8/20/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles117Here Comes The Hammerhead/Denny's New ShellTVY
8/20/201811:00aSesame Street4805TVY
8/20/201811:30aSuper Why!117Little Red Riding HoodTVY
8/20/201812:00pGuardians of the Great Lakes: The Michigan Shore(8/23 8p)
8/20/20181:00pThe Great British Baking Show510The FinalTVPG
8/20/20182:00pRick Steves’ Travel as a Political ActTVG
8/20/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1211Arthritis WorkoutTVG
8/20/20184:00pDW News15166TVG
8/20/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1419The Power of Small MovementsTVG
8/20/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden to Table112Amber Waves of GrainTVG
8/20/20186:00pBBC World News America16232
8/20/20186:30pNightly Business Report37166
8/20/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12336
8/20/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2018Cleveland (3)(8/21 12p)TVG
8/20/20189:00pWings Over Grand CanyonExperience the canyon in all its splendor on a 1,000-mile air journey along the Colorado River.(8/24 12p)TVG
8/20/201810:00pThe Australian Pink Floyd Show - Everything Under the SunConcert special recorded during the 2016 tour of Australia's Pink Floyd Tribute band.(8/24 2p)
8/20/201811:00pHealing Beyond MedicineExplore the power of music, touch and other non-traditional healing methods.
8/20/201811:30pAmanpour on PBS281
8/21/201812:00aBBC World News233
8/21/201812:30aAntiques Roadshow2018Cleveland (3)TVG
8/21/20181:30a10 Parks That Changed AmericaTVG
8/21/20182:30aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4739Part 1TVPG
8/21/20184:30aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4740Part 2TVPG
8/21/20185:30aRibbon of SandTVG
Tuesday 218/21/2018
8/21/20186:00aWild Kratts Alaska: Hero’s JourneyTVY
8/21/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga625Hold Your Toes!TVG
8/21/20187:30aBody Electric1916
8/21/20188:00aNature Cat124Ice Is Nice/Bird's Eye ViewTVY
8/21/20188:30aCurious George309Fun Ball Talley/Red Sky at Night, Monkey's DelightTVY
8/21/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
8/21/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood204Playtime Is Different/the Playground Is Different With BabyTVY
8/21/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood205Daniel Fixes Trolley/Problem Solver DanielTVY
8/21/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles118The Sand Is Grand/The Treasure TroveTVY
8/21/201811:00aSesame Street4802TVY
8/21/201811:30aSuper Why!118Tom ThumbTVY
8/21/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2018Cleveland (3)TVG
8/21/20181:00pThe Tenors: Fan FavoritesTVG
8/21/20182:30pNew Environmentalists - The Series108From Zimbabwe to El SalvadorTVG
8/21/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford211Macro SunflowerTVG
8/21/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1212Hamstring FlexibilityTVG
8/21/20184:00pDW News15167TVG
8/21/20184:30pMartha Bakes1003Decorative BreadsTVG
8/21/20185:00pWider World1843TVG
8/21/20185:30pTravels with Darley402France’s Western Front Part ITVG
8/21/20186:00pBBC World News America16233
8/21/20186:30pNightly Business Report37167
8/21/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12337
8/21/20188:00pBetty White: First Lady of TelevisionCelebrate the beloved star with tributes from Ryan Reynolds, Valerie Bertinelli, Tina Fey and more.(8/25 7p, 8/28 1p)TVG
8/21/20189:30pMister Rogers: It’s You I LikeCelebrate "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood," the pioneering children's series that premiered nationally 50 years ago.(8/27 12p)TVG
8/21/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS282
8/21/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days233
8/22/201812:00aIreland’s Wild Coast101Join Emmy-winning cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson on a journey along Ireland’s Atlantic coast.TVPG
8/22/20182:00aWeekend in HavanaTVG
