WNMU-TV Channel 13.1 May 2018 Schedule


  Date Start_Time Program Title Program_# Episode Title Description RepeatDay Rating
Tuesday 15/1/2018
5/1/20186:00aWild Kratts413The Mystery of the Two Horned NarwhalTVY
5/1/20186:30aWild Kratts508Elephant Brains!TVY
5/1/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga623Forward FoldsTVG
5/1/20187:30aBody Electric1714Tallahassee, FlTVG
5/1/20188:00aNature Cat207Garden Impossible/Agents of the Great OutdoorsTVY
5/1/20188:30aCurious George119The Truth About George Burgers/Curious George in the DarkTVY
5/1/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
5/1/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood309Daniel's Bicycle/Katerina's Magic TrickTVY
5/1/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood135Duckling Goes Home/Daniel Feels Left OutTVY
5/1/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles133Lights Out!/Catching Some ZzzsTVY
5/1/201811:00aSesame Street4712Big Birds SongTVY
5/1/201811:30aSuper Why!152The Prince and the PauperTVY
5/1/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2214Green Bay (2)TVG
5/1/20181:00pUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4812Part 1TVPG
5/1/20182:30pThis American Land704Farmland Runoff, Maintaining National Parks, Rafting Through A MonumentTVG
5/1/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford409In The Wee HoursTVG
5/1/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1122TVG
5/1/20184:00pDW News15087TVG
5/1/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television113Japan Fried ChickenTVG
5/1/20185:00pWider World1827TVG
5/1/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg408Hidden Gems of MemphisTVG
5/1/20186:00pBBC World News America16121
5/1/20186:30pNightly Business Report37087
5/1/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12217
5/1/20188:00pCivilizations103God and ArtConsider how religion has inspired art and art has inspired divine representation.(5/3 2p)TVPG
5/1/20189:00pFirst Civilizations102ReligionLearn why every successful civilization needs a narrative—a shared set of beliefs.(5/4 2p)TVPG
5/1/201810:00pFrontline3610Blackout in Puerto RicoInvestigate the humanitarian and economic crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.(5/3 1p)
5/1/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS202
5/1/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days169
5/2/201812:00aBBC World News122
5/2/201812:30aNHK Newsline9022
5/2/20181:00aCivilizations103God and ArtTVPG
5/2/20182:00aFirst Civilizations102ReligionTVPG
5/2/20183:00aFrontline3610Blackout in Puerto Rico
5/2/20184:00aIndependent Lens1919True ConvictionTVPG
5/2/20185:30aRibbon of SandTVG
Wednesday 25/2/2018
5/2/20186:00aWild Kratts414Sea Otter SwimTVY
5/2/20186:30aWild Kratts509Sloth Bear SuctionTVY
5/2/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga624Rocking BowTVG
5/2/20187:30aBody Electric1715Tallahassee, FlTVG
5/2/20188:00aNature Cat117Earth Day Today/Earth Day Every DayTVY
5/2/20188:30aCurious George120The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat/Bee Is for BearTVY
5/2/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific109Snow Fairy/to Catch A LeafTVY
5/2/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood136Daniel Gets Frustrated/Frustration at SchoolTVY
5/2/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood137Daniel Gets A Cold/Mom Tiger Is SickTVY
5/2/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles134The Job Search/Reeftown's Got Talent!TVY
5/2/201811:00aSesame Street4733Hide and Seek RudyTVY
5/2/201811:30aSuper Why!154The Swiss Family RobinsonTVY
5/2/201812:00pNature3510Natural Born Rebels: Hunger WarsTVPG
5/2/20181:00pIndependent Lens1919True ConvictionTVPG
5/2/20182:30pAging Matters - Aging & The WorkplaceTVG
5/2/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2412Triple Mischief, Part 3TVG
5/2/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1123TVG
5/2/20184:00pDW News15088TVG
5/2/20184:30pDestination Michigan705
5/2/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1813TVG
5/2/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table613More Than Just A MealTVG
5/2/20186:00pBBC World News America16122
5/2/20186:30pNightly Business Report37088
5/2/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12218
5/2/20188:00pNature3511Natural Born Rebels: SurvivalMeet nature’s most rebellious animals, who will do whatever it takes to stay alive.(5/9 12p)TVPG
5/2/20189:00pNOVA Wonders102What's Living in You?Discover how a world of microbes living in and on you can make you sick—and keep you healthy.(5/3 12p)TVPG
5/2/201810:00pNOVA4403Search for the Super BatteryCutting edge researchers hunt for a super battery that can power tomorrow’s high tech world.TVG
5/2/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS203
5/2/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days170
5/3/201812:00aBBC World News123
5/3/201812:30aNHK Newsline9023
5/3/20181:00aNature3511Natural Born Rebels: SurvivalTVPG
5/3/20182:00aNOVA Wonders102What's Living in You?TVPG
5/3/20183:00aNOVA4403Search for the Super BatteryTVG
5/3/20184:00aFirst Civilizations102ReligionTVPG
5/3/20185:00aCivilizations103God and ArtTVPG
Thursday 35/3/2018
5/3/20186:00aWild Kratts415Red Panda RescueTVY
5/3/20186:30aWild Kratts411The Other MartinsTVY
5/3/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga625Hold Your Toes!TVG
5/3/20187:30aBody Electric1716Tallahassee, FlTVG
5/3/20188:00aNature Cat101Heartthrob Hamster/AstronutsTVY
5/3/20188:30aCurious George118Candy Counter/Curious George, Rescue MonkeyTVY
5/3/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
5/3/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood310Firefighters at School/Daniel's DollTVY
5/3/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood138Daniel Is Jealous/Jealousy at the TreehouseTVY
5/3/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles125The Lure of the Rocks/What's The Story, Maury?TVY
5/3/201811:00aSesame Street4721Sheep in a Jet PackTVY
5/3/201811:30aSuper Why!155Dr. DolittleTVY
5/3/201812:00pNOVA Wonders102TVPG
5/3/20181:00pFrontline3610Blackout in Puerto Rico
5/3/20183:00pMake it Artsy405Shapes and SymbolsTVG
5/3/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1124TVG
5/3/20184:00pDW News15089TVG
5/3/20184:30pThis American Land701Restoring River Flows, Welcome Back MonarchsTVG
5/3/20185:00pGarden Smart5009TVG
5/3/20185:30pFocus On Europe3617
5/3/20186:00pBBC World News America16123
5/3/20186:30pNightly Business Report37089
5/3/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12219
5/3/20188:00pAsk the Judges1829(5/4 12p)TVG
5/3/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1818(5/5 5:30p)TVG
5/3/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan808Winter Wonderland - Activities Show(5/4 5p, 5/5 10:30p)TVG
5/3/201810:00pMusic Row: Nashville’s Most Famous NeighborhoodLearn how a group of unremarkable bungalows became the heart of the country music industry.(5/10 1p)TVG
5/3/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS204
5/3/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days171
5/4/201812:00aBBC World News124
5/4/201812:30aNHK Newsline9024
5/4/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1622TVG
5/4/20182:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage205TV14
5/4/20183:00aNature3511Natural Born Rebels: SurvivalTVPG
5/4/20184:00aNOVA Wonders102What's Living in You?TVPG
5/4/20185:00aNOVA4403Search for the Super BatteryTVG
Friday 45/4/2018
5/4/20186:00aWild Kratts416Spirit BearTVY
5/4/20186:30aWild Kratts418Box Turtled In!TVY
5/4/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga626Seven-Stage Spinal StretchTVG
5/4/20187:30aBody Electric1717Tallahassee, FlTVG
5/4/20188:00aNature Cat205Lets Talk Turkey Vulture/Prescription: NatureTVY
5/4/20188:30aCurious George121Surprise Quints/Muddy MonkeyTVY
5/4/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific101TVY
5/4/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood311Daniel Goes to Sleep/Prince Wednesday Sleeps OverTVY
5/4/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood140Someone Else's Feelings/Empathy at SchoolTVY
5/4/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles126My Son, The Frogfish/A Day for PapaTVY
5/4/201811:00aSesame Street4713Get Ready for TodayTVY
5/4/201811:30aSuper Why!310The Unhappy PuppyTVY
5/4/201812:00pAsk the Judges1829TVG
5/4/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1616MyanmarTVPG
5/4/20182:00pFirst Civilizations102TVPG
5/4/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer912Journey to TitanicTVG
5/4/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1125TVG
5/4/20184:00pDW News15090TVG
5/4/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2508Arts and Crafts LuminariesTVG
5/4/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan808Winter Wonderland - Activities Show(5/5 10:30p)TVG
5/4/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2709
5/4/20186:00pBBC World News America16124
5/4/20186:30pNightly Business Report37090
5/4/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12220
5/4/20188:00pWashington Week5744(5/6 1:30p)
5/4/20188:30pOff the Record4744TVG
5/4/20189:00pLive from Lincoln Center4303Stephanie J. Block in ConcertThe Tony-nominated performer unleashes her immense voice and bold charisma for a night of cabaret.(5/7 2p)TVPG
5/4/201810:00pThe Jazz AmbassadorsDiscover how the Cold War and Civil Rights movement collided in a music story of diplomacy and race.TVPG
5/4/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS205
5/4/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS118
5/5/201812:00aBBC World News125
5/5/201812:30aNHK Newsline9025
5/5/20181:00aWashington Week5744
5/5/20181:30aIn Principle104
5/5/20182:00aLive from Lincoln Center4303Stephanie J. Block in ConcertTVPG
5/5/20183:00aThe Jazz AmbassadorsTVPG
5/5/20184:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage205TV14
5/5/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1622TVG
Saturday 55/5/2018
5/5/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1617EnvironmentTVY
