WNMU-TV Channel 13.1 March 2018 Schedule


  Date Start_Time Program Title Program_# Episode Title Description RepeatDay Rating
Thursday 13/1/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partner|Helen Sackerson, Escanaba
3/1/20186:00aWild Kratts133The Gecko EffectTVY
3/1/20186:30aWild Kratts134Little HowlerTVY
3/1/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga306Loosen Your Legs for LotusTVG
3/1/20187:30aBody Electric1723Tallahassee, Fl
3/1/20188:00aNature Cat123The Legend of Gold Gardens/Winter Dance PartyTVY
3/1/20188:30aCurious George605TVY
3/1/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific101Fairy House/Pinkabotta & PeterbottaTVY
3/1/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood107Friends Help Each Other/Daniel Helps O Tell A StoryTVY
3/1/201810:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1510Friendship Is Important - for Caring & FunTVY
3/1/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles126My Son, The Frogfish/A Day for PapaTVY
3/1/201811:00aSesame Street4730Battle of the ChefsTVY
3/1/201811:30aSuper Why!120The Emperor's New ClothesTVY
3/1/201812:00pNOVA4506Prediction by the NumbersTVG
3/1/20181:00pPainting Santa FeTVG
3/1/20182:00pIndependent Lens1910Rat FilmTVPG
3/1/20183:00pRuby’s Studio101The Feelings ShowTVG
3/1/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique809Improve Your Posture & Increase Your EnergyTVG
3/1/20184:00pPublic Eye News1590
3/1/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches103
3/1/20184:30pSeeing Canada104Western Newfoundland & The Northwest TerritoriesTVG
3/1/20185:00pGarden Smart4913TVG
3/1/20185:30pFocus On Europe3608
3/1/20186:00pBBC World News America16060
3/1/20186:30pNightly Business Report37044
3/1/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12174
3/1/20188:00pAsk the CPAs1822(3/2 12p)TVG
3/1/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1809(3/3 5:30p)TVG
3/1/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan507Alpena/Grand Rapids(3/2 5p)TVG
3/1/201810:00pWe’ll Meet Again106Coming OutJoin Ann Curry as those who met during the early days of the gay rights movement reunite.(3/2 2p)TVPG
3/1/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS159
3/1/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days135
3/2/201812:00aBBC World News61
3/2/201812:30aNHK Newsline8239
3/2/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1613TVG
3/2/20182:00aWe’ll Meet Again106Coming OutTVPG
3/2/20183:00aAmerican CreedTVPG
3/2/20184:00aNature3406Snowbound: Animals of WinterTVPG
3/2/20185:00aNOVA4506Prediction by the NumbersTVG
Friday 23/2/2018
3/2/20186:00aWild Kratts135Quillber's Birthday PresentTVY
3/2/20186:30aWild Kratts410Golden Snub Nosed Monkey ManTVY
3/2/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga307Balance with PoiseTVG
3/2/20187:30aBody Electric1724Acapulco, Mexico
3/2/20188:00aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
3/2/20188:30aCurious George606Wind Symphony/George and Allie's Automated Car WashTVY
3/2/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific102Slumber Party/PuptasticTVY
3/2/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood104Daniel Gets Mad/Katerina Gets MadTVY
3/2/201810:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1508Visiting A Restaurant/Anger & ApologiesTVY
3/2/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles127Smell of Fear/A New SpinTVY
3/2/201811:00aSesame Street4726The Camouflage ShowTVY
3/2/201811:30aSuper Why!209Princess Gwennie Saves The DayTVY
3/2/201812:00pAsk the CPAs1822TVG
3/2/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1603Tough Trains: The Transcontinental Railroad, USATVPG
3/2/20182:00pWe’ll Meet Again106Coming OutTVPG
3/2/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer904Castillo De San MarcosTVG
3/2/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique810Strengthen Hips & CoreTVG
3/2/20184:00pDW News15045TVG
3/2/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2312Making Home DoorsTVG
3/2/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan507Alpena/Grand RapidsTVG
3/2/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2652
3/2/20186:00pBBC World News America16061
3/2/20186:30pNightly Business Report37045
3/2/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12175
3/2/20188:00pWashington Week5735(3/4 1:30p)
3/2/20188:30pOff the Record4735(3/4 12:30p)TVG
3/2/20189:00pFrontline3606WeinsteinHow the Hollywood mogul allegedly sexually harassed and abused dozens of women over four decades.
3/2/201810:00pMakers202Women in HollywoodFollow women of showbiz as they influence one of the country’s biggest commodities: entertainment.TV14
3/2/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS160
3/2/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS109
3/3/201812:00aBBC World News62
3/3/201812:30aNHK Newsline8240
3/3/20181:00aWashington Week5735
3/3/20181:30a#MeToo, Now What?105
3/3/20183:00aMakers202Women in Hollywood
3/3/20184:00aWe’ll Meet Again106Coming OutTVPG
3/3/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1613TVG
Saturday 33/3/2018
3/3/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1564Different Feelings About Birthdays/Candle FactoryTVY
3/3/20186:30aDinosaur Train306Best Babysitter Ever/Plant A TreeTVY
3/3/20187:00aBob the Builder1012Starting at the BottomTVY
3/3/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood312Daniel's Goldfish Dies/Daniel's Strawberry SeedsTVY
3/3/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific101Fairy House/Pinkabotta & PeterbottaTVY
3/3/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles126My Son, The Frogfish/A Day for PapaTVY
3/3/20189:00aCurious George604TVY
3/3/20189:30aNature Cat123The Legend of Gold Gardens/Winter Dance PartyTVY
3/3/201810:00aKnitting Daily1408Playtime KnitsTVG
3/3/201810:30aQuilting Arts2101TVG
3/3/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1003Distinctive StyleTVG
3/3/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3311Quiet InletTVG
3/3/201812:00pCook’s Country1013The Italian-American KitchenTVG
3/3/201812:30pGarden Smart4913TVG
3/3/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3510Welsh Stick ChairTVG
3/3/20181:30pThis Old House3713TVG
3/3/20182:00pAsk This Old House1613Rain Chain, Vanity InstallationTVG
3/3/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy412The Murrini Glass MakerTVG
3/3/20183:30pWilderness Journal1903
3/3/20184:00pGreat Getaways906Big Island Canoe WildernessTVG
3/3/20184:30pOutdoor Wisconsin3409TVG
3/3/20185:00pNative Report1013
3/3/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1809TVG
3/3/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend871
3/3/20186:30pMedia Meet1805109th District Update - Sara CambensyInterview with State Representative Sara Cambensy, elected to finish the term of the late John Kivela. Topics include state politics, House rules and practices, current issues and activities. (3/4 2:30p)
3/3/20187:00pUnder the Radar Live 20182018The UTR team share their favorite UTR segments and moments, and talk about life on the road all across Michigan.(3/17 7p)
3/3/20188:00pDoo Wop Generations (My Music)Celebrate the new generation of doo wop performers as the original legends reunite to pass the torch.(3/5 1p)TVG
3/3/201810:30pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville232Tracey LawrenceTVG
3/3/201811:00pAustin City Limits4203Robert Plant & The Sensational Space ShiftersTVPG
3/4/201812:00aWoodsongs1603Rhonda Vincent & The Rage Plus Willow OsborneTVG
3/4/20181:00aNOVA4506Prediction by the NumbersTVG
3/4/20182:00aNature3406Snowbound: Animals of WinterTVPG
3/4/20183:00aIndependent Lens1910Rat FilmTVPG
3/4/20184:00aAmerican CreedTVPG
3/4/20185:00aWashington Week5735
3/4/20185:30a#MeToo, Now What?105
Sunday 43/4/2018
3/4/20186:00aSid the Science Kid210Let There Be LightTVY
3/4/20186:30aDinosaur Train305Tiny's Fishing Friend/ButterfliesTVY
3/4/20187:00aSesame Street4726The Camouflage ShowTVY
3/4/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood302Visiting Grandpere/The Tiger Family Goes Back HomeTVY
3/4/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific102Slumber Party/PuptasticTVY
3/4/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles127Smell of Fear/A New SpinTVY
3/4/20189:00aCurious George606Wind Symphony/George and Allie's Automated Car WashTVY
3/4/20189:30aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
3/4/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1307TVG
3/4/201810:30aGrowing Bolder401TVG
3/4/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein501TVG
3/4/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World519Hyper Local - Heirloom Apples & Craft Beers: New HampshireTVG
3/4/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17061
3/4/201812:30pOff the Record4735TVG
3/4/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2652
3/4/20181:30pWashington Week5735
3/4/20182:00p#MeToo, Now What?105
3/4/20182:30pMedia Meet1805109th District Update - Sara CambensyInterview with State Representative Sara Cambensy, elected to finish the term of the late John Kivela. Topics include state politics, House rules and practices, current issues and activities.
3/4/20183:00pSecond Opinion1203RosaceaTVPG
3/4/20183:30pAlan Jackson Precious MemoriesTVG
3/4/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1628Grammy Award Songs (1974)TVG
3/4/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend872
3/4/20186:30pIreland’s Wild Coast101Part 1Join Emmy-winning cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson on a journey along Ireland’s Atlantic coast.(3/7 1p)TVPG
3/4/20188:00pLittle Women: A Timeless StoryGet a first look at the new Masterpiece series coming in May.(3/5 12p, 3/8 12p)TVG
3/4/20189:00pConcert for GeorgeCelebrate George Harrison’s life in this 2002 concert with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and more.TVG
3/4/201811:30pThe New Environmentalists2016From Peru to TanzaniaInspiring portraits of six passionate and dedicated activists.