8/22/20183:00aPOV3011Swim TeamTVPG
8/22/20184:30aRibbon of SandTVG
8/22/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2018Cleveland (3)TVG
Wednesday 228/22/2018
8/22/20186:00aWild Kratts509Sloth Bear SuctionTVY
8/22/20186:30aWild Kratts510City Hoppers!TVY
8/22/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga626Seven-Stage Spinal StretchTVG
8/22/20187:30aBody Electric1917
8/22/20188:00aNature Cat125Stop That Squirrel/Onward and PondwardTVY
8/22/20188:30aCurious George310Shipwrecked with Hundley/Chasing RainbowsTVY
8/22/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific118Garden Gnome Party/That Unicorn FeelingTVY
8/22/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood206Daniel's Friends Say No/Prince Wednesday Doesn't Want to PlayTVY
8/22/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood207Miss Elaina Gets Hurt/Daniel Feels BetterTVY
8/22/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles136Gush's White Whale/Exreme CleanTVY
8/22/201811:00aSesame Street4824TVY
8/22/201811:30aSuper Why!119Little Bo PeepTVY
8/22/201812:00pOutback103Return of the WetTVPG
8/22/20181:00pGrateful Dead – Downhill from Here(8/24 9p)TVG
8/22/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell1702Cowboy Campfire, Part 2TVG
8/22/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1213TVG
8/22/20184:00pDW News15168TVG
8/22/20184:30pDestination Michigan607
8/22/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1713Refreshing DessertsTVG
8/22/20185:30pCiao Italia2704More Than Just A ConeTVG
8/22/20186:00pBBC World News America16234
8/22/20186:30pNightly Business Report37168
8/22/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12338
8/22/20188:00pNature3403Giraffes: Africa's Gentle GiantsEmbark on a special voyage across the Nile River to relocate the world’s rarest giraffes.(8/29 12p)TVPG
8/22/20189:30pGI Jews - Jewish Americans in World War IIDiscover the story of the brave Jewish Americans who served in World War II.(8/23 1p)TVPG
8/22/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days234
8/23/201812:00aBBC World News235
8/23/201812:30aNHK Newsline9104
8/23/20181:00aNOVA4119Bigger Than T.rexTVPG
8/23/20182:00aKoko - The Gorilla Who TalksTVG
8/23/20183:00aIreland’s Wild Coast101TVPG
8/23/20185:00aWeekend in HavanaTVG
Thursday 238/23/2018
8/23/20186:00aWild Kratts511Blue HeronTVY
8/23/20186:30aWild Kratts512Choose Your SwordfishTVY
8/23/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga401Bye Bye BulgesTVG
8/23/20187:30aBody Electric1918
8/23/20188:00aNature Cat126Appily Ever After/Sound OffTVY
8/23/20188:30aCurious George311Gnocchi The Critic/George Cleans UpTVY
8/23/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific111Pink Lemonade/Pink ShoesTVY
8/23/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood209Daniel Can't Ride Trolley/Daniel Can't Get What He WantsTVY
8/23/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood210A Storm in the Neighborhood/After The Neighborhood StormTVY
8/23/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles119Mayor for a Day/Oblo from Down BelowTVY
8/23/201811:00aSesame Street4834TVY
8/23/201811:30aSuper Why!120The Emperor's New ClothesTVY
8/23/201812:00pNOVA4119Bigger Than T.rexTVPG
8/23/20181:00pGI Jews - Jewish Americans in World War IITVPG
8/23/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1608Rearing Horse Part IITVG
8/23/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1214TVG
8/23/20184:00pDW News15169TVG
8/23/20184:30pSteven Raichlen’s Project Fire112Raichlen’s RulesTVG
8/23/20185:00pGarden Smart5112TVG
8/23/20185:30pFocus On Europe3633
8/23/20186:00pBBC World News America16235
8/23/20186:30pNightly Business Report37169
8/23/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12339
8/23/20188:00pGuardians of the Great Lakes: The Michigan ShoreTour the lofty lighthouses protecting the lives of Great Lakes sailors since 1825, and hear the enduring stories of the keepers of the light.