5/5/20186:30aDinosaur Train215Dinos A to Z, Part 1, The Big Idea/Dinos A to Z, Part 2, Spread The WordTVY
5/5/20187:00aBob the Builder908Job Performance!TVY
5/5/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood310Firefighters at School/Daniel's DollTVY
5/5/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
5/5/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles125The Lure of the Rocks/What's The Story, Maury?TVY
5/5/20189:00aCurious George120The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat/Bee Is for BearTVY
5/5/20189:30aNature Cat101Heartthrob Hamster/AstronutsTVY
5/5/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!704Mosaic Stitch ScarvesTVG
5/5/201810:30aNMU Spring Commencement 20182018
5/5/201812:30pGarden Smart5009TVG
5/5/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3606Swedish Shrink BoxTVG
5/5/20181:30pThis Old House3722Charleston | Rough PlumbingTVG
5/5/20182:00pAsk This Old House1622Gutterless Gutters, Desert PlanTVG
5/5/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy203The Wood TurnerTVG
5/5/20183:30pWilderness Journal1912
5/5/20184:00pGreat Getaways1505TVG
5/5/20184:30pDestination Michigan705
5/5/20185:00pNative Report1305
5/5/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1818TVG
5/5/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend889
5/5/20186:30pMedia Meet1808Making Votes Matter, Part 1A survey of proposals aimed at increasing voter response. Topics include voter behavior, a proposed constitutional amendment to lift certain voter restrictions in Michigan, and efforts to address issues with political gerrymandering. (Repeat from April)(5/6 2:30p)
5/5/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2214Green Bay (2)TVG
5/5/20188:00pThe World of Ice Dance InternationalTwo beloved art forms, figure skating and dance, meet in a unique and creative celebration on ice. (5/7 12p)TVG
5/5/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1637Salute to Cole Porter (1973)TVG
5/5/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville241Mark ChesnuttTVG
5/5/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan808Winter Wonderland - Activities ShowTVG
5/5/201811:00pAustin City Limits4301Ed SheeranTVPG
5/6/201812:00aWoodsongs1612Gaelic Storm and Billy Strings & Don JulinTVG
5/6/20181:00aNOVA Wonders102What's Living in You?TVPG
5/6/20182:00aNOVA4403Search for the Super BatteryTVG
5/6/20183:00aNature3511Natural Born Rebels: SurvivalTVPG
5/6/20184:00aIndependent Lens1919True ConvictionTVPG
5/6/20185:30aWashington Week5744
Sunday 65/6/2018
5/6/20186:00aSid the Science Kid216I Want to Be A Scientist!TVY
5/6/20186:30aDinosaur Train216Dinos A to Z, Part 3, Classification/Dinos A to Z, Part 4, A To Z PicnicTVY
5/6/20187:00aSesame Street4712Big Birds SongTVY
5/6/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood138Daniel Is Jealous/Jealousy at the TreehouseTVY
5/6/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific101TVY
5/6/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles126My Son, The Frogfish/A Day for PapaTVY
5/6/20189:00aCurious George121Surprise Quints/Muddy MonkeyTVY
5/6/20189:30aNature Cat205Lets Talk Turkey Vulture/Prescription: NatureTVY
5/6/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1316TVG
5/6/201810:30aGrowing Bolder410After the Fairytale Ends, Will You Keep Growing Bolder?TVG
5/6/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein510Post-Partum DepressionTVG
5/6/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World702Regenerating Detroit Through Urban Gardening (Detroit, MI)TVG
5/6/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17124
5/6/201812:30pOff the Record4744TVG
5/6/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2709
5/6/20181:30pWashington Week5744
5/6/20182:00pIn Principle104
5/6/20182:30pMedia Meet1808Making Votes Matter, Part 1A survey of proposals aimed at increasing voter response. Topics include voter behavior, a proposed constitutional amendment to lift certain voter restrictions in Michigan, and efforts to address issues with political gerrymandering. (Repeat from April)
5/6/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1617Tough Boats: The ArcticTVPG
5/6/20184:00pClassic Gospel1102CCM United: We Will StandTVG
5/6/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1637Salute to Cole Porter (1973)TVG
5/6/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend890
5/6/20186:30pOff the Record4744TVG
5/6/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 2 on Masterpiece4203Part 3Matthew and William embark on a perilous patrol behind German lines.TVPG
5/6/20188:00pCall the Midwife Season 7708Part 8The team prepares for a birthday; a maternity home closing brings an influx of expectant mothers.(5/7 1p)TV14
5/6/20189:00pUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4813Part 2The victim’s life comes into focus; it was a mess.(5/8 1p)TV14
5/6/201810:30pLast Tango in Halifax Season 3305Part 5Watch as a private family matter goes public.TV14
5/6/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17096
5/7/201812:00aThis American Land705Irrigation Revival, Partnerships for National Parks, Gulf Coast Fishing(5/8 2:30p)TVG
5/7/201812:30aCall the Midwife Season 7708Part 8TV14
5/7/20181:30aUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4813Part 2TV14
5/7/20183:00aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3305Part 5TV14
5/7/20184:00aLive from Lincoln Center4303Stephanie J. Block in ConcertTVPG
5/7/20185:00aThe Jazz AmbassadorsTVPG
Monday 75/7/2018
5/7/20186:00aWild Kratts419Back In Creature Time - Part 1TVY
5/7/20186:30aWild Kratts420Archerfish SchoolTVY
5/7/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga201Tension SpotsTVG
5/7/20187:30aBody Electric1718Acapulco, MexicoTVG
5/7/20188:00aNature Cat206Enter The Dragonfly/Water WoesTVY
5/7/20188:30aCurious George122Curious George Takes A Vacation/Curious George and the One That Got AwayTVY
5/7/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific102TVY
5/7/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood313Daniel Wants to Be Alone/Daniel's Alone SpaceTVY
5/7/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood202The Baby Is HereTVY
5/7/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles101Lu The Explorer/I've Got Rhythm?TVY
5/7/201811:00aSesame Street4734The Four SneezonsTVY
5/7/201811:30aSuper Why!157The Story of Mother GooseTVY
5/7/201812:00pThe World of Ice Dance InternationalTVG
5/7/20181:00pCall the Midwife Season 7708Part 8TV14
5/7/20182:00pLive from Lincoln Center4303Stephanie J. Block in ConcertTVPG
5/7/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3320Mountain OvalTVG
5/7/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1126TVG
5/7/20184:00pDW News15091TVG
5/7/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1404Fun with the Large BallTVG
5/7/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1710For The PetsTVG
5/7/20186:00pBBC World News America16127
5/7/20186:30pNightly Business Report37091
5/7/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12221
5/7/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2215Green Bay (3)(5/8 12p, 5/12 7p)TVG
5/7/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow2009Charleston (3)TVG
5/7/201810:00pIndependent Lens1917No Man's LandGo inside the 2016 standoff at Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.(5/9 1p)TV14
5/7/201811:30pAmanpour on PBS206
5/8/201812:00aBBC World News128
5/8/201812:30aNHK Newsline9026
5/8/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow2009Charleston (3)TVG
5/8/20182:00aCall the Midwife Season 7708Part 8TV14
5/8/20183:00aUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4813Part 2TV14
5/8/20184:30aLast Tango in Halifax Season 3305Part 5TV14
5/8/20185:30aRibbon of SandTVG
Tuesday 85/8/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Helen Sackerson, Escanaba
5/8/20186:00aWild Kratts421This Orca Likes SharksTVY
5/8/20186:30aWild Kratts422Baby Tooth & Kid MuskyTVY
5/8/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga202Leg WorkTVG
5/8/20187:30aBody Electric1719Tallahassee, FlTVG
5/8/20188:00aNature Cat135Plants Got The Moves/Magnet ManiaTVY
5/8/20188:30aCurious George123Ski Monkey/George The GrocerTVY
5/8/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific103TVY
5/8/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood314Daniel Gets Mad at Dad/Daniel Gets Mad at His FriendsTVY
5/8/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood204Playtime Is Different/the Playground Is Different With BabyTVY
5/8/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles102I Only Have Eyespots for You/Double BubblesTVY
5/8/201811:00aSesame Street4713Get Ready for TodayTVY
5/8/201811:30aSuper Why!311The Pupp-AthonTVY
5/8/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2215Green Bay (3)(5/12 7p)TVG
5/8/20181:00pUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4813Part 2TV14
5/8/20182:30pThis American Land705Irrigation Revival, Partnerships for National Parks, Gulf Coast FishingTVG
5/8/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford410Let's Go Fly A Kite Part 1TVG
5/8/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1127TVG
5/8/20184:00pDW News15092TVG
5/8/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television101Homecooking, Chinese StyleTVG
5/8/20185:00pWider World1828TVG
5/8/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg401Hidden Gems of SydneyTVG
5/8/20186:00pBBC World News America16128
5/8/20186:30pNightly Business Report37092
5/8/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12222
5/8/20188:00pCivilizations104EncountersSee how art became the great interface when distant and disparate cultures met for the first time.(5/10 2p)TVPG
5/8/20189:00pFirst Civilizations103CitiesInvestigate why cities were so integral to the rise of civilization.(5/11 2p)TVPG
5/8/201810:00pFrontline3418Myanmar's Killing FieldsSecret footage going back years shows the effort to kill and expel Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar.