3/5/201812:00aBBC Newsnight17061
3/5/201812:30aTales from the Royal BedchamberTVPG
3/5/20181:30aShakespeare's TombTVPG
3/5/20182:30aPOV3003Last Men In AleppoTVPG
3/5/20185:00aWe’ll Meet Again106Coming OutTVPG
Monday 53/5/2018
3/5/20186:00aWild Kratts137Stuck On SharksTVY
3/5/20186:30aWild Kratts411The Other MartinsTVY
3/5/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga308Special: Preventing Back ProblemsTVG
3/5/20187:30aBody Electric1725Tallahassee, Fl
3/5/20188:00aNature Cat124Ice Is Nice/Bird's Eye ViewTVY
3/5/20188:30aCurious George607Feeling Antsy/Maple Monkey MadnessTVY
3/5/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
3/5/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood136Daniel Gets Frustrated/Frustration at SchoolTVY
3/5/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood137Daniel Gets A Cold/Mom Tiger Is SickTVY
3/5/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles128Clubhouse Clash/Raise The ReefTVY
3/5/201811:00aSesame Street4722Rocking RollieTVY
3/5/201811:30aSuper Why!210The Great Robot RaceTVY
3/5/201812:00pLittle Women: A Timeless Story(3/8 12p)TVG
3/5/20181:00pDoo Wop Generations (My Music)TVG
3/5/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique811Unlock Your Spince & Improve Your PostureTVG
3/5/20184:00pDW News15046TVG
3/5/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1315Releasing Muscle TightnessTVG
3/5/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1701Food from the FarmTVG
3/5/20186:00pBBC World News America16062
3/5/20186:30pNightly Business Report37046
3/5/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12176
3/5/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2001Spokane (1)(3/6 12p)TVG
3/5/20189:00pThe Bee Gees One for All Tour - Live in Australia 1989Enjoy the tight harmonies of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb as they perform their greatest hits.(3/6 1p)TVG
3/5/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS161
3/5/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days136
3/6/201812:00aBBC World News65
3/6/201812:30aNHK Newsline8241
3/6/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2001Spokane (1)TVG
3/6/20182:00aFrontline3417Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
3/6/20183:30aPBS Previews: The Best of PBS Indies201TVPG
3/6/20184:00aShakespeare's TombTVPG
3/6/20185:00aTales from the Royal BedchamberTVPG
Tuesday 63/6/2018
3/6/20186:00aWild Kratts138Birds of a FeatherTVY
3/6/20186:30aWild Kratts501Mystery of the North Pole Penguins?TVY
3/6/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga309Cat StretchingTVG
3/6/20187:30aBody Electric1726Tallahassee, Fl
3/6/20188:00aNature Cat125Stop That Squirrel/Onward and PondwardTVY
3/6/20188:30aCurious George608Dj George/Curious George Paints The DesertTVY
3/6/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
3/6/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood138Daniel Is Jealous/Jealousy at the TreehouseTVY
3/6/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood140Someone Else's Feelings/Empathy at SchoolTVY
3/6/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles129Stormy Waters/Scoot On Over!TVY
3/6/201811:00aSesame Street4717Bike Shop with a BeatTVY
3/6/201811:30aSuper Why!121The Twelve Dancing PrincessesTVY
3/6/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2001Spokane (1)TVG
3/6/20181:00pThe Bee Gees One for All Tour - Live in Australia 1989TVG
3/6/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford401TVG
3/6/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique812Improve Your BalanceTVG
3/6/20184:00pDW News15047TVG
3/6/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television105Mexico Every Single DayTVG
3/6/20185:00pWider World1819TVG
3/6/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg306Global Unrest Impacting TravelTVG
3/6/20186:00pBBC World News America16063
3/6/20186:30pNightly Business Report37047
3/6/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12177
3/6/20188:00pMister Rogers: It’s You I LikeCelebrate "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood," the pioneering children's series that premiered nationally 50 years ago.(3/11 3:30p)TVG
3/6/20189:30p3 Steps to Incredible Health! with Joel Fuhrman, M.D.Dr. Joel Fuhrman addresses the crisis of obesity and chronic disease plaguing America.(3/8 1p)
3/6/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS162
3/6/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days137
3/7/201812:00aBBC World News66
3/7/201812:30aNHK Newsline8242
3/7/20181:00aIn Their Own Words101Queen Elizabeth IITVPG
3/7/20182:00aIn Their Own Words102Muhammad AliTVPG
3/7/20183:00aIn Their Own Words103Jim HensonTVPG
3/7/20184:00aIndependent Lens1610Little White LieTVPG
3/7/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2001Spokane (1)TVG
Wednesday 73/7/2018
3/7/20186:00aWild Kratts139Googly-Eye: The Night GuruTVY
3/7/20186:30aWild Kratts412Eel-Lectric!TVY
3/7/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga310Juice Up Your InnardsTVG
3/7/20187:30aBody Electric1901TVG
3/7/20188:00aNature Cat126Appily Ever After/Sound OffTVY
3/7/20188:30aCurious George609Junky Monkey/Jumpy Warms UpTVY
3/7/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific103Invisible Band/Best Pink PresentTVY
3/7/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood201The Tiger Family Grows/daniel Learns About Being A Big BrotherTVY
3/7/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood202The Baby Is HereTVY
3/7/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles130Puffy/The Big ShakeTVY
3/7/201811:00aSesame Street4707Dress UpTVY
3/7/201811:30aSuper Why!122The Three Billy Goats GruffTVY
3/7/201812:00pNature3406Snowbound: Animals of WinterTVPG
3/7/20181:00pIreland’s Wild Coast101Part 1TVPG
3/7/20182:30pThe New Environmentalists2016From Peru to TanzaniaTVG
3/7/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2404Yellowstone Falls, Part 4TVG
3/7/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique813Strengthen Feet & FingersTVG
3/7/20184:00pDW News15048TVG
3/7/20184:30pDestination Michigan605Charlevoix, Flint, Rochester, Traverse City & Big RapidsTVG
3/7/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1805TVG
3/7/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table604The Mezcal TrailTVG
3/7/20186:00pBBC World News America16064
3/7/20186:30pNightly Business Report37048
3/7/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12178
3/7/20188:00pNature3504H Is for Hawk: A New ChapterJoin author Helen Macdonald as she returns to training a goshawk, a decade after her first one.(3/14 12p)TVPG
3/7/20189:30pAn Evening with Lucia MicarelliBe dazzled by the violin virtuoso in a concert ranging from classical to jazz to fiddle music.TVG
3/7/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS163
3/7/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days138
3/8/201812:00aBBC World News67
3/8/201812:30aNHK Newsline8243
3/8/20181:00aNature3316Jungle Animal HospitalTVPG
3/8/20182:00aNOVA3815Iceman Murder MysteryTVPG
3/8/20183:00aPlants Behaving Badly101Murder & MayhemTVPG
3/8/20184:00aIn Their Own Words101Queen Elizabeth IITVPG
3/8/20185:00aIn Their Own Words102Muhammad AliTVPG
Thursday 83/8/2018
3/8/20186:00aWild Kratts201Bad Hair DayTVY
3/8/20186:30aWild Kratts413The Mystery of the Two Horned NarwhalTVY
3/8/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga311Shoulder StuffTVG
3/8/20187:30aBody Electric1902TVG
3/8/20188:00aNature Cat129The Shell Game/Heron Food BluesTVY
3/8/20188:30aCurious George610No Knowing Gnocchi/Here Comes The TideTVY
3/8/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific104Dancing Shoe/ No HonkingTVY
3/8/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood203Time for Daniel/There's Time for Daniel and Baby TooTVY
3/8/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood204Playtime Is Different/the Playground Is Different With BabyTVY
3/8/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles114One Big Ocean: Parts 1 and 2TVY
3/8/201811:00aSesame Street4722Rocking RollieTVY
3/8/201811:30aSuper Why!123ThumbelinaTVY
3/8/201812:00pLittle Women: A Timeless StoryTVG
3/8/20181:00p3 Steps to Incredible Health! with Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
3/8/20182:30pDrugged Driving(3/11 11p, 3/15 2:30p)TVPG
3/8/20183:00pRuby’s Studio102The Friendship ShowTVG
3/8/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique814Unlock Your HipsTVG
3/8/20184:00pDW News15049TVG
3/8/20184:30pSeeing Canada105Nunavut & YukonTVG
3/8/20185:00pGarden Smart5001TVG
3/8/20185:30pFocus On Europe3609
3/8/20186:00pBBC World News America16065
3/8/20186:30pNightly Business Report37049
3/8/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12179
3/8/20188:00pStealing Your Life with Frank AbagnaleFormer con man Frank Abagnale shares tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft.(3/9 12p)TVG
3/8/20189:00p[21:05] Michigan Out of Doors1810
3/8/20189:30pThe Highwaymen Live at Nassau ColiseumJoin Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson for this 1990 concert.TVG
3/8/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS164
3/8/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days139
3/9/201812:00aBBC World News68
3/9/201812:30aNHK Newsline8244
3/9/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1614TVG
3/9/20182:00aIn Their Own Words101Queen Elizabeth IITVPG
3/9/20183:00aIn Their Own Words102Muhammad AliTVPG
3/9/20184:00aNature3316Jungle Animal HospitalTVPG
3/9/20185:00aNOVA3815Iceman Murder MysteryTVPG
Friday 93/9/2018
3/9/20186:00aWild Kratts414Sea Otter SwimTVY
3/9/20186:30aWild Kratts140Raptor RoundupTVY
3/9/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga312Legs, Legs, LegsTVG
3/9/20187:30aBody Electric1903TVG
3/9/20188:00aNature Cat130Mighty Mountain Climbers/Bug Eating Plants!TVY