8/23/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1834TVG
8/23/20189:30pNathan Carter: Celtic CountryJoin the country and Irish music sensation for a concert performance recorded live in Dublin.(8/27 1:30p)TVG
8/23/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS284
8/23/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days235
8/24/201812:00aBBC World News236
8/24/201812:30aNHK Newsline9105
8/24/20181:00aPOV3011Swim TeamTVPG
8/24/20182:30aRibbon of SandTVG
8/24/20183:00aKoko - The Gorilla Who TalksTVG
8/24/20184:00aNature3311Raising The Dinosaur GiantTVPG
8/24/20185:00aNOVA4119Bigger Than T.rexTVPG
Friday 248/24/2018
8/24/20186:00aWild Kratts513Komodo DragonTVY
8/24/20186:30aWild Kratts101Mom of a CrocTVY
8/24/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga402Yaga GlowTVG
8/24/20187:30aBody Electric1919
8/24/20188:00aNature Cat129The Shell Game/Heron Food BluesTVY
8/24/20188:30aCurious George312Relax!/The Box and the HoundTVY
8/24/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific119Missing Squeakykins/The Cloud-O-MaticTVY
8/24/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood211Daniel Makes A Mistake/Baking MistakesTVY
8/24/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood212Daniel Thinks of Others/Daniel Thinks of What Margaret NeedsTVY
8/24/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles137The End of the Ocean/Antarctic RangerTVY
8/24/201811:00aSesame Street4805TVY
8/24/201811:30aSuper Why!121The Twelve Dancing PrincessesTVY
8/24/201812:00pWings Over Grand CanyonTVG
8/24/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1605Food Hour: Provence, FranceTVPG
8/24/20182:00pThe Australian Pink Floyd Show - Everything Under the Sun
8/24/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer302Mississippi RiverTVG
8/24/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1215TVG
8/24/20184:00pDW News15170TVG
8/24/20184:30pRough Cut with Fine Woodworking811TVG
8/24/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan322Northville/DownriverTVG
8/24/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2725
8/24/20186:00pBBC World News America16236
8/24/20186:30pNightly Business Report37170
8/24/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12340
8/24/20188:00pWashington Week5808
8/24/20188:30pOff the Record4808
8/24/20189:00pGrateful Dead – Downhill from HereCaptures a classic performance filmed in the summer of 1989.TVG
8/24/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS285
8/24/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS134
8/25/201812:00aBBC World News237
8/25/201812:30aNHK Newsline9106
8/25/20181:00aThe Great British Baking Show501CakesTVPG
8/25/20182:00aWeekend in HavanaTVG
8/25/20183:00aIreland’s Wild Coast101TVPG
8/25/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1612TVG
Saturday 258/25/2018
8/25/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood
8/25/20186:30aDinosaur Train118The Burrowers/Shiny's Sea ShellsTVY
8/25/20187:00aBob the Builder924PlaytimeTVY
8/25/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood205Daniel Fixes Trolley/Problem Solver DanielTVY
8/25/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific111Pink Lemonade/Pink ShoesTVY
8/25/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles119Mayor for a Day/Oblo from Down BelowTVY
8/25/20189:00aCurious George310Shipwrecked with Hundley/Chasing RainbowsTVY
8/25/20189:30aNature Cat126Appily Ever After/Sound OffTVY
8/25/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!909Playtime PalsTVG
8/25/201810:30aFons & Porter's Love of Quilting3012Dublin TownTVG
8/25/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1201Travel SeparatesTVG
8/25/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3336Splendor of WinterTVG
8/25/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen524Cocktail PartyTVG
8/25/201812:30pGarden Smart5112TVG
8/25/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3709Lumberjack Fan CarvingTVG
8/25/20181:30pThis Old House3712TVG
8/25/20182:00pAsk This Old House1612Dutch Door, Landscape CheckersTVG
8/25/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy306The ChocolatiersTVG
8/25/20183:30pWilderness Journal2002
8/25/20184:00pGreat Getaways1512Autumn SplendorTVG
8/25/20184:30pWeekend Explorer401
8/25/20185:00pNative Report1206
8/25/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1834TVG
8/25/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1016