5/8/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS207
5/8/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days173
5/9/201812:00aBBC World News129
5/9/201812:30aNHK Newsline9027
5/9/20182:00aFirst Civilizations103CitiesTVPG
5/9/20183:00aFrontline3418Myanmar's Killing Fields
5/9/20184:00aIndependent Lens1917No Man's LandTV14
5/9/20185:30aKatmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG
Wednesday 95/9/2018
5/9/20186:00aWild Kratts423Cheetah AdoptedTVY
5/9/20186:30aWild Kratts101Mom of a CrocTVY
5/9/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga203Get A Head StartTVG
5/9/20187:30aBody Electric1720Tallahassee, Fl
5/9/20188:00aNature Cat136Flamingo-A-Go-Go/What A Tangled WebTVY
5/9/20188:30aCurious George124Keep Out Cows/Curious George and the Missing PieceTVY
5/9/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific104TVY
5/9/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood308Daniel Doesn't Want to Go Potty/Daniel Sits on the PottyTVY
5/9/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood313Daniel Wants to Be Alone/Daniel's Alone SpaceTVY
5/9/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles127Smell of Fear/A New SpinTVY
5/9/201811:00aSesame Street4734The Four SneezonsTVY
5/9/201811:30aSuper Why!312Where's Woofster?TVY
5/9/201812:00pNature3511Natural Born Rebels: SurvivalTVPG
5/9/20181:00pIndependent Lens1917No Man's LandTV14
5/9/20182:30pSpectrum: A Story of the MindTVPG
5/9/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2413Triple Mischief, Part 4TVG
5/9/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1128TVG
5/9/20184:00pDW News15093TVG
5/9/20184:30pDestination Michigan706
5/9/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1814TVG
5/9/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table601TVG
5/9/20186:00pBBC World News America16129
5/9/20186:30pNightly Business Report37093
5/9/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12223
5/9/20188:00pNature3512Natural Born Rebels: The Mating GameMeet the animal rebels using underhanded tactics to find a mate and raise a family.(5/16 12p)TVPG
5/9/20189:00pNOVA Wonders103Are We Alone?Hunt for clues in the universes to answer one of humanity’s biggest questions: Are we alone?(5/10 12p)TVPG
5/9/201810:00pNOVA4302Life's Rocky StartDiscover how the rocks beneath our feet were essential to jump-starting life on earth.TVG
5/9/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS208
5/9/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days174
5/10/201812:00aBBC World News130
5/10/201812:30aNHK Newsline9028
5/10/20181:00aNature3512Natural Born Rebels: The Mating GameTVPG
5/10/20182:00aNOVA Wonders103Are We Alone?TVPG
5/10/20183:00aNOVA4302Life's Rocky StartTVG
5/10/20184:00aFirst Civilizations103CitiesTVPG
Thursday 105/10/2018
5/10/20186:00aWild Kratts102Whale of a SquidTVY
5/10/20186:30aWild Kratts424Musk Ox ManiaTVY
5/10/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga204HamstringsTVG
5/10/20187:30aBody Electric1721Tallahassee, Fl
5/10/20188:00aNature Cat137The Shellersons/Only The Shadow KnowsTVY
5/10/20188:30aCurious George125Camping with Hundley/Curious George vs. The Turbo Python 3000TVY
5/10/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105TVY
5/10/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood207Miss Elaina Gets Hurt/Daniel Feels BetterTVY
5/10/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood314Daniel Gets Mad at Dad/Daniel Gets Mad at His FriendsTVY
5/10/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles128Clubhouse Clash/Raise The ReefTVY
5/10/201811:00aSesame Street4735The Snazzy SocietyTVY
5/10/201811:30aSuper Why!156Alice In WonderlandTVY
5/10/201812:00pNOVA Wonders103Are We Alone?TVPG
5/10/20181:00pMusic Row: Nashville’s Most Famous NeighborhoodTVG
5/10/20183:00pMake it Artsy406In The Eyes of An ArtistTVG
5/10/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1129Ab & Core Strength WorkoutTVG
5/10/20184:00pDW News15094TVG
5/10/20184:30pThis American Land702Wyoming Wilderness, Rising Sea Levels, Managing National ForestsTVG
5/10/20185:00pGarden Smart5010TVG
5/10/20185:30pFocus On Europe3618
5/10/20186:00pBBC World News America16130
5/10/20186:30pNightly Business Report37094
5/10/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12224
5/10/20188:00pAsk the Doctors1830The Brain and Stroke(5/11 12p)TVG
5/10/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1819(5/12 5:30p)TVG
5/10/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan701Beaver Island(5/11 5p, 5/12 10:30p)
5/10/201810:00p4 Wheel BobMeet Bob Coomber, who sets out to become the first wheelchair hiker to cross the 11,845 foot Kearsarge Pass in the Sierra Nevada.(5/16 1p)TVG
5/10/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS209
5/10/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days175
5/11/201812:00aBBC World News131
5/11/201812:30aNHK Newsline9029
5/11/20181:00aThis Old House Hour1623TVG
5/11/20182:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage206TV14
5/11/20183:00aNature3512Natural Born Rebels: The Mating GameTVPG
5/11/20184:00aNOVA Wonders103Are We Alone?TVPG
5/11/20185:00aNOVA4302Life's Rocky StartTVG
Friday 115/11/2018
5/11/20186:00aWild Kratts417The Colors of ChinaTVY
5/11/20186:30aWild Kratts103Aardvark TownTVY
5/11/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga205Body Mind and BreathTVG
5/11/20187:30aBody Electric1722Tallahassee, Fl
5/11/20188:00aNature Cat138Return to Mighty Mountain/Welcome to the Vernal PondTVY
5/11/20188:30aCurious George126Housebound!/Curious George Rides A BikeTVY
5/11/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
5/11/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood210A Storm in the Neighborhood/After The Neighborhood StormTVY
5/11/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood308Daniel Doesn't Want to Go Potty/Daniel Sits on the PottyTVY
5/11/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles104Dunk The Artist/Ripple's Sea DragonsTVY
5/11/201811:00aSesame Street4728Bert and Ernie Make A MovieTVY
5/11/201811:30aSuper Why!158The Ugly Duckling: Becoming A SwanTVY
5/11/201812:00pAsk the Doctors1830The Brain and StrokeTVG
5/11/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1617Tough Boats: The ArcticTVPG
5/11/20182:00pFirst Civilizations103CitiesTVPG
5/11/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer913SkagwayTVG
5/11/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1130Increase Balance WorkoutTVG
5/11/20184:00pDW News15095TVG
5/11/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2509Making Custom KnivesTVG
5/11/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan701Beaver Island(5/12 10:30p)
5/11/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2710
5/11/20186:00pBBC World News America16131
5/11/20186:30pNightly Business Report37095
5/11/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12225
5/11/20188:00pWashington Week5745(5/13 1:30p)
5/11/20188:30pOff the Record4745TVG
5/11/20189:00pLive from Lincoln Center4304Andrew Rannells in ConcertThe Grammy-winner brings his blend of superb vocal prowess and wry wit to a sparkling set of songs.(5/14 2p)TVG
5/11/201810:00pGreat Performances4009Chita Rivera: A Lot of Livin' to DoEnjoy a portrait of this legendary performer, star of West Side Story, Bye Bye Birdie and Chicago.(5/16 2p)TVPG
5/11/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS210
5/11/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS119
5/12/201812:00aBBC World News132
5/12/201812:30aNHK Newsline9030
5/12/20181:00aWashington Week5745
5/12/20181:30aIn Principle105
5/12/20182:00aLive from Lincoln Center4304Andrew Rannells in ConcertTVG
5/12/20183:00aGreat Performances4009Chita Rivera: A Lot of Livin' to DoTVPG
5/12/20184:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage206TV14
5/12/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1623TVG
Saturday 125/12/2018
5/12/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1618EnvironmentTVY
5/12/20186:30aDinosaur Train209Dry Times at Pteranodon Terrace/Big Misty Sea Fishing ContestTVY
5/12/20187:00aBob the Builder909Well Done, Everyone!TVY
5/12/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood313Daniel Wants to Be Alone/Daniel's Alone SpaceTVY
5/12/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific105TVY
5/12/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles128Clubhouse Clash/Raise The ReefTVY
5/12/20189:00aCurious George124Keep Out Cows/Curious George and the Missing PieceTVY
5/12/20189:30aNature Cat137The Shellersons/Only The Shadow KnowsTVY
5/12/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!705Artsy AfghansTVG
5/12/201810:30aQuilting Arts2110MaterialsTVG
5/12/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1012Fashions and FitTVG
5/12/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3321Lonely RetreatTVG
5/12/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen509Weeknight DinnerTVG
5/12/201812:30pGarden Smart5010TVG
5/12/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3607Saw Like A ButterflyTVG
5/12/20181:30pThis Old House3723Charleston | SmithiesTVG
5/12/20182:00pAsk This Old House1623Paint Stripping, Fridge HookupTVG
5/12/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy204The Stained GlassmakerTVG
5/12/20183:30pWilderness Journal1913
5/12/20184:00pGreat Getaways1506TVG
5/12/20184:30pDestination Michigan706
5/12/20185:00pNative Report1306
5/12/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1819TVG
5/12/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend891
5/12/20186:30pMedia Meet1810Dealing with HomelessnessA look at the different forms and needs of homelessness in the Marquette community. This discussion will look at transitional housing, emergency shelters, low-income housing, mobility impaired residents and hospice patients, and what local groups are doing to serve the various housing needs.(5/13 2:30p)
5/12/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2215Green Bay (3)TVG
5/12/20188:00p2017 World Dancesport Grandslam Series101Follow the best competitive dancers in the world as they compete for the most prestigious titles in the world of dance.(5/14 12p)TVG
5/12/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1638Mother's Day (1956)TVG
5/12/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville242Special MomentsTVG
5/12/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan701Beaver Island
5/12/201811:00pAustin City Limits4204Florence + The Machine/Andra DayTVPG
5/13/201812:00aWoodsongs1613Lisa Biales and the Barefoot MovementTVG
5/13/20181:00aNOVA Wonders103Are We Alone?TVPG
5/13/20182:00aNOVA4302Life's Rocky StartTVG
5/13/20183:00aNature3512Natural Born Rebels: The Mating GameTVPG
5/13/20184:00aIndependent Lens1917No Man's LandTV14
5/13/20185:30aWashington Week5745
Sunday 135/13/2018
5/13/20186:00aSid the Science Kid217Get Up and Move!TVY
5/13/20186:30aDinosaur Train210Hurricane at Pteranodon Terrace/Rafting The CretaceousTVY
5/13/20187:00aSesame Street4735The Snazzy SocietyTVY
5/13/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood314Daniel Gets Mad at Dad/Daniel Gets Mad at His FriendsTVY
5/13/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific106TVY
5/13/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles104Dunk The Artist/Ripple's Sea DragonsTVY
5/13/20189:00aCurious George126Housebound!/Curious George Rides A BikeTVY
5/13/20189:30aNature Cat138Return to Mighty Mountain/Welcome to the Vernal PondTVY
5/13/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1317TVG
5/13/201810:30aGrowing Bolder411It's Not About Age; It's About AttitudeTVG
5/13/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein511Research and Evidence Based TreatmentTVG
5/13/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World703Masters of the Edible Landscape (San Francisco, CA and Mt. Vernon, WA)TVG
5/13/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17131
5/13/201812:30pOff the Record4745TVG
5/13/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2710
5/13/20181:30pWashington Week5745
5/13/20182:00pIn Principle105
5/13/20182:30pMedia Meet1810Dealing with HomelessnessA look at the different forms and needs of homelessness in the Marquette community. This discussion will look at transitional housing, emergency shelters, low-income housing, mobility impaired residents and hospice patients, and what local groups are doing to serve the various housing needs.