3/9/20188:30aCurious George701Monkey Down Under/Bright Lights, Little MonkeyTVY
3/9/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105Sand Palace/Zoo DayTVY
3/9/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood205Daniel Fixes Trolley/Problem Solver DanielTVY
3/9/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood206Daniel's Friends Say No/Prince Wednesday Doesn't Want to PlayTVY
3/9/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles115One Big Ocean: Parts 3 and 4TVY
3/9/201811:00aSesame Street4721Sheep in a Jet PackTVY
3/9/201811:30aSuper Why!124Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The MysteryTVY
3/9/201812:00pStealing Your Life with Frank AbagnaleTVG
3/9/20181:00p[13:05] Globe Trekker1608NigeriaTVPG
3/9/20182:00pSurvival Guide for Pain-Free Living with Peggy CappyLearn how easy-to-do stretches and other yoga moves can help relieve pain.TVG
3/9/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer905Hackberry On Rt. 66TVG
3/9/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique815Increase Your EnergyTVG
3/9/20184:00pDW News15050TVG
3/9/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2313Recycled Medicine CabinetsTVG
3/9/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan601UP AdventureTVG
3/9/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2601
3/9/20186:00pBBC World News America16066
3/9/20186:30pNightly Business Report37050
3/9/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12180
3/9/20188:00pWashington Week5736(3/11 1:30p)
3/9/20188:30pOff the Record4736(3/11 12:30p)TVG
3/9/20189:00pCeltic Thunder XEnjoy a brand new show that celebrates ten years of Celtic Thunder with 27 new songs(3/12 9p)TVG
3/9/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS165
3/9/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS110
3/10/201812:00aBBC World News69
3/10/201812:30aNHK Newsline8245
3/10/20181:00aWashington Week5736
3/10/20181:30a#MeToo, Now What?101
3/10/20182:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century801ChicagoTVPG
3/10/20183:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century802Mexico CityTVPG
3/10/20184:00aPlants Behaving Badly101Murder & MayhemTVPG
3/10/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1614TVG
Saturday 103/10/2018
3/10/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1565Neighborhood Opera: Star for KittyTVY
3/10/20186:30aDinosaur Train310Classic in the Jurassic - Air, Water and Land/Desert Day and NightTVY
3/10/20187:00aBob the Builder1013SpacedTVY
3/10/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood201The Tiger Family Grows/daniel Learns About Being A Big BrotherTVY
3/10/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific104Dancing Shoe/ No HonkingTVY
3/10/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles114One Big Ocean: Parts 1 and 2TVY
3/10/20189:00aCurious George609Junky Monkey/Jumpy Warms UpTVY
3/10/20189:30aNature Cat129The Shell Game/Heron Food BluesTVY
3/10/201810:00aKnitting Daily1409Crochet HomeTVG
3/10/201810:30aQuilting Arts2102For The Love of StitchTVG
3/10/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1004Costume FunTVG
3/10/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3312Winter OvalTVG
3/10/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen501TVG
3/10/201812:30pGarden Smart5001TVG
3/10/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3511Welsh Stick Chair IITVG
3/10/20181:30pThis Old House3714TVG
3/10/20182:00pAsk This Old House1614Lawn Care, Workshop of the FutureTVG
3/10/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy413The Tool Chest MakersTVG
3/10/20183:30pWilderness Journal1904
3/10/20184:00pGreat Getaways1204TVG
3/10/20184:30pOutdoor Wisconsin3410TVG
3/10/20185:00pNative Report1014
3/10/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1810TVG
3/10/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend873
3/10/20186:30pMedia Meet1803Chronic Fatigue SyndromeDiscussion of a baffling and often misrepresented condition affecting up to 2.5 million Americans. Topics include the signs and symptoms, possible causes, research history and contemporary efforts to control it. (this episode was postponed from February)(3/11 2:30p)
3/10/20187:00pJimmy Buffett: Buried TreasureEnjoy the music of Jimmy’s “pre-beach” years and hear revealing stories about his beginnings.(3/16 2p)TVG
3/10/20188:00pThe British Beat (My Music)Travel around the UK to the places where the British Beat was born. Petula Clark hosts.(3/13 1p)
3/10/201810:00pJoe Bonamassa - British Blues Explosion LiveJoe Bonamassa performs an homage to the British blues rock guitarists that inspired him – Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.
3/10/201811:30pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville233Sam MooreTVG
3/11/201812:00aWoodsongs1604Celebration of the Music of Jean RitchieTVG
3/11/20181:00aNOVA3815Iceman Murder MysteryTVPG
3/11/20182:00aDaylight Saving Time - Spring Forward (1 hour gap)
3/11/20183:00aNature3316Jungle Animal HospitalTVPG
3/11/20184:00aIndependent Lens1610Little White LieTVPG
3/11/20185:00aWashington Week5736
3/11/20185:30a#MeToo, Now What?101
Sunday 113/11/2018
3/11/20186:00aSid the Science Kid211Discovering DarknessTVY
3/11/20186:30aDinosaur Train311Classic in the Jurassic: Ultimate Face-off/Back in TimeTVY
3/11/20187:00aSesame Street4722Rocking RollieTVY
3/11/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood202The Baby Is HereTVY
3/11/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105Sand Palace/Zoo DayTVY
3/11/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles115One Big Ocean: Parts 3 and 4TVY
3/11/20189:00aCurious George701Monkey Down Under/Bright Lights, Little MonkeyTVY
3/11/20189:30aNature Cat130Mighty Mountain Climbers/Bug Eating Plants!TVY
3/11/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1308TVG
3/11/201810:30aGrowing Bolder402The Unexpected Path to a Happy, Bold LifeTVG
3/11/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein502New Treatments for Youth Anxiety (Part 1)TVG
3/11/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World520Winter Greenhouse School: Manhattan, NyTVG
3/11/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17068
3/11/201812:30pOff the Record4736TVG
3/11/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2601
3/11/20181:30pWashington Week5736
3/11/20182:00p#MeToo, Now What?101
3/11/20182:30pMedia Meet1803Chronic Fatigue SyndromeDiscussion of a baffling and often misrepresented condition affecting up to 2.5 million Americans. Topics include the signs and symptoms, possible causes, research history and contemporary efforts to control it. (this episode was postponed from February)
3/11/20183:00pSecond Opinion1204PsychosisTVPG
3/11/20183:30pMister Rogers: It’s You I LikeTVG
3/11/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1629Keep A Song In Your Heart (1968)TVG
3/11/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend874
3/11/20186:30pIreland’s Wild Coast102Part 2Join Emmy-winning cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson on a journey along Ireland’s Atlantic coast.(3/14 1:30p)
3/11/20188:00pStories from the Vietnam WarExperience war stories collected by PBS stations across the country inspired by Ken Burns' The Vietnam War series.(3/12 12p)TVPG
3/11/20189:00pAnne of Green Gables (2016)Enjoy this recent adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic novel about the orphaned Anne. Features Martin Sheen.(3/12 1p)TVG
3/11/201811:00pDrugged DrivingExplores how medications can impair vision and balance, cause drowsiness or even render a driver unconscious.(3/15 2:30p)TVPG
3/11/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17068
3/12/201812:00aThe Widower101Part 1TVPG
3/12/20181:00aThe Widower102Part 2TVPG
3/12/20182:00aThe Widower103Part 3TVPG
3/12/20183:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century801ChicagoTVPG
3/12/20184:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century802Mexico CityTVPG
3/12/20185:00aPlants Behaving Badly101Murder & MayhemTVPG
Monday 123/12/2018
3/12/20186:00aWild Kratts415Red Panda RescueTVY
3/12/20186:30aWild Kratts202Race for the Hippo DiscTVY
3/12/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga313Close Your NoseTVG
3/12/20187:30aBody Electric1904TVG
3/12/20188:00aNature Cat131The Queen of the Night/Space RocksTVY
3/12/20188:30aCurious George702We Otter Be Friends/Sir George and the DragonTVY
3/12/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific109Snow Fairy/to Catch A LeafTVY
3/12/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood207Miss Elaina Gets Hurt/Daniel Feels BetterTVY
3/12/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood209Daniel Can't Ride Trolley/Daniel Can't Get What He WantsTVY
3/12/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles101Lu The Explorer/I've Got Rhythm?TVY
3/12/201811:00aSesame Street4728Bert and Ernie Make A MovieTVY
3/12/201811:30aSuper Why!125Beauty and the BeastTVY
3/12/201812:00pStories from the Vietnam WarTVPG
3/12/20181:00pAnne of Green Gables (2016)TVG
3/12/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3312Winter OvalTVG
3/12/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique816Tone Your Entire BodyTVG
3/12/20184:00pPublic Eye News1591
3/12/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches106
3/12/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1316Myofacial Relief & GaitTVG
3/12/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1702Lessons from the PastTVG
3/12/20186:00pBBC World News America16067
3/12/20186:30pNightly Business Report37051
3/12/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12181
3/12/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2002Spokane (2)(3/13 12p)TVG
3/12/20189:00pCeltic Thunder XEnjoy a brand new show that celebrates ten years of Celtic Thunder with 27 new songsTVG