8/25/20186:30pMedia Meet1815Diabetes UpdateUpper Peninsula residents with Diabetes make up about 9% of the population, but numbers appear to have increased statewide, putting more people at risk for related conditions, ranging from heart disease to blindness. Prevention and self-management remain key weapons against the disease. We'll look at the latest information and strategies. (Repeat from July)
8/25/20187:00pBetty White: First Lady of TelevisionCelebrate the beloved star with tributes from Ryan Reynolds, Valerie Bertinelli, Tina Fey and more.(8/28 1p)TVG
8/25/20188:30pThe Welk Stars: Through the YearsOutstanding musical production numbers salute the beloved members of the Lawrence Welk Musical Family.(8/26 4p)TVG
8/25/201810:30pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville210Mark WillsTVG
8/25/201811:00pAustin City Limits4313Chris Stapleton/Turnpike TroubadoursTVPG
8/26/201812:00aSong of the Mountains1302Hankensaw BoysTVG
8/26/20181:00aNOVA4119Bigger Than T.rexTVPG
8/26/20182:00aNature3311Raising The Dinosaur GiantTVPG
8/26/20183:00aKoko - The Gorilla Who TalksTVG
8/26/20184:00aThe Great British Baking Show501CakesTVPG
8/26/20185:00aWashington Week5808
8/26/20185:30aBreaking Big105Ruth ZukermanTVPG
Sunday 268/26/2018
8/26/20186:00aSid the Science Kid203That's The Way The Ball BouncesTVY
8/26/20186:30aDinosaur Train119King Cryolophosaurus/Buddy The TrackerTVY
8/26/20187:00aSesame Street4824TVY
8/26/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood210A Storm in the Neighborhood/After The Neighborhood StormTVY
8/26/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific119Missing Squeakykins/The Cloud-O-MaticTVY
8/26/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles137The End of the Ocean/Antarctic RangerTVY
8/26/20189:00aCurious George312Relax!/The Box and the HoundTVY
8/26/20189:30aNature Cat129The Shell Game/Heron Food BluesTVY
8/26/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1310TVG
8/26/201810:30aGrowing Bolder413Are You Ready to Start Rebranding Aging?TVG
8/26/201811:00aSecond Opinion906Conversion DisorderTVPG
8/26/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World808The Green Bronx Machine: The Power of a Classroom Farm (Bronx, NY)TVG
8/26/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17236
8/26/201812:30pOff the Record4808
8/26/20181:00pFiring Line with Margaret Hoover110
8/26/20181:30pWashington Week5808
8/26/20182:00pMarket to Market4401 Market to Market’s team of experienced analysts provides expert analysis of the major commodity markets and delivers insight into trends and strategies that help agricultural producers and processors cope with changing times.TVPG
8/26/20182:30pMedia Meet1815Diabetes UpdateUpper Peninsula residents with Diabetes make up about 9% of the population, but numbers appear to have increased statewide, putting more people at risk for related conditions, ranging from heart disease to blindness. Prevention and self-management remain key weapons against the disease. We'll look at the latest information and strategies. (Repeat from July)
8/26/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1606Tough Boats: The Nile, Egypt(8/31 1p)TVPG
8/26/20184:00pThe Welk Stars: Through the YearsOutstanding musical production numbers salute the beloved members of the Lawrence Welk Musical Family.TVG
8/26/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1017
8/26/20186:30pOff the Record4808
8/26/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 4 on Masterpiece4405Part 5Find out why Rose’s surprise party for Robert risks scandal, and learn Edith’s troubling news.TVPG
8/26/20188:00pPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4741Part 3A failed harvest incites food riots; Demelza and Ross welcome an addition; Morwenna gets a suitor.TVPG
8/26/20189:00pPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4742Part 4Ross takes a desperate gamble; Drake joins Ross’ mission; George jockeys for a political triumph.TVPG
8/26/201810:00pPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4743Part 5George sets a trap for Drake; Dwight’s prison experience threatens his relationship with Caroline.TVPG
8/26/201811:00pNew Environmentalists - The Series109From Cuba to Swaziland(8/28 2:30p)TVG
8/26/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17236
8/27/201812:00aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4741Part 3TVPG
8/27/20181:00aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4742Part 4TVPG
8/27/20182:00aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4743Part 5TVPG
8/27/20183:00aPOV3011Swim TeamTVPG
8/27/20184:30aRibbon of SandTVG