5/13/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1618Food Hour: Southern ChinaTVPG
5/13/20184:00pClassic Gospel1103David Phelps: FreedomTVG
5/13/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1638Mother's Day (1956)TVG
5/13/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend892
5/13/20186:30pOff the Record4745TVG
5/13/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 2 on Masterpiece4204Part 4In the climactic battle of the war, Matthew and William go over the top to an uncertain fate.TVPG
5/13/20188:00pLittle Women on Masterpiece4815Part 1With their father away at war, the March sisters come to terms with their new life. Part 1 of 2.(5/14 1p)TVPG
5/13/20189:00p[21:06] Unforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4814Part 3Tessa, Sara, Colin and Marion each have a motive—but also an alibi.(5/15 1p)TV14
5/13/201810:30p[22:36] Last Tango in Halifax Season 3306Part 6Learn the reason Gillian is reluctant to go through with the wedding.TV14
5/13/201811:30p[23:33] BBC Newsnight17103
5/14/201812:00aThis American Land701Restoring River Flows, Welcome Back Monarchs(5/15 2:30p)TVG
5/14/201812:30aLittle Women on Masterpiece4815Part 1TVPG
5/14/20181:30a[01:36] Unforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4814Part 3TV14
5/14/20183:00a[03:06] Last Tango in Halifax Season 3306Part 6TV14
5/14/20184:00a[04:06] Live from Lincoln Center4304Andrew Rannells in ConcertTVG
5/14/20185:00a[JIP 05:06] Great Performances4009Chita Rivera: A Lot of Livin' to DoTVPG
Monday 145/14/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Mary and Gene Connor, Jr., Marquette, in honor of their anniversary
5/14/20186:00aWild Kratts104Flight of the DracoTVY
5/14/20186:30aWild Kratts501Mystery of the North Pole Penguins?TVY
5/14/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga206Healthy Joints for a Healthy BodyTVG
5/14/20187:30aBody Electric1723Tallahassee, Fl
5/14/20188:00aNature Cat139Ocean Commotion - Part 1TVY
5/14/20188:30aCurious George127The All-Animal Recycled Band/The Times of SandTVY
5/14/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific111Pink Lemonade/Pink ShoesTVY
5/14/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood213No Red Sweater for Daniel/Teacher Harriet's New HairdoTVY
5/14/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood215Daniel Takes Care of Snowball/Margaret's BathtimeTVY
5/14/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles105Tooth Treasure/Race Around The ReefTVY
5/14/201811:00aSesame Street4716Make Your GardenTVY
5/14/201811:30aSuper Why!313Super Puppy Saves The DayTVY
5/14/201812:00p2017 World Dancesport Grandslam Series101TVG
5/14/20181:00pLittle Women on Masterpiece4815Part 1TVPG
5/14/20182:00p[14:03] Live from Lincoln Center4304Andrew Rannells in ConcertTVG
5/14/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3321Lonely RetreatTVG
5/14/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique901Weight Loss: Slenderizing Your CoreTVG
5/14/20184:00pDW News15096TVG
5/14/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1405Footwork and CoreTVG
5/14/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1711Native PlantsTVG
5/14/20186:00pBBC World News America16134
5/14/20186:30pNightly Business Report37096
5/14/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12226
5/14/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2216Newport (1)(5/15 12p, 5/19 7p)TVG
5/14/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow2010Tucson (1)TVG
5/14/201810:00pRoyal Wedding Watch101A Wedding is AnnouncedLearn more about the bride and groom, and the story of how Queen Victoria set the trend for the modern white wedding.TVPG
5/14/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS211
5/14/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days176
5/15/201812:00aBBC World News135
5/15/201812:30aNHK Newsline9031
5/15/20181:00aRoyal Wedding Watch101TVPG
5/15/20182:00aRoyal Wedding Watch101TVPG
5/15/20183:00aLittle Women on Masterpiece4815Part 1TVPG
5/15/20184:00a[04:06] Unforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4814Part 3TV14
5/15/20185:30a[JIP 05:36] Katmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG
Tuesday 155/15/2018
5/15/20186:00aWild Kratts502Temple of the TigersTVY
5/15/20186:30aWild Kratts105Mystery of the Squirmy WormyTVY
5/15/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga207Salute to the Sun Part 1TVG
5/15/20187:30aBody Electric1724Acapulco, Mexico
5/15/20188:00aNature Cat140Ocean Commotion - Part 2TVY
5/15/20188:30aCurious George128The Elephant Upstairs/Being HundleyTVY
5/15/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific112Gnome More Nonsense/Space DancingTVY
5/15/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood216Daniel Explores Nature/Daniel's Nature WalkTVY
5/15/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood217So Many Feelings/Daniel's Many FeelingsTVY
5/15/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles129Stormy Waters/Scoot On Over!TVY
5/15/201811:00aSesame Street4706TVY
5/15/201811:30aSuper Why!315Landon's Circus AdventureTVY
5/15/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2216Newport (1)(5/19 7p)TVG
5/15/20181:00pUnforgotten Season 2 on Masterpiece4814Part 3TV14
5/15/20182:30pThis American Land701Restoring River Flows, Welcome Back MonarchsTVG
5/15/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford411Let's Go Fly A Kite Part 2TVG
5/15/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique902Pain Relief: Foot Pain WorkoutTVG
5/15/20184:00pDW News15097TVG
5/15/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television102The New BakingTVG
5/15/20185:00pWider World1829TVG
5/15/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg402Hidden Gems of OahuTVG
5/15/20186:00pBBC World News America16135
5/15/20186:30pNightly Business Report37097
5/15/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12227
5/15/20188:00pCivilizations105RenaissancesTravel east and west— to Renaissance Italy and the Islamic empires of the 15th and 16th centuries.(5/17 2p)TVPG
5/15/20189:00pFirst Civilizations104TradeExamine the civilizing effect of trade.(5/18 2p)TVPG
5/15/201810:00pRoyal Wedding Watch102What to WearLook at the dresses chosen by previous Royal brides.TVPG
5/15/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS212
5/15/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days177
5/16/201812:00aBBC World News136
5/16/201812:30aNHK Newsline9032
5/16/20181:00aFirst Civilizations104TradeTVPG
5/16/20182:00aRoyal Wedding Watch102TVPG
5/16/20183:00aRoyal Wedding Watch102TVPG
5/16/20184:00aAntiques Roadshow2216Newport (1)TVG
5/16/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2010Tucson (1)TVG
Wednesday 165/16/2018
5/16/20186:00aWild Kratts106Platypus CafeTVY
5/16/20186:30aWild Kratts503The Dhole DuplicatorTVY
5/16/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga208Salute to the Sun Part 2TVG
5/16/20187:30aBody Electric1725Tallahassee, Fl
5/16/20188:00aNature Cat133The Glow Games/Have A Grape DayTVY
5/16/20188:30aCurious George129George Fixes Betsy's Wagon/Curious George Takes A DriveTVY