3/12/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS166
3/12/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days140
3/13/201812:00aBBC World News72
3/13/201812:30aNHK Newsline8246
3/13/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2002Spokane (2)TVG
3/13/20182:00aThe Widower101Part 1TVPG
3/13/20183:00aThe Widower102Part 2TVPG
3/13/20184:00aThe Widower103Part 3TVPG
3/13/20185:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century801ChicagoTVPG
Tuesday 133/13/2018
3/13/20186:00aWild Kratts416Spirit BearTVY
3/13/20186:30aWild Kratts203Creature Power ChallengeTVY
3/13/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga314Tight Shoulders, Tight NeckTVG
3/13/20187:30aBody Electric1905TVG
3/13/20188:00aNature Cat132Croak and Swagger/Puddle Pool PartyTVY
3/13/20188:30aCurious George703Hundley Jr./Curious George Gets WindedTVY
3/13/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106Plantastically Pink/Painting PixieTVY
3/13/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood211Daniel Makes A Mistake/Baking MistakesTVY
3/13/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood212Daniel Thinks of Others/Daniel Thinks of What Margaret NeedsTVY
3/13/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles102I Only Have Eyespots for You/Double BubblesTVY
3/13/201811:00aSesame Street4705TVY
3/13/201811:30aSuper Why!126RumpelstiltskinTVY
3/13/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2002Spokane (2)TVG
3/13/20181:00pThe British Beat (My Music)
3/13/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford402Warm Winter Birches Part 2TVG
3/13/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique817Strengthen & Shape Your LegsTVG
3/13/20184:00pPublic Eye News1592
3/13/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches107
3/13/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television106Milk Street SuppersTVG
3/13/20185:00pWider World1820TVG
3/13/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg401Hidden Gems of SydneyTVG
3/13/20186:00pBBC World News America16068
3/13/20186:30pNightly Business Report37052
3/13/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12182
3/13/20188:00pBrain Secrets with Dr. Michael MerzenichJoin host Maria Shriver to explore how to improve and maintain cognitive fitness and deal with aging.(3/15 1p)TVG
3/13/20189:30pGreat Performances3813Pavarotti: A Voice for the AgesCelebrate the sound of the tenor who extended his presence far beyond Italian opera.(3/18 7p)TVG
3/13/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS167
3/13/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days141
3/14/201812:00aBBC World News73
3/14/201812:30aNHK Newsline8247
3/14/20181:00aDead Reckoning: War & Justice101The General's GhostTVPG
3/14/20182:00aDead Reckoning: War & Justice102The Blind EyeTV14
3/14/20183:00aDead Reckoning: War & Justice103In Our TimeTV14
3/14/20184:00aIndependent Lens1615Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb Vs. GravityTVPG
3/14/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2002Spokane (2)TVG
Wednesday 143/14/2018
3/14/20186:00aWild Kratts417The Colors of ChinaTVY
3/14/20186:30aWild Kratts204Termites Vs. TonguesTVY
3/14/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga315No More HeadachesTVG
3/14/20187:30aBody Electric1906TVG
3/14/20188:00aNature Cat133The Glow Games/Have A Grape DayTVY
3/14/20188:30aCurious George704Where's The Firedog?/Toot Toot Tootsie GoodbyeTVY
3/14/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
3/14/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood213No Red Sweater for Daniel/Teacher Harriet's New HairdoTVY
3/14/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood210A Storm in the Neighborhood/After The Neighborhood StormTVY
3/14/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles103Cleaner of the Kelp/How Bubbles Got Her Moves BackTVY
3/14/201811:00aSesame Street4728Bert and Ernie Make A MovieTVY
3/14/201811:30aSuper Why!211The Adventures of Math-A-MillionTVY
3/14/201812:00pNature3504H Is for Hawk: A New ChapterTVPG
3/14/20181:30pIreland’s Wild Coast102Part 2
3/14/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2405Yellowstone Falls, Part 5TVG
3/14/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique818Burn Calories & Lose WeightTVG
3/14/20184:00pPublic Eye News1593
3/14/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches108
3/14/20184:30pDestination Michigan606Traverse City, Gaylord, Suttons Bay, Bay City & MidlandTVG
3/14/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1806TVG
3/14/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table605From Pueblo to CityTVG
3/14/20186:00pBBC World News America16069
3/14/20186:30pNightly Business Report37053
3/14/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12183
3/14/20188:00pNature3501Naledi: One Little ElephantMeet Naledi, a baby elephant orphan who finds her place in the herd with the help of her human caretakers.(3/21 12p)TVPG
3/14/20189:30pMemory Rescue with Daniel Amen, M.D.Learn how to supercharge your memory and remember what matters most to you.TVG
3/14/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS168
3/14/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days142
3/15/201812:00aBBC World News74
3/15/201812:30aNHK Newsline8248
3/15/20181:00aNature3402My CongoTVPG
3/15/20182:00aNOVA3907Secrets of the SunTVG
3/15/20183:00aDead Reckoning: War & Justice101The General's GhostTVPG
3/15/20184:00aDead Reckoning: War & Justice102The Blind EyeTV14
3/15/20185:00aPlants Behaving Badly102Sex & LiesTVPG
Thursday 153/15/2018
3/15/20186:00aWild Kratts418Box Turtled In!TVY
3/15/20186:30aWild Kratts207Bugs Or Monkeys?'TVY
3/15/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga316The Importance of BreathTVG
3/15/20187:30aBody Electric1907TVG
3/15/20188:00aNature Cat134Flight of the Firefly/ThunderstruckTVY
3/15/20188:30aCurious George705Honey of a Monkey/Curious George's Egg HuntTVY
3/15/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
3/15/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood215Daniel Takes Care of Snowball/Margaret's BathtimeTVY
3/15/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood216Daniel Explores Nature/Daniel's Nature WalkTVY
3/15/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles122Partner Pals/Ultimate Hide and SeekTVY
3/15/201811:00aSesame Street4709Norberts BirthdayTVY
3/15/201811:30aSuper Why!127Tiddalick The FrogTVY
3/15/201812:00pNOVA3907Secrets of the SunTVG
3/15/20181:00pBrain Secrets with Dr. Michael MerzenichTVG
3/15/20182:30pDrugged DrivingTVPG
3/15/20183:00pRuby’s Studio103The Safety ShowTVG
3/15/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique819Tone Your Abs & Strengthen Your LegsTVG
3/15/20184:00pPublic Eye News1594
3/15/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches109
3/15/20184:30pSeeing Canada106Pei, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & QuebecTVG
3/15/20185:00pGarden Smart5002TVG
3/15/20185:30pFocus On Europe3610
3/15/20186:00pBBC World News America16070
3/15/20186:30pNightly Business Report37054
3/15/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12184
3/15/20188:00pNational Park Symphony - The Mighty FiveCelebrate the stunning visual landscapes of Utah’s national parks with music from the Utah Symphony.(3/16 12p)TVG
3/15/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1811(3/17 5:30p)TVG
3/15/20189:30pQueen Rock the WorldRock on as the British band plays their greatest hits in a never-before-seen film of their 1977 tour.TVG
3/15/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS169
3/15/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days143
3/16/201812:00aBBC World News75
3/16/201812:30aNHK Newsline8249
3/16/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1615TVG
3/16/20182:00aRoyal Wives at WarTVPG
3/16/20183:00aPlants Behaving Badly102Sex & LiesTVPG
3/16/20184:00aNature3402My CongoTVPG
3/16/20185:00aNOVA3907Secrets of the SunTVG
Friday 163/16/2018
3/16/20186:00aWild Kratts419Back In Creature Time - Part 1TVY
3/16/20186:30aWild Kratts208Secrets of the Spider's WebTVY
3/16/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga306Loosen Your Legs for LotusTVG
3/16/20187:30aBody Electric1908TVG
3/16/20188:00aNature Cat136Flamingo-A-Go-Go/What A Tangled WebTVY
3/16/20188:30aCurious George706George and Allie's Lawn Service/Curious George's Scavenger HuntTVY
3/16/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific109Snow Fairy/to Catch A LeafTVY
3/16/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood217So Many Feelings/Daniel's Many FeelingsTVY
3/16/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood218Daniel Feels Two Feelings/The Neighborhood CarnivalTVY
3/16/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles124Bubbles' Little Friend/Mrs. TidyTVY
3/16/201811:00aSesame Street4704TVY
3/16/201811:30aSuper Why!128Sleeping BeautyTVY
3/16/201812:00pNational Park Symphony - The Mighty FiveTVG
3/16/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1609Top 10 South American AdventuresTVPG
3/16/20182:00pJimmy Buffett: Buried TreasureTVG
3/16/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer906The Fly Fisherman, Part 1TVG
3/16/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique820Full Body Posture WorkoutTVG
3/16/20184:00pPublic Eye News1595
3/16/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches110
3/16/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2501The Harvest TableTVG
3/16/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan606Middle of the MittenTVG
3/16/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2522
3/16/20186:00pBBC World News America16071
3/16/20186:30pNightly Business Report37055
3/16/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12185
3/16/20188:00pWashington Week5737(3/18 1:30p)
3/16/20188:30pOff the Record4737(3/18 12:30p & 6:30p)TVG