8/27/20185:00aWeekend in HavanaTVG
Monday 278/27/2018
8/27/20186:00aWild Kratts102Whale of a SquidTVY
8/27/20186:30aWild Kratts103Aardvark TownTVY
8/27/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga403Stand TallTVG
8/27/20187:30aBody Electric1920TVG
8/27/20188:00aNature Cat103TVY
8/27/20188:30aCurious George313Night of the Weiner Dog/Animal TrackersTVY
8/27/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific120Dream Salon/The Duck Stops HereTVY
8/27/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood221Looking for Snowball/Daniel's Neighbors HelpTVY
8/27/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood213No Red Sweater for Daniel/Teacher Harriet's New HairdoTVY
8/27/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles120Chompy's New Foods/Cloning AroundTVY
8/27/201811:00aSesame Street4818TVY
8/27/201811:30aSuper Why!122The Three Billy Goats GruffTVY
8/27/201812:00pMister Rogers: It’s You I LikeTVG
8/27/20181:30pNathan Carter: Celtic CountryTVG
8/27/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3336Splendor of WinterTVG
8/27/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1216TVG
8/27/20184:00pDW News15171TVG
8/27/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1420Flexibility and Range of MotionTVG
8/27/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden to Table113Crazy for BerriesTVG
8/27/20186:00pBBC World News America16239
8/27/20186:30pNightly Business Report37171
8/27/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12341
8/27/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow1904Austin (1)(8/28 12p)TVG
8/27/20189:00pZoltan Maga: Live from Budapest with David FosterJoin the Hungarian violinist and legendary songwriter for a musical extravaganza featuring special guests Katharine McPhee, Sheléa, opera superstar Aida and tenor Fernando Varela.(8/29 1:30p)TVG
8/27/201810:30pSymphony for Nature: The Britt Orchestra at Crater LakeClassical musicians and Klamath drummers gather at Crater Lake National Park to perform a world premiere.TVG
8/27/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS286
8/27/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days236
8/28/201812:00aBBC World News240
8/28/201812:30aNHK Newsline9107
8/28/20182:00aPOV3110Nowhere to HideTVPG
8/28/20183:00aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4741Part 3TVPG
8/28/20184:00aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4742Part 4TVPG
8/28/20185:00aPoldark Season 3 on Masterpiece4743Part 5TVPG
Tuesday 288/28/2018
8/28/20186:00aWild Kratts104Flight of the DracoTVY
8/28/20186:30aWild Kratts105Mystery of the Squirmy WormyTVY
8/28/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga404Chin LockTVG
8/28/20187:30aBody Electric1921TVG
8/28/20188:00aNature Cat131The Queen of the Night/Space RocksTVY
8/28/20188:30aCurious George314George Measures Up/Something New Under The SunTVY
8/28/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific112Gnome More Nonsense/Space DancingTVY
8/28/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood215Daniel Takes Care of Snowball/Margaret's BathtimeTVY
8/28/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood216Daniel Explores Nature/Daniel's Nature WalkTVY
8/28/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles121TVY
8/28/201811:00aSesame Street4824TVY
8/28/201811:30aSuper Why!123ThumbelinaTVY
8/28/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow1904Austin (1)TVG
8/28/20181:00pBetty White: First Lady of TelevisionTVG
8/28/20182:30pNew Environmentalists - The Series109From Cuba to SwazilandTVG
8/28/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford212Soaring Eagle, Part 1TVG
8/28/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1217TVG
8/28/20184:00pDW News15172TVG
8/28/20184:30pMartha Bakes1004Elegant CookiesTVG
8/28/20185:00pWider World1844TVG
8/28/20185:30pTravels with Darley403France’s Western Front Part IITVG
8/28/20186:00pBBC World News America16240
8/28/20186:30pNightly Business Report37172
8/28/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12342
8/28/20188:00pMark Twain101Part 1Journey with Ken Burns as he surveys Sam Clemens’ early life and his evolution into Mark Twain.(8/30 1p)TVPG
8/28/201810:00pFrontline3608McCainSen. John McCain, a towering figure in American politics, has died at age 81 following a battle with brain cancer. Look back at McCain's life, politics and legacy, from his years as a POW in Vietnam, to his dramatic 2017 vote against the GOP's health care bill. (Episode has been revised with new content.)