5/16/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific113Indoor Camp-In/The FlutterbugsTVY
5/16/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood218Daniel Feels Two Feelings/The Neighborhood CarnivalTVY
5/16/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood219Sharing at the Library/Daniel Shares with MargaretTVY
5/16/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles130Puffy/The Big ShakeTVY
5/16/201811:00aSesame Street4727Twinkle Twinkle Little ElmoTVY
5/16/201811:30aSuper Why!316The Three Bears Go CampingTVY
5/16/201812:00pNature3512Natural Born Rebels: The Mating GameTVPG
5/16/20181:00p4 Wheel BobTVG
5/16/20182:00pGreat Performances4009Chita Rivera: A Lot of Livin' to DoTVPG
5/16/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2501Winter Sentinels, Part 1TVG
5/16/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique903Weight Loss: Hips & LegsTVG
5/16/20184:00pDW News15098TVG
5/16/20184:30pDestination Michigan707
5/16/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1815TVG
5/16/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table602TVG
5/16/20186:00pBBC World News America16136
5/16/20186:30pNightly Business Report37098
5/16/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12228
5/16/20188:00pNature3401Super HummingbirdsFly with super hummingbirds—great athletes, tender moms, brave in combat and up for any challenge!(5/23 12p)TVPG
5/16/20189:00pNOVA Wonders104Can We Build a Brain?How does today’s artificial intelligence actually work—and is it truly intelligent?(5/17 12p)TVPG
5/16/201810:00pRoyal Wedding Watch103CeremonyExplore the ceremony and traditions at the heart of a Royal wedding.TVPG
5/16/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS213
5/16/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days178
5/17/201812:00aBBC World News137
5/17/201812:30aNHK Newsline9033
5/17/20181:00aNOVA Wonders104Can We Build a Brain?TVPG
5/17/20182:00aRoyal Wedding Watch103TVPG
5/17/20183:00aRoyal Wedding Watch103TVPG
5/17/20184:00aFirst Civilizations104TradeTVPG
Thursday 175/17/2018
5/17/20186:00aWild Kratts504The Cobra KingTVY
5/17/20186:30aWild Kratts107Polar Bears Don't DanceTVY
5/17/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga209Salute to the Sun Part 3TVG
5/17/20187:30aBody Electric1726Tallahassee, Fl
5/17/20188:00aNature Cat134Flight of the Firefly/ThunderstruckTVY
5/17/20188:30aCurious George130Unbalanced/Curious George Vs. WinterTVY
5/17/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific114Secret Sculpture/The CelebratorTVY
5/17/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood220Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday/Daniel's Happy SongTVY
5/17/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood222The Lemonade Stand/Mad at the BeachTVY
5/17/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles103Cleaner of the Kelp/How Bubbles Got Her Moves BackTVY
5/17/201811:00aSesame Street4716Make Your GardenTVY
5/17/201811:30aSuper Why!163The Big GameTVY
5/17/201812:00pNOVA Wonders104Can We Build a Brain?TVPG
5/17/20181:00pThe Forgotten CoastTVG
5/17/20183:00pMake it Artsy407Be ObjectiveTVG
5/17/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique904Weight Loss: Slenderizing Legs & HipsTVG
5/17/20184:00pDW News15099TVG
5/17/20184:30pThis American Land703Forest Homes for Bats, Defenses Against Flooding, Prescribed FiresTVG
5/17/20185:00pGarden Smart5011TVG
5/17/20185:30pFocus On Europe3619
5/17/20186:00pBBC World News America16137
5/17/20186:30pNightly Business Report37099
5/17/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12229
5/17/20188:00pAsk the DNR1831Water Sports, Camping and Recreation(5/18 12p)TVG
5/17/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1820(5/19 5:30p)TVG
5/17/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan702UP Adventure - Le Cheneaux and Drummond Islands(5/18 5p, 5/19 10:30p)
5/17/201810:00pRoyal Wedding Watch104How to CelebrateFrom the carriage procession to the cake, the Royal family know how to celebrate in style.TVPG
5/17/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS214
5/17/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days179
5/18/201812:00aBBC World News138
5/18/201812:30aNHK Newsline9034
5/18/20181:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage207TV14
5/18/20182:00aRoyal Wedding Watch104TVPG
5/18/20183:00aRoyal Wedding Watch104TVPG
5/18/20184:00aNature3401Super HummingbirdsTVPG
5/18/20185:00aNOVA Wonders104Can We Build a Brain?TVPG
Friday 185/18/2018
5/18/20186:00aWild Kratts108Build It BeaverTVY
5/18/20186:30aWild Kratts505Fire SalamanderTVY
5/18/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga210Salute to the Sun Part 4TVG
5/18/20187:30aBody Electric1901TVG
5/18/20188:00aNature Cat201Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune PatrolTVY
5/18/20188:30aCurious George201Up, Up and Away/SkunkedTVY
5/18/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific115Sweet Pea Pixie/Pink PiperTVY
5/18/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood223Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm/Fireflies and FireworksTVY
5/18/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood221Looking for Snowball/Daniel's Neighbors HelpTVY
5/18/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles106Dunk's New Friend/Ripple's Whale of a TaleTVY
5/18/201811:00aSesame Street4702TVY
5/18/201811:30aSuper Why!160The Muddled-Up FairytalesTVY
5/18/201812:00pAsk the DNR1831Water Sports, Camping and RecreationTVG
5/18/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1618Food Hour: Southern ChinaTVPG
5/18/20182:00pFirst Civilizations104TradeTVPG
5/18/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer1001Icebreaker MackinawTVG
5/18/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique905Pain Relief: Feet & Calf HealingTVG
5/18/20184:00pDW News15100TVG
5/18/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2510Wooden BicyclesTVG
5/18/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan702UP Adventure - Le Cheneaux and Drummond Islands(5/19 10:30p)
5/18/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2711
5/18/20186:00pBBC World News America16138
5/18/20186:30pNightly Business Report37100
5/18/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12230
5/18/20188:00pWashington Week5746(5/20 1:30p)
5/18/20188:30pOff the Record4746TVG
5/18/20189:00pHedy Lamarr: American Masters3104Discover the story of the most beautiful woman in the world, who was also an ingenious inventor.TVPG
5/18/201810:30pRoyal Wedding Watch105Happily Ever AfterExplore Kensington Palace, soon to be Meghan’s new home.TVPG
5/18/201811:30pAmanpour on PBS215
5/19/201812:00aBBC World News139
5/19/201812:30aNHK Newsline9035
5/19/20181:00aIn Principle106
5/19/20181:30aHedy Lamarr: American Masters3104TVPG
5/19/20183:00aRoyal Wedding Watch105TVPG
5/19/20184:15aThe Royal Wedding: Prince Harry & Meghan MarkleWatch the much-anticipated wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle, live from St. George’s Chapel at Windsor.