3/16/20189:00pCeltic Woman – Homecoming: IrelandCelebrate the timeless emotion of Ireland’s centuries-old heritage in this live concert filmed in Dublin.TVG
3/16/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS170
3/16/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS111
3/17/201812:00aBBC World News76
3/17/201812:30aNHK Newsline8250
3/17/20181:00aWashington Week5737
3/17/20181:30a#MeToo, Now What?102
3/17/20182:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century803Los AngelesTVPG
3/17/20183:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century804VancouverTVPG
3/17/20184:00aIndependent Lens1615Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb Vs. GravityTVPG
3/17/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1615TVG
Saturday 173/17/2018
3/17/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1574Mister Rogers Talks About DanceTVY
3/17/20186:30aDinosaur Train313Zeppelin: Pangaea/Zeppelin: CraterTVY
3/17/20187:00aBob the Builder901Let's Go!TVY
3/17/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood213No Red Sweater for Daniel/Teacher Harriet's New HairdoTVY
3/17/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
3/17/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles122Partner Pals/Ultimate Hide and SeekTVY
3/17/20189:00aCurious George704Where's The Firedog?/Toot Toot Tootsie GoodbyeTVY
3/17/20189:30aNature Cat134Flight of the Firefly/ThunderstruckTVY
3/17/201810:00aKnitting Daily1410Made In North AmericaTVG
3/17/201810:30aQuilting Arts2103Imaginative DesignTVG
3/17/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1005Wedding BellsTVG
3/17/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3313Mountain by the SeaTVG
3/17/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen502Fish FiestaTVG
3/17/201812:30pGarden Smart5002TVG
3/17/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3512Tool Smithing with Peter RossTVG
3/17/20181:30pThis Old House3715TVG
3/17/20182:00pAsk This Old House1615Spitting Faucet, Painting 101TVG
3/17/20183:00pThe Aviators701TVG
3/17/20183:30pWilderness Journal1905
3/17/20184:00pGreat Getaways1102The Great Lakes Bay Waterway
3/17/20184:30pOutdoor Wisconsin3411TVG
3/17/20185:00pNative Report1015
3/17/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1811TVG
3/17/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend875
3/17/20186:30pMedia Meet1709Grief Support for ChildrenA look at how children grieve the loss of a friend or loved one and constructive efforts to help them through it. Guests: Upper Peninsula Children's Bereavement Network Board Member Jean Hetrick, Camp Star Assistant Director Martha Process, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gregory Jones, and Marquette Area Public Schools Counselor Patti Kawarski. (Repeat from May)(3/18 2:30p)
3/17/20187:00pUnder the Radar Live 20182018The UTR team share their favorite UTR segments and moments, and talk about life on the road all across Michigan.
3/17/20188:00pHigh School Bowl4031-32Ironwood vs Cedarville; Kingsford vs Iron Mountain(3/19 12p)
3/17/20189:30pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville234Wilson FairchildTVG
3/17/201810:00pThe Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers at the Fonda TheatreCelebrate the legendary band with the only live performance of their entire Sticky Fingers album.(3/20 1p)TVG
3/18/201812:00aWoodsongs1605Ellis Paul and Socks in the Frying PanTVG
3/18/20181:00aNOVA3907Secrets of the SunTVG
3/18/20182:00aNature3402My CongoTVPG
3/18/20183:00aIndependent Lens1615Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb Vs. GravityTVPG
3/18/20184:00aPlants Behaving Badly102Sex & LiesTVPG
3/18/20185:00aWashington Week5737
3/18/20185:30a#MeToo, Now What?102
Sunday 183/18/2018
3/18/20186:00aSid the Science Kid212Shadow Smile!TVY
3/18/20186:30aDinosaur Train405Nest Swap/The Herd Is The WordTVY
3/18/20187:00aSesame Street4728Bert and Ernie Make A MovieTVY
3/18/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood217So Many Feelings/Daniel's Many FeelingsTVY
3/18/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific109Snow Fairy/to Catch A LeafTVY
3/18/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles124Bubbles' Little Friend/Mrs. TidyTVY
3/18/20189:00aCurious George706George and Allie's Lawn Service/Curious George's Scavenger HuntTVY
3/18/20189:30aNature Cat136Flamingo-A-Go-Go/What A Tangled WebTVY
3/18/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1309TVG
3/18/201810:30aGrowing Bolder403On The Edge and in the MomentTVG
3/18/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein503New Treatments for Youth Anxiety (Part 2)TVG
3/18/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World521The Seed Farmer; Dr. John Navazio-The Organic Seed Alliance: Port Townsend, WATVG
3/18/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17075
3/18/201812:30pOff the Record4737(3/18 6:30p)TVG
3/18/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2522
3/18/20181:30pWashington Week5737
3/18/20182:00p#MeToo, Now What?102
3/18/20182:30pMedia Meet1709Grief Support for ChildrenA look at how children grieve the loss of a friend or loved one and constructive efforts to help them through it. Guests: Upper Peninsula Children's Bereavement Network Board Member Jean Hetrick, Camp Star Assistant Director Martha Process, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gregory Jones, and Marquette Area Public Schools Counselor Patti Kawarski. (Repeat from May)
3/18/20183:00pSecond Opinion1205ADHD In AdultsTVPG
3/18/20183:30pRick Steves Special107European EasterRick Steves takes you on a spring journey through Spain, Slovenia, Italy, and Greece celebrating Easter in a variety of cultures.TVG
3/18/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1630Irish Show (1979)TVG
3/18/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend876
3/18/20186:30pOff the Record4737TVG
3/18/20187:00pGreat Performances3813Pavarotti: A Voice for the AgesCelebrate the sound of Pavarotti, the tenor who extended his presence far beyond Italian opera.TVG
3/18/20188:30pInside Grand HotelExplore Grand Hotel’s iconic spaces to learn what has made this unique Mackinac Island destination an icon of success for more than 125 years.(3/19 1:30p)TVG
3/18/201810:00pSgt. Pepper’s Musical RevolutionCelebrate the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking Beatles album.TVG
3/18/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17075
3/19/201812:00aThe Queen's GardenExplore the history and natural history of Buckingham Palace Garden, a royal treasure in the heart of London.TVPG
3/19/20181:00aRoyal Wives at WarTVPG
3/19/20182:00aSecrets of Highclere CastleTVPG
3/19/20183:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century803Los AngelesTVPG
3/19/20184:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century804VancouverTVPG
3/19/20185:00aPlants Behaving Badly102Sex & LiesTVPG
Monday 193/19/2018
3/19/20186:00aWild Kratts420Archerfish SchoolTVY
3/19/20186:30aWild Kratts206Neck and NeckTVY
3/19/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga318Steady Now!TVG
3/19/20187:30aBody Electric1909TVG
3/19/20188:00aNature Cat137The Shellersons/Only The Shadow KnowsTVY
3/19/20188:30aCurious George801Toy Monkey/George and Allie's Game PlanTVY
3/19/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
3/19/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood219Sharing at the Library/Daniel Shares with MargaretTVY
3/19/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood220Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday/Daniel's Happy SongTVY
3/19/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles104Dunk The Artist/Ripple's Sea DragonsTVY
3/19/201811:00aSesame Street4729Big Birds Big MoveTVY
3/19/201811:30aSuper Why!130The Goose and the Golden EggsTVY
3/19/201812:00pHigh School Bowl4031-32Ironwood vs Cedarville; Kingsford vs Iron Mountain
3/19/20181:30pInside Grand HotelTVG
3/19/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3313Mountain by the SeaTVG
3/19/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique821Strength and Flexibility to Your CoreTVG
3/19/20184:00pPublic Eye News1596
3/19/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches111
3/19/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1317Keep The Fun In Functional FitnessTVG
3/19/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1703Why Buy?TVG
3/19/20186:00pBBC World News America16072
3/19/20186:30pNightly Business Report37056
3/19/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12186
3/19/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2003Spokane (3)(3/20 12p, 3/24 7p)TVG
3/19/20189:00pJackie Robinson101Part 1Two-part Ken Burns biography examines the life and times of Jackie Robinson, who crossed baseball’s color line in 1947. In part 1, Robinson integrates Major League Baseball, performing brilliantly despite threats and abuse.(3/21 1:30p)TVPG
3/19/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS171
3/19/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days144
3/20/201812:00aBBC World News79
3/20/201812:30aNHK Newsline8251
3/20/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2003Spokane (3)TVG
3/20/20182:00aJackie Robinson101Part 1TVPG
3/20/20184:00aThe Queen's GardenTVPG
3/20/20185:00aRoyal Wives at WarTVPG
Tuesday 203/20/2018
3/20/20186:00aWild Kratts421This Orca Likes SharksTVY
3/20/20186:30aWild Kratts422Baby Tooth & Kid MuskyTVY
3/20/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga319Variations on the ClassicsTVG
3/20/20187:30aBody Electric1910TVG
3/20/20188:00aNature Cat138Return to Mighty Mountain/Welcome to the Vernal PondTVY
3/20/20188:30aCurious George Swings into Spring(3/23 8:30a, 3/25 9a)TVY
3/20/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood222The Lemonade Stand/Mad at the BeachTVY
