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Michigan's Gray Wolf: Ghost of the Big Timber

Michigan's Gray Wolf DVDFor centuries the gray wolf (Canis lupus) claimed Michigan forests as its home, but by the 1950s wolves had disappeared from the state along with the big timber. Now, like the forests, wolves have returned and their population in the U.P. is estimated 360 animals. Their return is not without controversy. Some see wolf recovery as a great benefit to the ecosystem and others see it as a grave threat to their resources.

This documentary explores differing points of view surrounding the resurgence of this beautiful yet lethal animal, bringing you eye to eye with the gray wolf and face to face with the politics of its recovery in upper Michigan.

Public TV 13 is proud to present this documentary, produced at Northern Michigan University by Professor Dwight Brady and former student Nick Van Court, in association with our station. DVDs and VHS copies of the program are available for a pledge of support.

Dwight Brady and Nick Van Court, Producers
Producers Dwight Brady (left) and Nick Van Court,
at work on "Michigan's Gray Wolf."

DVD includes the original 42-minute program, plus special features: a "making of" interview with the producers; and Isle Royale wolf story; and a slide show of wolf images. Recorded in stereo. © 2004 Northern Michigan University

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