Saturday 195/19/2018
5/19/20189:00aCurious George129
5/19/20189:30aNature Cat134Flight of the Firefly/Thunderstruck
5/19/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!706Dolly Long LegsTVG
5/19/201810:30aQuilting Arts2111Asian InfluencesTVG
5/19/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1013Sewing As A BusinessTVG
5/19/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3322Black SeascapeTVG
5/19/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen510A Dinner PartyTVG
5/19/201812:30pGarden Smart5011TVG
5/19/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3608Firewood CarrierTVG
5/19/20181:30pThis Old House3724Charleston | Rainbow RowTVG
5/19/20182:00pAsk This Old House1624Reface Fireplace, Kitchen FaucetTVG
5/19/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy205The ChairmakerTVG
5/19/20183:30pWilderness Journal1914
5/19/20184:00pGreat Getaways1501Annual Heritage Coast Sail Days On Lake HuronTVG
5/19/20184:30pDestination Michigan707
5/19/20185:00pNative Report1307
5/19/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1820TVG
5/19/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend893
5/19/20186:30pMedia Meet1809Making Votes Matter, Part 2The discussion about voter access, integrity and accountability continues with Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma, Marquette City Clerk Kris Hazeres and retired NMU political science Professor Robert Kulisheck. Single party voting, polls, and gerrymandering are addressed. (Repeat from April)(5/20 2:30p)
5/19/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2216Newport (1)TVG
5/19/20188:00p2017 World Dancesport Grandslam Series102(5/21 12p)TVG
5/19/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1639Childhood Memories (1972)TVG
5/19/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville243Hall of FameTVG
5/19/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan702UP Adventure - Le Cheneaux and Drummond Islands
5/19/201811:00pAustin City Limits4303Zac Brown BandTVPG
5/20/201812:00aWoodsongs2101Béla Fleck & Abigail WashburnTVG
5/20/20181:00aNOVA Wonders104Can We Build a Brain?TVPG
5/20/20182:00aNature3401Super HummingbirdsTVPG
5/20/20183:00aFirst Civilizations104TradeTVPG
5/20/20184:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage207TV14
5/20/20185:00aWashington Week5746
5/20/20185:30aKatmai: Alaska's Wild Peninsula
Sunday 205/20/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Terry and Cheryl Jardis, Escanaba
5/20/20186:00aSid the Science Kid219Sid's Pet ProjectTVY
5/20/20186:30aDinosaur Train225Dinosaur Train Submarine: Maisie Mosasaurus/Date NightTVY
5/20/20187:00aSesame Street4727Twinkle Twinkle Little ElmoTVY
5/20/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood223Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm/Fireflies and FireworksTVY
5/20/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific115Sweet Pea Pixie/Pink PiperTVY
5/20/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles106Dunk's New Friend/Ripple's Whale of a TaleTVY
5/20/20189:00aCurious George201Up, Up and Away/SkunkedTVY
5/20/20189:30aNature Cat201Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune PatrolTVY
5/20/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1318TVG
5/20/201810:30aGrowing Bolder412Hope. Inspiration. Possibility.TVG
5/20/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein512Youth and Mental Health: Early InterventionTVG
5/20/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World704The 50-Mile Bouquet: Why Local Matters with Flowers, Too (Skagit Valley, WA)TVG
5/20/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17138
5/20/201812:30pOff the Record4746TVG
5/20/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2711
5/20/20181:30pWashington Week5746
5/20/20182:00pIn Principle106
5/20/20182:30pMedia Meet1809Making Votes Matter, Part 2The discussion about voter access, integrity and accountability continues with Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma, Marquette City Clerk Kris Hazeres and retired NMU political science Professor Robert Kulisheck. Single party voting, polls, and gerrymandering are addressed. (Repeat from April)
5/20/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1619Tough Trains: BoliviaTVPG
5/20/20184:00pClassic Gospel1104Guy Penrod Live: Hymns & WorshipTVG
5/20/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1639Childhood Memories (1972)TVG
5/20/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend894
5/20/20186:30pOff the Record4746TVG
5/20/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 2 on Masterpiece4205Part 5As the war nears its end, Downton’s aristocrats and servants put their lives back together.TVPG
5/20/20188:00pLittle Women on Masterpiece4816Part 2The March family must come together to face their most difficult challenge yet. (5/21 1p)TVPG
5/20/201810:00p[22:04] Louisa May Alcott: American Masters2207Examine the double life of this celebrated author, who wrote scandalous works under a pseudonym.(5/22 1p)TVPG
5/20/201811:30p[23:32] BBC Newsnight17138
5/21/201812:00a[00:01] This American Land702Wyoming Wilderness, Rising Sea Levels, Managing National Forests(5/22 2:30p)TVG
5/21/201812:30aLittle Women on Masterpiece4816Part 2TVPG
5/21/20182:30a[02:34] Louisa May Alcott: American Masters2207TVPG
5/21/20184:00a[04:04] Hedy Lamarr: American Masters3104TVPG
5/21/20185:30a[JIP 05:34] Katmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG
Monday 215/21/2018
5/21/20186:00aWild Kratts506Cheeks The HamsterTVY
5/21/20186:30aWild Kratts109Voyage of the Butterflier XtTVY
5/21/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga211Release, Arch and StretchTVG
5/21/20187:30aBody Electric1902TVG
5/21/20188:00aNature Cat202Stop and Hear The Cicadas/Cold-BloodedTVY
5/21/20188:30aCurious George 3: Back to the JungleTVY
5/21/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood225Nighttime in the NeighborhoodTVY
5/21/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles107Golden Legs Gush/A Fish Called MoTVY
5/21/201811:00aSesame Street4708TVY
5/21/201811:30aSuper Why!161The Story of the Tooth FairyTVY
5/21/201812:00p2017 World Dancesport Grandslam Series102TVG
5/21/20181:00pLittle Women on Masterpiece4816Part 2TVPG
5/21/20183:00p[15:02] Best of the Joy of Painting3322Black SeascapeTVG
5/21/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique906Weight Loss: Focusing On Leg WorkTVG
5/21/20184:00pDW News15101TVG
5/21/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1406Controlled BreathingTVG
5/21/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1712Young FarmersTVG
5/21/20186:00pBBC World News America16141
5/21/20186:30pNightly Business Report37101
5/21/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12231
5/21/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2217Newport (2)(5/22 12p, 5/26 7p)TVG
5/21/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow2011Tucson (2)TVG
5/21/201810:00pIndependent Lens1918ACORN and the FirestormExplore the charged battle to take down ACORN, a controversial national community-organizing group.TVPG
5/21/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days180
5/22/201812:00aBBC World News142
5/22/201812:30aAntiques Roadshow2011Tucson (2)TVG
5/22/20181:30aAntiques Roadshow2217Newport (2)TVG
5/22/20182:30aLittle Women on Masterpiece4816Part 2TVPG
5/22/20184:30a[JIP 04:34] Louisa May Alcott: American Masters2207TVPG
Tuesday 225/22/2018
5/22/20186:00aWild Kratts509Sloth Bear SuctionTVY
5/22/20186:30aWild Kratts508Elephant Brains!TVY
5/22/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga212Stretch, Tone & SaluteTVG
5/22/20187:30aBody Electric1903TVG
5/22/20188:00aNature Cat203Lights Out for Sea Turtles/Nature ArtTVY
5/22/20188:30aCurious George203Up A Tree/Curious George and the TrashTVY
5/22/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific113Indoor Camp-In/The FlutterbugsTVY
5/22/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood301Tiger Family TripTVY
5/22/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood302Visiting Grandpere/The Tiger Family Goes Back HomeTVY
5/22/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles108Deflated Dunk/Kelp Forest KeepersTVY
5/22/201811:00aSesame Street4729Big Birds Big MoveTVY
5/22/201811:30aSuper Why!317Mathis' Book of WhyTVY
5/22/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2217Newport (2)(5/26 7p)TVG
5/22/20181:00pLouisa May Alcott: American Masters2207TVPG
5/22/20182:30pThis American Land702Wyoming Wilderness, Rising Sea Levels, Managing National ForestsTVG
5/22/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford412Chickadee On Birch Part 1TVG
5/22/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique907Weight Loss: Ab & Waist Strengthening (All Standing)TVG
5/22/20184:00pDW News15102TVG
5/22/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television103From Thailand with LoveTVG
5/22/20185:00pWider World1830TVG
5/22/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg403Best Airline Safety VideosTVG
5/22/20186:00pBBC World News America16142
5/22/20186:30pNightly Business Report37102
5/22/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12232
5/22/20188:00pThe Great American Read101Examine the power, passion and joy of reading through the lens of America’s 100 best-loved books.(5/23 1p)TVPG
5/22/201810:00pFrontline3606WeinsteinHow the Hollywood mogul allegedly sexually harassed and abused dozens of women over four decades.
5/22/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS217
5/22/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days181
5/23/201812:00aThe Great American Read101TVPG
5/23/20183:00aIndependent Lens1918ACORN and the FirestormTVPG
5/23/20184:30aEmery Blagdon and His Healing MachineTVG
5/23/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2011Tucson (2)TVG
Wednesday 235/23/2018
5/23/20186:00aWild Kratts110Honey SeekersTVY
5/23/20186:30aWild Kratts507Wild PoniesTVY
5/23/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga213Stretch Your BackTVG
5/23/20187:30aBody Electric1904TVG
5/23/20188:00aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
5/23/20188:30aCurious George204Curious George Gets All Keyed Up/Gutter MonkeyTVY
5/23/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific114Secret Sculpture/The CelebratorTVY
5/23/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood303Daniel Makes a Noise Maker/Daniel Makes the NeighborhoodTVY
5/23/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood304Daniel's Allergy/Allergies at SchoolTVY
5/23/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles131Seal Sitters/from Ray to ZeeTVY
5/23/201811:00aSesame Street4708TVY