3/20/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood223Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm/Fireflies and FireworksTVY
3/20/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles125The Lure of the Rocks/What's The Story, Maury?TVY
3/20/201811:00aSesame Street4702TVY
3/20/201811:30aSuper Why!212Monty's Adventures In Music TownTVY
3/20/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2003Spokane (3)(3/24 7p)TVG
3/20/20181:00pThe Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers at the Fonda TheatreTVG
3/20/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford403Approaching StormTVG
3/20/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique822Full Bar Workout to Loosen Your HipsTVG
3/20/20184:00pPublic Eye News1597
3/20/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches112
3/20/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television107Milk Street ItalianTVG
3/20/20185:00pWider World1821TVG
3/20/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg402Hidden Gems of OahuTVG
3/20/20186:00pBBC World News America16073
3/20/20186:30pNightly Business Report37057
3/20/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12187
3/20/20188:00pAl Capone: IconFind out why Americans are fascinated by celebrity gangster Al Capone. TVPG
3/20/20189:00pJackie Robinson102Part 2Robinson uses his fame to speak out against injustice, risking his enormous popularity.(3/22 1p)TVPG
3/20/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS172
3/20/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days145
3/21/201812:00aBBC World News80
3/21/201812:30aNHK Newsline8252
3/21/20181:00aAl Capone: IconTVPG
3/21/20182:00aJackie Robinson102Part 2TVPG
3/21/20184:00aJackie Robinson101Part 1TVPG
Wednesday 213/21/2018
3/21/20186:00aWild Kratts209Shadow: The Black JaguarTVY
3/21/20186:30aWild Kratts423Cheetah AdoptedTVY
3/21/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga320Cooling BreathTVG
3/21/20187:30aBody Electric1911TVG
3/21/20188:00aNature Cat127Spring Hunter 3000/The Case of the Missing MoonTVY
3/21/20188:30aCurious George802Monkey Hoedown/Curious George Clowns AroundTVY
3/21/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific102Slumber Party/PuptasticTVY
3/21/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood221Looking for Snowball/Daniel's Neighbors HelpTVY
3/21/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood224Margaret's First Chime Time/Tiger Family FunTVY
3/21/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles126My Son, The Frogfish/A Day for PapaTVY
3/21/201811:00aSesame Street4727Twinkle Twinkle Little ElmoTVY
3/21/201811:30aSuper Why!129The Foolish WishesTVY
3/21/201812:00pNature3501Naledi: One Little ElephantTVPG
3/21/20181:30pJackie Robinson101Part 1TVPG
3/21/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique823Stretch & Strengthen Your Lower BodyTVG
3/21/20184:00pPublic Eye News1598
3/21/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches113
3/21/20184:30pDestination Michigan607Auburn Hills, Detroit, Midland & Otter LakeTVG
3/21/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1807TVG
3/21/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table606Women of OaxacaTVG
3/21/20186:00pBBC World News America16074
3/21/20186:30pNightly Business Report37058
3/21/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12188
3/21/20188:00pNature3410Forest of the LynxTravel deep into the remote forests of the Kalkalpen National Park in Austria – the largest area of wilderness in the Alps.(3/28 12p)TVG
3/21/20189:00pNOVA4104Roman Catacomb MysteryGain insights into the daily life and health of Roman citizens during the Roman Empire’s heyday.(3/22 12p)TVPG
3/21/201810:00pWWII Mega Weapons101The Tunnels of OkinawaTrace the network of defensive lines, bunkers and fortifications across the island of Okinawa.(3/23 2p)TV14
3/21/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS173
3/21/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days146
3/22/201812:00aBBC World News81
3/22/201812:30aNHK Newsline8253
3/22/20181:00aNature3410Forest of the LynxTVG
3/22/20182:00aNOVA4104Roman Catacomb MysteryTVPG
3/22/20183:00aAl Capone: IconTVPG
3/22/20184:00aJackie Robinson102Part 2TVPG
Thursday 223/22/2018
3/22/20186:00aWild Kratts210To Touch A HummingbirdTVY
3/22/20186:30aWild Kratts424Musk Ox ManiaTVY
3/22/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga321Stretch Your LegsTVG
3/22/20187:30aBody Electric1912TVG
3/22/20188:00aNature Cat139Ocean Commotion - Part 1TVY
3/22/20188:30aCurious George803George's Backwards Flight Plan/Curious George, Hog TrainerTVY
3/22/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
3/22/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood225Nighttime in the NeighborhoodTVY
3/22/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood301Tiger Family TripTVY
3/22/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles105Tooth Treasure/Race Around The ReefTVY
3/22/201811:00aSesame Street4729Big Birds Big MoveTVY
3/22/201811:30aSuper Why!213Zora's Art AdventureTVY
3/22/201812:00pNOVA4104Roman Catacomb MysteryTVPG
3/22/20181:00pJackie Robinson102Part 2TVPG
3/22/20183:00pRuby’s Studio104The Siblings ShowTVG
3/22/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique824Spine & AbsTVG
3/22/20184:00pPublic Eye News1599
3/22/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches114
3/22/20184:30pSeeing Canada101Nimmo Bay & Manitoulin IslandTVG
3/22/20185:00pGarden Smart5003TVG
3/22/20185:30pFocus On Europe3611
3/22/20186:00pBBC World News America16075
3/22/20186:30pNightly Business Report37059
3/22/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12189
3/22/20188:00pAsk the Doctors1823Eyes and Vision(3/23 12p)TVG
3/22/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1812(3/24 5:30p)TVG
3/22/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan608Lake Orion/Gaylord(3/23 5p, 3/24 10:30p)TVG
3/22/201810:00pMankillerLearn about the legacy of Wilma Mankiller, the first woman Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.(3/24 4:30p)TVPG
3/22/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS174
3/22/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days147
3/23/201812:00aBBC World News82
3/23/201812:30aNHK Newsline8254
3/23/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1616TVG
3/23/20182:00aJackie Robinson101Part 1TVPG
3/23/20184:00aNature3410Forest of the LynxTVG
3/23/20185:00aNOVA4104Roman Catacomb MysteryTVPG
Friday 233/23/2018
3/23/20186:00aWild Kratts211Rainforest StewTVY
3/23/20186:30aWild Kratts502Temple of the TigersTVY
3/23/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga322Yoga at the OfficeTVG
3/23/20187:30aBody Electric1913TVG
3/23/20188:00aNature Cat140Ocean Commotion - Part 2TVY
3/23/20188:30aCurious George Swings into Spring(3/25 9a)TVY
3/23/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood302Visiting Grandpere/The Tiger Family Goes Back HomeTVY
3/23/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood303Daniel Makes a Noise Maker/Daniel Makes the NeighborhoodTVY
3/23/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles106Dunk's New Friend/Ripple's Whale of a TaleTVY
3/23/201811:00aSesame Street4723Elmo and Rositas Rainbow SearchTVY
3/23/201811:30aSuper Why!131The Magic Porridge PotTVY
3/23/201812:00pAsk the Doctors1823Eyes and VisionTVG
3/23/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1610Tough Trains: Cuba's Sugar RailroadsTVPG
3/23/20182:00pWWII Mega Weapons101The Tunnels of OkinawaTV14
3/23/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer907The Fly Fisherman, Part 2TVG
3/23/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique825Feet & AnklesTVG
3/23/20184:00pPublic Eye News1600
3/23/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches115
3/23/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2502Apothecary 9 Drawer Wall KeepTVG
3/23/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan608Lake Orion/Gaylord(3/24 10:30p)TVG
3/23/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2703
3/23/20186:00pBBC World News America16076
3/23/20186:30pNightly Business Report37060
3/23/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12190
3/23/20188:00pWashington Week5738(3/25 1:30p)
3/23/20188:30pOff the Record4738(3/25 12:30p)TVG
3/23/20189:00pThe Rise and Fall of the Brown BuffaloExplore the life of radical Chicano countercultural icon Oscar Zeta Acosta.TV14
3/23/201810:00pRichard Pryor: IconSurvey the profound and enduring influence of one of the greatest American comics of all time.TV14
3/23/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS175
3/23/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS112
3/24/201812:00aBBC World News83
3/24/201812:30aNHK Newsline8255
3/24/20181:00aWashington Week5738
3/24/20181:30a#MeToo, Now What?103
3/24/20182:00aThe Rise and Fall of the Brown BuffaloTV14
3/24/20183:00aRichard Pryor: IconTV14
3/24/20184:00aAl Capone: IconTVPG
3/24/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1616TVG
Saturday 243/24/2018
3/24/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1576Feelings When People Laugh at MistakesTVY
3/24/20186:30aDinosaur Train409Rollin' on the Riverboat: Part One/Rollin' on the Riverboat: Part TwoTVY
3/24/20187:00aBob the Builder902What A Team!TVY
3/24/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood224Margaret's First Chime Time/Tiger Family FunTVY
3/24/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
3/24/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles105Tooth Treasure/Race Around The ReefTVY
3/24/20189:00aCurious George802Monkey Hoedown/Curious George Clowns AroundTVY
3/24/20189:30aNature Cat139Ocean Commotion - Part 1TVY
3/24/201810:00aKnitting Daily1411New SpinTVG
3/24/201810:30aQuilting Arts2104ImprovTVG
3/24/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1006CosplayTVG