8/28/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS287
8/28/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days237
8/29/201812:00aMark Twain101Part 1TVPG
8/29/20183:00aPOV3110Nowhere to HideTVPG
8/29/20184:00aAntiques Roadshow1904Austin (1)TVG
Wednesday 298/29/2018
8/29/20186:00aWild Kratts106Platypus CafeTVY
8/29/20186:30aWild Kratts107Polar Bears Don't DanceTVY
8/29/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga405Lift and ToneTVG
8/29/20187:30aBody Electric1922TVG
8/29/20188:00aNature Cat132Croak and Swagger/Puddle Pool PartyTVY
8/29/20188:30aCurious George315Movie House Monkey/Cooking with MonkeyTVY
8/29/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific119Missing Squeakykins/The Cloud-O-MaticTVY
8/29/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood217So Many Feelings/Daniel's Many FeelingsTVY
8/29/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood218Daniel Feels Two Feelings/The Neighborhood CarnivalTVY
8/29/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles122Partner Pals/Ultimate Hide and SeekTVY
8/29/201811:00aSesame Street4807TVY
8/29/201811:30aSuper Why!124Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The MysteryTVY
8/29/201812:00pNature3403Giraffes: Africa's Gentle GiantsTVPG
8/29/20181:30pZoltan Maga: Live from Budapest with David FosterTVG
8/29/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell1703Cowboy Campfire, Part 3TVG
8/29/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1218TVG
8/29/20184:00pDW News15173TVG
8/29/20184:30pDestination Michigan608
8/29/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1721Mediterranean GrillTVG
8/29/20185:30pCiao Italia2705Dumplings to Die for / GnocchiTVG
8/29/20186:00pBBC World News America16241
8/29/20186:30pNightly Business Report37173
8/29/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12343
8/29/20188:00pNature3314India's Wandering LionsWitness the incredible story between Asia’s last wild lions and the villagers of India.TVPG
8/29/20189:00pAncient Invisible Cities101AthensNew 3-part series views architectural jewels of three ancient cities through 3D scans. This week, Athens.(8/31 2p)TVPG
8/29/201810:00pNOVA4405The Origami RevolutionDiscover how the art of origami is sparking a scientific revolution and unlocking nature’s secrets.(8/30 12p)TVG
8/29/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS288
8/29/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days238
8/30/201812:00aBBC World News242
8/30/201812:30aNHK Newsline9109
8/30/20181:00aAncient Invisible Cities101AthensTVPG
8/30/20182:00aNOVA4405The Origami RevolutionTVG
8/30/20183:00aMark Twain101Part 1TVPG
8/30/20185:00aAncient Invisible Cities101AthensTVPG
Thursday 308/30/2018
8/30/20186:00aWild Kratts108Build It BeaverTVY
8/30/20186:30aWild Kratts109Voyage of the Butterflier XtTVY
8/30/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga406Yoga for VitalityTVG
8/30/20187:30aBody Electric1923TVG
8/30/20188:00aNature Cat133The Glow Games/Have A Grape DayTVY
8/30/20188:30aCurious George201Up, Up and Away/SkunkedTVY
8/30/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific113Indoor Camp-In/The FlutterbugsTVY
8/30/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood219Sharing at the Library/Daniel Shares with MargaretTVY
8/30/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood220Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday/Daniel's Happy SongTVY
8/30/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles124Bubbles' Little Friend/Mrs. TidyTVY
8/30/201811:00aSesame Street4818TVY
8/30/201811:30aSuper Why!125Beauty and the BeastTVY
8/30/201812:00pNOVA4405The Origami RevolutionTVG
8/30/20181:00pMark Twain101Part 1TVPG