5/23/201811:30aSuper Why!162The Comic Book: Attack of the EraserTVY
5/23/201812:00pNature3401Super HummingbirdsTVPG
5/23/20181:00pThe Great American Read101TVPG
5/23/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2502Winter Sentinels, Part 2TVG
5/23/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique908Pain Relief: Quad & HipsTVG
5/23/20184:00pDW News15103TVG
5/23/20184:30pDestination Michigan708
5/23/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1816TVG
5/23/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table603TVG
5/23/20186:00pBBC World News America16143
5/23/20186:30pNightly Business Report37103
5/23/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12233
5/23/20188:00pNature3513The World's Most Wanted AnimalMeet the pangolin, an almost unheard-of creature, yet the most trafficked animal in the world.(5/30 12p)TVPG
5/23/20189:00pNOVA Wonders105Can We Make Life?A revolution in gene editing technology enables scientists to create and edit DNA as never before.(5/24 12p)TVPG
5/23/201810:00pNOVA4419Extreme Animal WeaponsFollow NOVA to uncover the secrets of nature’s battleground—claws, horns, fangs and all.TVPG
5/23/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS218
5/23/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days182
5/24/201812:00aBBC World News144
5/24/201812:30aNHK Newsline9038
5/24/20181:00aNOVA Wonders105Can We Make Life?TVPG
5/24/20182:00aNOVA4419Extreme Animal WeaponsTVPG
5/24/20183:00aAntiques Roadshow2011Tucson (2)TVG
5/24/20184:00aThe Great American Read101TVPG
Thursday 245/24/2018
5/24/20186:00aWild Kratts111Bass ClassTVY
5/24/20186:30aWild Kratts112FirefliesTVY
5/24/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga214Abs-Strengthening Leg ExercisesTVG
5/24/20187:30aBody Electric1905TVG
5/24/20188:00aNature Cat206Enter The Dragonfly/Water WoesTVY
5/24/20188:30aCurious George119The Truth About George Burgers/Curious George in the DarkTVY
5/24/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific115Sweet Pea Pixie/Pink PiperTVY
5/24/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood306Daniel and Margaret Play School/Treasure Hunt at the CastleTVY
5/24/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood307Daniel and O's Road Trip/Daniel's Puppet PlanTVY
5/24/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles132The Sea Sparkles/Tyke and SeekTVY
5/24/201811:00aSesame Street4702TVY
5/24/201811:30aSuper Why!164The CookbookTVY
5/24/201812:00pNOVA Wonders105Can We Make Life?TVPG
5/24/20181:00pThey Were Our FathersTVG
5/24/20183:00pMake it Artsy408Artistic LicenseTVG
5/24/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique909Weight Loss: Posture WorkoutTVG
5/24/20184:00pDW News15104TVG
5/24/20184:30pThis American Land704Farmland Runoff, Maintaining National Parks, Rafting Through A MonumentTVG
5/24/20185:00pGarden Smart5012TVG
5/24/20185:30pFocus On Europe3620
5/24/20186:00pBBC World News America16144
5/24/20186:30pNightly Business Report37104
5/24/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12234
5/24/20188:00pAsk the Doctors1832General Health/Arthritis(5/25 12p)TVG
5/24/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1821(5/26 5:30p)TVG
5/24/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan703Ypsi/Ann Arbor(5/25 5p, 5/26 10:30p)TVG
5/24/201810:00pAmerica’s Ancient Industry101Part 1 - Michigan's Role in Copper MiningDocumentary highlights Michigan’s role in ancient copper mining.(5/25 2p)
5/24/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS219
5/24/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days183
5/25/201812:00aBBC World News145
5/25/201812:30aNHK Newsline9039
5/25/20181:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage208TV14
5/25/20182:00aAntiques Roadshow2011Tucson (2)TVG
5/25/20183:00aNature3513The World's Most Wanted AnimalTVPG
5/25/20184:00aNOVA Wonders105Can We Make Life?TVPG
5/25/20185:00aNOVA4419Extreme Animal WeaponsTVPG
Friday 255/25/2018
5/25/20186:00aWild Kratts113Mystery of the Weird Looking WalrusTVY
5/25/20186:30aWild Kratts114Tazzy ChrisTVY
5/25/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga215Salute to the SunTVG
5/25/20187:30aBody Electric1906TVG
5/25/20188:00aNature Cat105TVY
5/25/20188:30aCurious George206All-New Hundley/Signs UpTVY
5/25/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
5/25/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood309Daniel's Bicycle/Katerina's Magic TrickTVY
5/25/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood310Firefighters at School/Daniel's DollTVY
5/25/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles109Splash's Swim School/Light at the End of the TunnelTVY
5/25/201811:00aSesame Street4705TVY
5/25/201811:30aSuper Why!318Attack of More Man!TVY
5/25/201812:00pAsk the Doctors1832General Health/ArthritisTVG
5/25/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1619Tough Trains: BoliviaTVPG
5/25/20182:00pAmerica’s Ancient Industry101Part 1 - Michigan's Role in Copper Mining
5/25/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer1002ChristianstedTVG
5/25/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique910Pain Relief: for the BackTVG
5/25/20184:00pDW News15105TVG
5/25/20184:30pAmerican Woodshop2511Custom Wood KeepsTVG
5/25/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan703Ypsi/Ann Arbor(5/26 10:30p)TVG
5/25/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2712
5/25/20186:00pBBC World News America16145
5/25/20186:30pNightly Business Report37105
5/25/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12235
5/25/20188:00pWashington Week5747(5/27 1:30p)
5/25/20188:30pOff the Record4747TVG
5/25/20189:00pGreat Performances4210The Opera HouseExplore the history of the Met Opera’s Lincoln Center home and life in 1950s-60s New York City.TVG
5/25/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS220
5/25/201811:30pBBC World News on PBS121
5/26/201812:00aBBC World News146
5/26/201812:30aNHK Newsline9040
5/26/20181:00aGreat Performances4210The Opera HouseTVG
5/26/20183:00aThe Great American Read101TVPG
5/26/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1625TVG
Saturday 265/26/2018
5/26/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1620EnvironmentTVY
5/26/20186:30aDinosaur Train220Arnie Rides The Flatcar/Old ReliableTVY
5/26/20187:00aBob the Builder911A Musical NoteTVY
5/26/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood303Daniel Makes a Noise Maker/Daniel Makes the NeighborhoodTVY
5/26/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific115Sweet Pea Pixie/Pink PiperTVY
5/26/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles132The Sea Sparkles/Tyke and SeekTVY
5/26/20189:00aCurious George204Curious George Gets All Keyed Up/Gutter MonkeyTVY
5/26/20189:30aNature Cat103TVY
5/26/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!707Downton Abbey-Inspired GlovesTVG
5/26/201810:30aQuilting Arts2112Embellish with Stitch and StuffTVG
5/26/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1101Style on the EdgeTVG
5/26/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3323Daisy DelightTVG
5/26/201812:00pLidia’s Kitchen511Party FixingsTVG
5/26/201812:30pGarden Smart5012TVG
5/26/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3609Double Casement WindowTVG
5/26/20181:30pThis Old House3725Charleston | Raise The PergolaTVG
5/26/20182:00pAsk This Old House1625Drafty Door, Clean PaintbrushesTVG
5/26/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy206The Weave MasterTVG
5/26/20183:30pWilderness Journal1915
5/26/20184:00pGreat Getaways1504Roscommon TrailsTVG
5/26/20184:30pDestination Michigan708
5/26/20185:00pNative Report1308
5/26/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1821TVG
5/26/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend895
5/26/20186:30pMedia Meet1812Outdoor UpdateThe Michigan Department of Natural Resources supports a broad range of outdoor sport, recreation, research and conservation activities, yet only 14% its $409 million dollar budget comes directly from state tax dollars. We discuss current outdoor issues and programs with DNR Deputy Director Bill O'Neill. Media guest: Country 103 Host Adam Carpenter. Schedule Note: The episode originally scheduled for this week, Lead-Related Mortality, has been postponed.(5/27 2:30p)
5/26/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow2217Newport (2)TVG
5/26/20188:00p2017 World Dancesport Grandslam Series103(5/28 12p)TVG
5/26/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1640Salute to the Armed Forces (1968)TVG
5/26/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville244Moe BandyTVG
5/26/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan703Ypsi/Ann ArborTVG
5/26/201811:00pAustin City Limits4102Sturgill Simpson/Asleep at the WheelTVPG
5/27/201812:00aWoodsongs2102Tommy EmmanuelTVG
5/27/20181:00aNOVA Wonders105Can We Make Life?TVPG
5/27/20182:00aNOVA4419Extreme Animal WeaponsTVPG
5/27/20183:00aNature3513The World's Most Wanted AnimalTVPG
5/27/20184:00aIndependent Lens1918ACORN and the FirestormTVPG
5/27/20185:30aWashington Week5747
Sunday 275/27/2018
5/27/20186:00aSid the Science Kid214Sid's Backyard Campout!TVY
5/27/20186:30aDinosaur Train221Tiny and the Crocodile/Meet The GrandparentsTVY
5/27/20187:00aSesame Street4708TVY
5/27/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood304Daniel's Allergy/Allergies at SchoolTVY
5/27/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific107Pinkalicious/GlitterizerTVY
5/27/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles109Splash's Swim School/Light at the End of the TunnelTVY
5/27/20189:00aCurious George206All-New Hundley/Signs UpTVY
5/27/20189:30aNature Cat105TVY
5/27/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1319TVG
5/27/201810:30aGrowing Bolder413Are You Ready to Start Rebranding Aging?TVG
5/27/201811:00aHealthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein513Refractory DepressionTVG
5/27/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World705Dominica: Island Ingenuity in Sustainability (Island of Dominica, The Caribbean)TVG
5/27/201812:00pBBC Newsnight17145
5/27/201812:30pOff the Record4747TVG
5/27/20181:00pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2712
5/27/20181:30pWashington Week5747
5/27/20182:00pIn Principle107
5/27/20182:30pMedia Meet1812Outdoor Update 
5/27/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1620Delhi & AgraTVPG
5/27/20184:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1640Salute to the Armed Forces (1968)TVG
5/27/20185:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend896
5/27/20185:30pOff the Record4747TVG
5/27/20186:00pDownton Abbey Season 2 on Masterpiece4206Part 6The Spanish flu strikes Downton, transforming the fortunes of all.TVPG