3/24/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3314Mountain StreamTVG
3/24/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen503It's Pasta Night!TVG
3/24/201812:30pGarden Smart5003TVG
3/24/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3513Plain Pine BoxTVG
3/24/20181:30pThis Old House3716Move In DayTVG
3/24/20182:00pAsk This Old House1616Houston After HarveyTVG
3/24/20183:00pThe Aviators702Air Rally 1TVG
3/24/20183:30pWilderness Journal1906
3/24/20184:00pGreat Getaways1104The Nautical Center of Michigan
3/24/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1812TVG
3/24/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend877
3/24/20186:30pMedia Meet1806College to WorkA discussion of hiring trends and job issues for college graduates with Michigan State University Collegiate Employment Research Institute Director Philip Gardener, who is also an expert on Millennials in the workplace.(3/25 2:30p)
3/24/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2003Spokane (3)TVG
3/24/20188:00pHigh School Bowl4033-34Quarterfinals 1 & 2: Hancock vs Marquette; Sault Ste. Marie vs Escanaba(3/26 12p)
3/24/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1631The Norma Zimmer Show (1965)(3/25 5p)TVG
3/24/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville235Deana CarterTVG
3/24/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan608Lake Orion/GaylordTVG
3/24/201811:00pAustin City Limits4205Iggy PopTVPG
3/25/201812:00aWoodsongs1606Donna The Buffalo and Eliza RickmanTVG
3/25/20181:00aNOVA4104Roman Catacomb MysteryTVPG
3/25/20182:00aNature3410Forest of the LynxTVG
3/25/20183:00aAl Capone: IconTVPG
3/25/20184:00aThe Rise and Fall of the Brown BuffaloTV14
3/25/20185:00aWashington Week5738
3/25/20185:30a#MeToo, Now What?103
Sunday 253/25/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Wendel & Judith Johnson, Marinette, WI, in honor of their son, Ira Darwin Johnson
3/25/20186:00aSid the Science Kid213A Rainbow Every Day!TVY
3/25/20186:30aDinosaur Train410Crystal and King Benefit Concert: Part One and TwoTVY
3/25/20187:00aSesame Street4702TVY
3/25/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood225Nighttime in the NeighborhoodTVY
3/25/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific103Invisible Band/Best Pink PresentTVY
3/25/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles106Dunk's New Friend/Ripple's Whale of a TaleTVY
3/25/20189:00aCurious George Swings into SpringTVY
3/25/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1310TVG
3/25/201810:30aGrowing Bolder404Adventures In Growing BolderTVG
3/25/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein504Opioid Epidemic: What Every Family Needs to KnowTVG
3/25/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World522Farm School - Learning to Be Organic FarmersTVG
3/25/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17082
3/25/201812:30pOff the Record4738TVG
3/25/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2703
3/25/20181:30pWashington Week5738
3/25/20182:00p#MeToo, Now What?103
3/25/20182:30pMedia Meet1806College to WorkA discussion of hiring trends and job issues for college graduates with Michigan State University Collegiate Employment Research Institute Director Philip Gardener, who is also an expert on Millennials in the workplace.
3/25/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1611Food Hour: IrelandTVPG
3/25/20184:00pClassic Gospel1211Best of Buddy GreeneTVG
3/25/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1631The Norma Zimmer Show (1965)TVG
3/25/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend878
3/25/20186:30pDownton Abbey Season 1 on Masterpiece4101When the Titanic goes down, Lord Grantham loses his immediate heirs, throwing Downton Abbey and its servants into turmoil.TVPG
3/25/20188:00pCall the Midwife Season 7701Welcome the series' first West Indian midwife as the nuns and nurses are tested as never before.(3/26 1p)TV14
3/25/20189:00pCall the Midwife Season 7702Part 2Lucille faces racism and prejudice when a new mother becomes ill.(3/26 2p)TV14
3/25/201810:00pDark Angel on Masterpiece4719Watch Joanne Froggatt, Anna in Downton Abbey, become notorious Victorian poisoner Mary Ann Cotton.TVPG
3/26/201812:00aAnne Morrow Lindbergh: You’ll Have the SkyProfiles the well-loved author who was part of America's most famous couple.TVG
3/26/201812:30aBBC Newsnight17082
3/26/20181:00aCall the Midwife Season 7701Part 1TV14
3/26/20182:00aCall the Midwife Season 7702Part 2TV14
3/26/20183:00aDark Angel on Masterpiece4719TVPG
3/26/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2003Spokane (3)TVG
Monday 263/26/2018
3/26/20186:00aWild Kratts212Sea Horse RodeoTVY
3/26/20186:30aWild Kratts503The Dhole DuplicatorTVY
3/26/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga323Terrific TriangleTVG
3/26/20187:30aBody Electric1914TVG
3/26/20188:00aNature Cat201Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune PatrolTVY
3/26/20188:30aCurious George804Curious George Goes for 100/Fearless GeorgeTVY
3/26/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific104Dancing Shoe/ No HonkingTVY
3/26/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood304Daniel's Allergy/Allergies at SchoolTVY
3/26/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood312Daniel's Goldfish Dies/Daniel's Strawberry SeedsTVY
3/26/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles127Smell of Fear/A New SpinTVY
3/26/201811:00aSesame Street4711Baby Bear Learns About BeesTVY
3/26/201811:30aSuper Why!214Around The World AdventureTVY
3/26/201812:00pHigh School Bowl4033-34Quarterfinals 1 & 2: Hancock vs Marquette; Sault Ste. Marie vs Escanaba
3/26/20181:00pCall the Midwife Season 7701Part 1TV14
3/26/20182:00pCall the Midwife Season 7702Part 2TV14
3/26/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3314Mountain StreamTVG
3/26/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique826Weight Loss & ToningTVG
3/26/20184:00pPublic Eye News1601
3/26/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches116
3/26/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1318Variety, The Spice of LifeTVG
3/26/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1704Wedding SeasonTVG
3/26/20186:00pBBC World News America16077
3/26/20186:30pNightly Business Report37061
3/26/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12191
3/26/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2209St. Louis (3)(3/27 12p, 3/31 7p)TVG
3/26/20189:00pInto the Night: Portraits of Life and DeathLearn how an astrophysicist, preacher, philosopher and artisanal mortician grapple with mortality. (3/27 1p)TVPG
3/26/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS176
3/26/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days148
3/27/201812:00aBBC World News86
3/27/201812:30aNHK Newsline8256
3/27/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2209St. Louis (3)TVG
3/27/20182:00aCall the Midwife Season 7701Part 1TV14
3/27/20183:00aCall the Midwife Season 7702Part 2TV14
3/27/20184:00aDark Angel on Masterpiece4719TVPG
Tuesday 273/27/2018
3/27/20186:00aWild Kratts213Speaking DolphineseTVY
3/27/20186:30aWild Kratts504The Cobra KingTVY
3/27/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga324Energize!TVG
3/27/20187:30aBody Electric1915TVG
3/27/20188:00aNature Cat202Stop and Hear The Cicadas/Cold-BloodedTVY
3/27/20188:30aCurious George805Big, Bad Hundley/George's Simple SiphonTVY
3/27/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105Sand Palace/Zoo DayTVY
3/27/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood305The Neighborhood Fall Festival/Field Day at SchoolTVY
3/27/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood306Daniel and Margaret Play School/Treasure Hunt at the CastleTVY
3/27/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles107Golden Legs Gush/A Fish Called MoTVY
3/27/201811:00aSesame Street4703Abby Helps Clear Things UpTVY
3/27/201811:30aSuper Why!215Galileo's Space AdventureTVY
3/27/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2209St. Louis (3)(3/31 7p)TVG
3/27/20181:00pInto the Night: Portraits of Life and DeathTVPG
3/27/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford404June Afternoon Part 1TVG
3/27/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique827Stretch & Strengthen Your HipsTVG
3/27/20184:00pPublic Eye News1602
3/27/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches117
3/27/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television108Simply SpanishTVG
3/27/20185:00pWider World1822TVG
3/27/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg403Best Airline Safety VideosTVG
3/27/20186:00pBBC World News America16078
3/27/20186:30pNightly Business Report37062
3/27/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12192
3/27/20188:00pMakers205Women in BusinessHear about the exceptional women — past and present — who have taken the world of business by storm.(3/29 1p)TVPG
3/27/20189:00pIndependent Lens1912DoloresMeet Dolores Huerta, who led the fight for racial and labor justice alongside Cesar Chavez.(3/28 1p)TVPG
3/27/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS177
3/27/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days149
3/28/201812:00aBBC World News87
3/28/201812:30aNHK Newsline8257
3/28/20181:00aMakers205Women in Business
3/28/20182:00aIndependent Lens1912DoloresTVPG
3/28/20184:00aInto the Night: Portraits of Life and DeathTVPG
Wednesday 283/28/2018
3/28/20186:00aWild Kratts214Aqua FrogTVY
3/28/20186:30aWild Kratts216Blowfish BlowoutTVY
3/28/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga325Get The Kinks OutTVG
3/28/20187:30aBody Electric1916
3/28/20188:00aNature Cat203Lights Out for Sea Turtles/Nature ArtTVY
3/28/20188:30aCurious George806Red Planet Monkey/Tortilla ExpressTVY
3/28/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106Plantastically Pink/Painting PixieTVY