8/30/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1609Two Different Worlds Part ITVG
8/30/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1219TVG
8/30/20184:00pDW News15174TVG
8/30/20184:30pSteven Raichlen’s Project Fire101Grill Top Cocktail PartyTVG
8/30/20185:00pGarden Smart5113TVG
8/30/20185:30pFocus On Europe3634
8/30/20186:00pBBC World News America16242
8/30/20186:30pNightly Business Report37174
8/30/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12344
8/30/20188:00pGreat Performances4305Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2018Enjoy the Vienna Philharmonic's open-air concert led by Valery Gergiev with soprano Anna Netrebko.(8/31 12p)TVG
8/30/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1835TVG
8/30/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan812SE Michigan(8/31 5p)TVG
8/30/201810:00pKoko - The Gorilla Who TalksLearn how a talking gorilla continues to redraw the line between people and animals.TVG
8/30/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS289
8/30/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days239
8/31/201812:00aBBC World News243
8/31/201812:30aNHK Newsline9110
8/31/20181:00aVictorian Slum House101The 1860sTVPG
8/31/20182:00aMark Twain101Part 1TVPG
8/31/20184:00aNature3314India's Wandering LionsTVPG
8/31/20185:00aNOVA4405The Origami RevolutionTVG
Friday 318/31/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partner|Andrew F. Davis, CPA, Iron River
8/31/20186:00aWild Kratts110Honey SeekersTVY
8/31/20186:30aWild Kratts111Bass ClassTVY
8/31/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga407Back ReliefTVG
8/31/20187:30aBody Electric1924TVG
8/31/20188:00aNature Cat135Plants Got The Moves/Magnet ManiaTVY
8/31/20188:30aCurious George202Monkey Underground/Cat MotherTVY
8/31/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific120Dream Salon/The Duck Stops HereTVY
8/31/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood222The Lemonade Stand/Mad at the BeachTVY
8/31/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood223Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm/Fireflies and FireworksTVY
8/31/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles125The Lure of the Rocks/What's The Story, Maury?TVY
8/31/201811:00aSesame Street4808TVY
8/31/201811:30aSuper Why!126RumpelstiltskinTVY
8/31/201812:00pGreat Performances4305Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2018TVG
8/31/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1606Tough Boats: The Nile, EgyptTVPG
8/31/20182:00pAncient Invisible Cities101AthensTVPG
8/31/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer303Heritage VillageTVG
8/31/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1220TVG
8/31/20184:00pDW News15175TVG
8/31/20184:30pRough Cut with Fine Woodworking812TVG
8/31/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan812SE MichiganTVG
8/31/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2715
8/31/20186:00pBBC World News America16243
8/31/20186:30pNightly Business Report37175
8/31/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12345
8/31/20188:00pWashington Week5809
8/31/20188:30pOff the Record4809
8/31/20189:00pEva Hesse: American Masters3202Discover the 1960s art world icon who changed art history and women's place in the picture.TVPG
8/31/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS290
8/31/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS135
9/1/201812:00aBBC World News244
9/1/201812:30aNHK Newsline9111
9/1/20181:00aEva Hesse: American Masters3202TVPG
9/1/20183:00aAncient Invisible Cities101AthensTVPG
9/1/20184:00aPOV3110Nowhere to HideTVPG
9/1/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1613TVG