5/27/20188:00pNational Memorial Day Concert 20182018Join Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna for the 29th broadcast honoring our men and women in uniform.(5/28 1p)TVPG
5/27/20189:30pThe U.P. Recalls The WarIn this 2007 WNMU-TV production, people living in the Upper Peninsula recall World War II, sharing images and stories from the battlefields of Europe, and the home towns we know and love.(5/29 1p)TVG
5/27/201810:30pSurvivors of Malmedy: December 194484 American soldiers were massacred in Belgium during the opening days of the Battle of the Bulge.TVPG
5/27/201811:30pBBC Newsnight17117
5/28/201812:00aNational Memorial Day Concert 20182018TVPG
5/28/20181:30aGreat Performances4210The Opera HouseTVG
5/28/20183:30aNational Memorial Day Concert 20182018TVPG
5/28/20185:00aThe Tunnel: Sabotage208TV14
Monday 285/28/2018
5/28/20186:00aWild Kratts115Octopus WildkratticusTVY
5/28/20186:30aWild Kratts116Walk on the WetsideTVY
5/28/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga216Keep Your Balance!TVG
5/28/20187:30aBody Electric1907TVG
5/28/20188:00aNature Cat107Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?!/For the Birdies!TVY
5/28/20188:30aCurious George207Color Me Monkey/Special Delivery MonkeyTVY
5/28/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific108All Tangled Up/Above The CloudsTVY
5/28/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood311Daniel Goes to Sleep/Prince Wednesday Sleeps OverTVY
5/28/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood312Daniel's Goldfish Dies/Daniel's Strawberry SeedsTVY
5/28/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles133Lights Out!/Catching Some ZzzsTVY
5/28/201811:00aSesame Street4714Painting with Cookie MonsterTVY
5/28/201811:30aSuper Why!165The Beach Day MysteryTVY
5/28/201812:00p2017 World Dancesport Grandslam Series103TVG
5/28/20181:00pNational Memorial Day Concert 20182018TVPG
5/28/20182:30pMr. Tanimoto’s JourneyTVG
5/28/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3323Daisy DelightTVG
5/28/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique911Weight Loss: Slenderize Your WaistTVG
5/28/20184:00pDW News15106TVG
5/28/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1407Vestibular and CoreTVG
5/28/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1713Designing GardensTVG
5/28/20186:00pBBC World News America16148
5/28/20186:30pNightly Business Report37106
5/28/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12236
5/28/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2218Newport (3)(5/29 12p)TVG
5/28/20189:00pGoing to WarAuthors Sebastian Junger and Karl Marlantes reveal the soldier’s journey with unflinching candor.(5/29 2p)TV14
5/28/201810:00pIndependent Lens1920Served Like a GirlJoin five women rebuilding their lives with humor and heart in the Ms. Veteran America Competition.(5/31 1p)TV14
5/28/201811:30pAmanpour on PBS221
5/29/201812:00aBBC World News149
5/29/201812:30aAntiques Roadshow2218Newport (3)TVG
5/29/20181:30aGoing to WarTV14
5/29/20182:30aNational Memorial Day Concert 20182018TVPG
5/29/20184:00aGreat Performances4210The Opera HouseTVG
Tuesday 295/29/2018
5/29/20186:00aWild Kratts117Elephant in the RoomTVY
5/29/20186:30aWild Kratts118Let The Rhinos Roll!TVY
5/29/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga217Abs and ThighsTVG
5/29/20187:30aBody Electric1908TVG
5/29/20188:00aNature Cat108TVY
5/29/20188:30aCurious George208Free Hundley/Bag MonkeyTVY
5/29/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific111Pink Lemonade/Pink ShoesTVY
5/29/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood319King Daniel for the DayTVY
5/29/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood316Daniel's Very Different Day/Class Trip to the LibraryTVY
5/29/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles110Small But Mighty/Washed AwayTVY
5/29/201811:00aSesame Street4704TVY
5/29/201811:30aSuper Why!319Tilden The CaterpillarTVY
5/29/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2218Newport (3)TVG
5/29/20181:00pThe U.P. Recalls The WarTVG
5/29/20182:00pGoing to WarTV14
5/29/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford413Chickadee On Birch Part 2TVG
5/29/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique912Weight Loss: Arm Slenderizing (All Standing)TVG
5/29/20184:00pDW News15107TVG
5/29/20184:30pChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television104Tahini Rules!TVG
5/29/20185:00pWider World1831TVG
5/29/20185:30pThe Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg404Hidden Gems of Ras Al-KhaimahTVG
5/29/20186:00pBBC World News America16149
5/29/20186:30pNightly Business Report37107
5/29/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12237
5/29/20188:00pThe Chinese Exclusion Act: American Experience2909Examine the 1882 law that made it illegal for Chinese workers to come to America.(5/30 1p)TVPG
5/29/201810:00pFrontline3605The Gang CrackdownA slew of killings linked to the MS-13 gang, and the crackdown that swept up immigrant teens.
5/29/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS222
5/29/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days185
5/30/201812:00aThe Chinese Exclusion Act: American Experience2909TVPG
5/30/20182:00aFrontline3605The Gang Crackdown
5/30/20183:00aGoing to WarTV14
5/30/20184:00aIndependent Lens1920Served Like a GirlTV14
5/30/20185:30aKatmai: Alaska's Wild PeninsulaTVG
Wednesday 305/30/2018
5/30/20186:00aWild Kratts119Kickin' It with the RoosTVY
5/30/20186:30aWild Kratts120The Blue and the GrayTVY
5/30/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga218Sit AwhileTVG
5/30/20187:30aBody Electric1909TVG
5/30/20188:00aNature Cat109Stream and Shout/Hal's Day OffTVY
5/30/20188:30aCurious George209Monkey Stagehand/Magic GardenTVY
5/30/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific110Peter's Blues/Pink RaspberryTVY
5/30/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood201The Tiger Family Grows/daniel Learns About Being A Big BrotherTVY
5/30/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood202The Baby Is HereTVY
5/30/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles134The Job Search/Reeftown's Got Talent!TVY
5/30/201811:00aSesame Street4719House of WormTVY
5/30/201811:30aSuper Why!321The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo PeepTVY
5/30/201812:00pNature3513The World's Most Wanted AnimalTVPG
5/30/20181:00pThe Chinese Exclusion Act: American Experience2909TVPG
5/30/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell2503Winter Sentinels, Part 3TVG
5/30/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique913Weight Loss: Strengthen Spine & Improve PostureTVG
5/30/20184:00pDW News15108TVG
5/30/20184:30pDestination Michigan801
5/30/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1817TVG
5/30/20185:30pPati's Mexican Table604The Mezcal TrailTVG
5/30/20186:00pBBC World News America16150
5/30/20186:30pNightly Business Report37108
5/30/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12238
5/30/20188:00pNature3403Giraffes: Africa's Gentle GiantsEmbark on a special voyage across the Nile River to relocate the world’s rarest giraffes.TVPG
5/30/20189:00pNOVA Wonders106What's the Universe Made Of?Peer into the deep unknowns of the universe to explore the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy(5/31 12p)TVPG
5/30/201810:00pNOVA4223Inside Einstein's MindRetrace Einstein’s thought experiments to discover how he reshaped our understanding of gravity. TVG
5/30/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS223
5/30/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days186
5/31/201812:00aBBC World News151
5/31/201812:30aNHK Newsline9043
5/31/20181:00aNOVA Wonders106What's the Universe Made Of?TVPG
5/31/20182:00aNOVA4223Inside Einstein's MindTVG
5/31/20183:00aAntiques Roadshow2218Newport (3)TVG
5/31/20184:00aThe Chinese Exclusion Act: American Experience2909TVPG
Thursday 315/31/2018
5/31/20186:00aWild Kratts121Falcon CityTVY
5/31/20186:30aWild Kratts122Koala BalloonTVY
5/31/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga219Breathe Away Your StressTVG
5/31/20187:30aBody Electric1910TVG
5/31/20188:00aNature Cat110Tally Ho! A Rainbow/Travelin' SeedsTVY
5/31/20188:30aCurious George210Curious George, Plumber's Helper/Curious George Takes a HikeTVY
5/31/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific112Gnome More Nonsense/Space DancingTVY
5/31/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood203Time for Daniel/There's Time for Daniel and Baby TooTVY
5/31/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood315Daniel Takes His Time/Sometime's It's Good to Go SlowTVY
5/31/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles111Super Splash!/PearleneTVY
5/31/201811:00aSesame Street4705TVY
5/31/201811:30aSuper Why!322The Princess Who Loved MudTVY
5/31/201812:00pNOVA Wonders106What's the Universe Made Of?TVPG
5/31/20181:00pIndependent Lens1920Served Like a GirlTV14
5/31/20182:30pSearch for the USS ScorpionTVG
5/31/20183:00pMake it Artsy409Texture and DimensionTVG
5/31/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique914Pain Relief: Calf & Knee StrengtheningTVG
5/31/20184:00pDW News15109TVG
5/31/20184:30pThis American Land705Irrigation Revival, Partnerships for National Parks, Gulf Coast FishingTVG
5/31/20185:00pGarden Smart5013TVG
5/31/20185:30pFocus On Europe3621
5/31/20186:00pMiWeek: Mackinac Gubernatorial Debate Live debate from the Mackinac Policy Conference at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island will feature the top three Democratic and top three Republican candidates for Michigan Governor. Hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber and Detroit Public TV. Repeats at 9 pm ET on TV13/PLUS 13.3.
5/31/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12239
5/31/20188:00pAsk the Certified Financial Planners1833(6/1 12p)TVG
5/31/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1822TVG
5/31/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan609Road Trip - WoodwardTVG
5/31/201810:00pAmerica’s Ancient Industry102Part 2 - Travel RoutesMore about Michigan’s role in ancient copper mining, examining the water routes that ancient miners traveled and sites they visited.(6/1 2p)
5/31/201811:00pAmanpour on PBS224
5/31/201811:30pBeyond 100 Days187
6/1/201812:00aBBC World News152
6/1/201812:30aNHK Newsline9044
6/1/20181:00aThe Chinese Exclusion Act: American Experience2909TVPG
6/1/20183:00aNature3403Giraffes: Africa's Gentle GiantsTVPG
6/1/20184:00aNOVA Wonders106What's the Universe Made Of?TVPG
6/1/20185:00aNOVA4223Inside Einstein's MindTVG