3/28/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood307Daniel and O's Road Trip/Daniel's Puppet PlanTVY
3/28/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood309Daniel's Bicycle/Katerina's Magic TrickTVY
3/28/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles108Deflated Dunk/Kelp Forest KeepersTVY
3/28/201811:00aSesame Street4711Baby Bear Learns About BeesTVY
3/28/201811:30aSuper Why!134The Gingerbread BoyTVY
3/28/201812:00pNature3410Forest of the LynxTVG
3/28/20181:00pIndependent Lens1912DoloresTVPG
3/28/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2406Ablaze with Color, Part 1TVG
3/28/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique828Strengthen Your BonesTVG
3/28/20184:00pPublic Eye News1603
3/28/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches118
3/28/20184:30pDestination Michigan608Charlevoix, Gaylord, McMillan, Midland, & Harbor SpringsTVG
3/28/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1808TVG
3/28/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table607The Art of MoleTVG
3/28/20186:00pBBC World News America16079
3/28/20186:30pNightly Business Report37063
3/28/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12193
3/28/20188:00pNature3111Leave It to BeaversLearn how beavers are being recruited to reverse the effects of global warming and water shortages.TVG
3/28/20189:00pNOVA4207The Great Math MysteryTake a mathematical mystery tour—an exploration of math’s astonishing power across the centuries.(3/29 12p)TVPG
3/28/201810:00pWWII Mega Weapons102Battleship YamatoLearn why Japan believed the Yamato, the world’s biggest battleship, is unsinkable.(3/30 2p)TVPG
3/28/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS178
3/28/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days150
3/29/201812:00aBBC World News88
3/29/201812:30aNHK Newsline8258
3/29/20181:00aNature3111Leave It to BeaversTVG
3/29/20182:00aNOVA4207The Great Math MysteryTVPG
3/29/20183:00aWWII Mega Weapons102Battleship YamatoTVPG
3/29/20184:00aIndependent Lens1912DoloresTVPG
Thursday 293/29/2018
3/29/20186:00aWild Kratts505Fire SalamanderTVY
3/29/20186:30aWild Kratts218Rocket Jaw: Rescuer of the ReefTVY
3/29/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga326Soothing TwistTVG
3/29/20187:30aBody Electric1917
3/29/20188:00aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
3/29/20188:30aCurious George901Submonkey/Double-O Monkey Tracks TroubleTVY
3/29/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
3/29/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood310Firefighters at School/Daniel's DollTVY
3/29/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood311Daniel Goes to Sleep/Prince Wednesday Sleeps OverTVY
3/29/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles109Splash's Swim School/Light at the End of the TunnelTVY
3/29/201811:00aSesame Street4714Painting with Cookie MonsterTVY
3/29/201811:30aSuper Why!132PinocchioTVY
3/29/201812:00pNOVA4207The Great Math MysteryTVPG
3/29/20181:00pMakers205Women in BusinessTVPG
3/29/20182:00pAn Evening with Carrie NewcomerTVG
3/29/20183:00pMake it Artsy401TVG
3/29/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique829Improve Posture & Flatten AbsTVG
3/29/20184:00pPublic Eye News1604
3/29/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches119
3/29/20184:30pSeeing Canada102Saskatoon & WinnipegTVG
3/29/20185:00pGarden Smart5004TVG
3/29/20185:30pFocus On Europe3612
3/29/20186:00pBBC World News America16080
3/29/20186:30pNightly Business Report37064
3/29/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12194
3/29/20188:00pAsk the Lawyers1824(3/30 12p)TVG
3/29/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1813(3/31 5:30p)TVG
3/29/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan806Grand Rapids(3/30 5p, 3/31 10:30p)TVG
3/29/201810:00pDefending the FireFollows the journey of the Native Warrior as they continue conflict resolution in order to survive and secure resources and culture.(3/31 4:30p)
3/29/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS179
3/29/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days151
3/30/201812:00aBBC World News89
3/30/201812:30aNHK Newsline8259
3/30/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1617TVG
3/30/20182:00aInto the Night: Portraits of Life and DeathTVPG
3/30/20184:00aNature3111Leave It to BeaversTVG
3/30/20185:00aNOVA4207The Great Math MysteryTVPG
Friday 303/30/2018
3/30/20186:00aWild Kratts215Tortuga Tune UpTVY
3/30/20186:30aWild Kratts217Road RunnerTVY
3/30/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga601Lengthen & StrengthenTVG
3/30/20187:30aBody Electric1918
3/30/20188:00aNature Cat201Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune PatrolTVY
3/30/20188:30aCurious George902Monkey Goes Batty/Curious George and the Balloon HoundTVY
3/30/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
3/30/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood315Daniel Takes His Time/Sometime's It's Good to Go SlowTVY
3/30/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood316Daniel's Very Different Day/Class Trip to the LibraryTVY
3/30/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles110Small But Mighty/Washed AwayTVY
3/30/201811:00aSesame Street4712Big Birds SongTVY
3/30/201811:30aSuper Why!136The Stars in the SkyTVY
3/30/201812:00pAsk the Lawyers1824TVG
3/30/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1611Food Hour: IrelandTVPG
3/30/20182:00pWWII Mega Weapons102Battleship YamatoTVPG
3/30/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer908The Dairy CowTVG
3/30/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique830Strength & Flexibility of HipsTVG
3/30/20184:00pPublic Eye News1605
3/30/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches120
3/30/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2503Gentleman's Organizer and GalleryTVG
3/30/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan806Grand Rapids(3/31 10:30p)TVG
3/30/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2704
3/30/20186:00pBBC World News America16081
3/30/20186:30pNightly Business Report37065
3/30/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12195
3/30/20188:00pWashington Week5739
3/30/20188:30pOff the Record4739TVG
3/30/20189:00pSoundbreaking101The Art of Recording8-part series takes an in-depth look at the art of music recording and how it has evolved. In part 1, explore the role of the record producer with George Martin, Sam Phillips, Tom Petty, Dr. Dre and more.Three episodes air tonight.TVPG
3/30/201810:00pSoundbreaking102Painting with SoundLearn how the recording studio itself became an instrument with the ingenuity of the Beatles, Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac.TVPG
3/30/201811:00pSoundbreaking103The Human InstrumentCelebrate the art and science of recording the human voice with Adele, Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera.TVPG
3/31/201812:00aBBC World News90
3/31/201812:30aNHK Newsline8260
3/31/20181:00aWashington Week5739
3/31/20181:30a#MeToo, Now What?104
3/31/20182:00aSoundbreaking101The Art of Recording
3/31/20183:00aSoundbreaking102Painting With SoundTVPG
3/31/20184:00aSoundbreaking103The Human InstrumentTVPG
3/31/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1617TVG
Saturday 313/31/2018
3/31/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1577How People Make Books/Mistaken DeliveryTVY
3/31/20186:30aDinosaur Train120The Old Bird/Diamond DonTVY
3/31/20187:00aBob the Builder903We Can Build It!TVY
3/31/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood311Daniel Goes to Sleep/Prince Wednesday Sleeps OverTVY
3/31/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
3/31/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles109Splash's Swim School/Light at the End of the TunnelTVY
3/31/20189:00aCurious George806Red Planet Monkey/Tortilla ExpressTVY
3/31/20189:30aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
3/31/201810:00aKnitting Daily1412Novelty of It AllTVG
3/31/201810:30aQuilting Arts2105Tech/Computer DesignTVG
3/31/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1007Sewing for People with All AbilitiesTVG
3/31/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3315Warm Winter DayTVG
3/31/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen504A Comforting CasseroleTVG
3/31/201812:30pGarden Smart5004TVG
3/31/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3601Van Gogh's ChairTVG
3/31/20181:30pThis Old House3717Charleston | Southern CharmTVG
3/31/20182:00pAsk This Old House1617TVG
3/31/20183:00pThe Aviators703Air Rally 2TVG
3/31/20183:30pWilderness Journal1907
3/31/20184:00pGreat Getaways1405Ogema County TourTVG
3/31/20184:30pDefending the Fire
3/31/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1813TVG
3/31/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend879
3/31/20186:30pMedia Meet1805109th District Update - Sara CambensyInterview with State Representative Sara Cambensy, elected to finish the term of the late John Kivela. Topics include state politics, House rules and practices, current issues and activities. (repeat from March 3)
3/31/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2209St. Louis (3)TVG
3/31/20188:00pHigh School Bowl4035-36Quarterfinals 3 & 4
3/31/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1632Easter (1979)TVG
3/31/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville236Gary PuckettTVG
3/31/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan806Grand RapidsTVG
3/31/201811:00pAustin City Limits4211Band of Horses/Parker MillsapTVPG
4/1/201812:00aWoodsongs1607Acoustic Eidolon and Willie WatsonTVG
4/1/20181:00aNOVA4207The Great Math MysteryTVPG
4/1/20182:00aNature3111Leave It to BeaversTVG
4/1/20183:00aIndependent Lens1912DoloresTVPG
4/1/20185:00aWashington Week5739
4/1/20185:30a#MeToo, Now What?104