WNMU-TV Channel 13.1 October 2018 Schedule


  Date Start_Time Program Title Program_# Episode Title Description RepeatDay Rating
Monday 110/1/2018
10/1/20186:00aWild Kratts140Raptor RoundupTVY
10/1/20186:30aWild Kratts415Red Panda RescueTVY
10/1/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga204HamstringsTVG
10/1/20187:30aBody Electric1719Tallahassee, FlTVG
10/1/20188:00aNature Cat109Stream and Shout/Hal's Day OffTVY
10/1/20188:30aCurious George503George's Super Subway Adventure/Well Done, GeorgeTVY
10/1/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific116Cha-Cha-Licious /Show and SmellTVY
10/1/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood319King Daniel for the DayTVY
10/1/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood401Daniel Finds Something to Do/Daniel's Royal Good TimeTVY
10/1/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles111Super Splash!/PearleneTVY
10/1/201811:00aSesame Street4828Oscar The KindTVY
10/1/201811:30aSuper Why!152The Prince and the PauperTVY
10/1/201812:00pOutside with Greg Aiello209IcelandTVG
10/1/201812:30pMuseum Access105Adler Planetarium / Rare Instruments, James LovellTVG
10/1/20181:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4836Part 1TVPG
10/1/20182:00pMy Mother and Other Strangers on Masterpiece4723Part 4TVPG
10/1/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3341New Day's DawnTVG
10/1/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique811Unlock Your Spince & Improve Your PostureTVG
10/1/20184:00pPublic Eye News1517
10/1/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches16
10/1/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1605Neglected Areas of BodyTVG
10/1/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1605Melting PotluckTVG
10/1/20186:00pBBC World News America16274
10/1/20186:30pNightly Business Report37196
10/1/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12366
10/1/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow1901New York City (1)(10/2 12p, 10/6 7p)TVG
10/1/20189:00pAntiques Roadshow1902New York City (2)TVG
10/1/201810:00pPOV3114Dark MoneyFollow a reporter's journey to expose the world of anonymous campaign contributions in Montana.(10/2 1p)TVPG
10/1/201811:30pAmanpour and Company117
10/2/201812:30aAntiques Roadshow1901New York City (1)TVG
10/2/20181:30aAntiques Roadshow1902New York City (2)TVG
10/2/20182:30aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4828Part 1TV14
10/2/20183:30aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4836Part 1TVPG
10/2/20184:30aMy Mother and Other Strangers on Masterpiece4723Part 4TVPG
10/2/20185:30aEmery Blagdon and His Healing MachineTVG
Tuesday 210/2/2018
10/2/20186:00aWild Kratts416Spirit BearTVY
10/2/20186:30aWild Kratts418Box Turtled In!TVY
10/2/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga205Body Mind and BreathTVG
10/2/20187:30aBody Electric1720Tallahassee, Fl
10/2/20188:00aNature Cat110Tally Ho! A Rainbow/Travelin' SeedsTVY
10/2/20188:30aCurious George504Trader George/One in a Million ChameleonTVY
10/2/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific117School Rules/ScooterboyTVY
10/2/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood140Someone Else's Feelings/Empathy at SchoolTVY
10/2/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood402Daniels Lunch/Daniels ToyTVY
10/2/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles106Dunk's New Friend/Ripple's Whale of a TaleTVY
10/2/201811:00aSesame Street4808TVY
10/2/201811:30aSuper Why!154The Swiss Family RobinsonTVY
10/2/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow1901New York City (1)(10/6 7p)TVG
10/2/20181:00pPOV3114Dark MoneyTVPG
10/2/20182:30pVisionkeepers104Programming a Smarter CityTVG
10/2/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford304Bird on a Fence, Part 1TVG
10/2/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique812Improve Your BalanceTVG
10/2/20184:00pPublic Eye News1518
10/2/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches17
10/2/20184:30pMartha Bakes1009Decorated CupcakesTVG
10/2/20185:00pWider World1849TVG
10/2/20185:30pTravels with Darley502New Mexico's Continental Divide TrailTVG
10/2/20186:00pBBC World News America16275
10/2/20186:30pNightly Business Report37197
10/2/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12367
10/2/20188:00pThe Great American Read105Villains & MonstersRevisit the evil deeds of some of literature's favorite and most notorious villains.(10/3 1p)TVPG
10/2/20189:00pFrontline3702Trump's ShowdownGo inside Donald Trump’s fight against the investigation of his presidential campaign.(10/4 1p)
10/2/201811:00pAmanpour and Company118
10/3/201812:00aBBC World News276
10/3/201812:30aNHK Newsline9132
10/3/20181:00aFrontline3702Trump’s Showdown
10/3/20183:00aPOV3114Dark MoneyTVPG
10/3/20184:30aEmery Blagdon and His Healing MachineTVG
10/3/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow1902New York City (2)TVG
Wednesday 310/3/2018
10/3/20186:00aWild Kratts419Back In Creature Time - Part 1TVY
10/3/20186:30aWild Kratts420Archerfish SchoolTVY
10/3/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga206Healthy Joints for a Healthy BodyTVG
10/3/20187:30aBody Electric1721Tallahassee, Fl
10/3/20188:00aNature Cat111TVY
10/3/20188:30aCurious George505Monkey Size Me/Metal DetectiveTVY
10/3/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific118Garden Gnome Party/That Unicorn FeelingTVY
10/3/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood212Daniel Thinks of Others/Daniel Thinks of What Margaret NeedsTVY
10/3/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood305The Neighborhood Fall Festival/Field Day at SchoolTVY
10/3/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles107Golden Legs Gush/A Fish Called MoTVY
10/3/201811:00aSesame Street4820Elmo's Butterfly FriendTVY
10/3/201811:30aSuper Why!145AladdinTVY
10/3/201812:00pNature3207Owl PowerTVPG
10/3/20181:00pThe Great American Read105Villains & MonstersTVPG
10/3/20182:00pAll-Star Orchestra301TVG
10/3/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell1708A Cunning Predator, Part 3TVG
10/3/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique813Strengthen Feet & FingersTVG
10/3/20184:00pPublic Eye News1519
10/3/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches18
10/3/20184:30pDestination Michigan905
10/3/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1804TVG
10/3/20185:30pCiao Italia2710Legumes for Health / Legumio Per La SaluteTVG
10/3/20186:00pBBC World News America16276
10/3/20186:30pNightly Business Report37198
10/3/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12368
10/3/20188:00pNature3201Animal MisfitsMeet the animal misfits who are weird but unique, from a flightless parrot to an Arctic caterpillar.(10/10 12p)TVPG
10/3/20189:00pNOVA4516Operation Bridge RescueFollow the rebuilding of New York’s historic Blenheim Covered Bridge.(10/4 12p)TVPG
10/3/201810:00pSecrets of the Dead1605The Woman in the Iron CoffinUncover the story of early America's free black communities via remains of a woman from the 1800s.TVPG
10/3/201811:00pAmanpour and Company119
10/4/201812:00aBBC World News277
10/4/201812:30aNHK Newsline9133
10/4/20181:00aNOVA4516Operation Bridge RescueTVPG
10/4/20182:00aSecrets of the Dead1605The Woman in the Iron CoffinTVPG
10/4/20183:00aArt in the Twenty-First Century903San Francisco Bay AreaTVPG
10/4/20184:00aThe Hispanic Heritage Awards2018TVPG
10/4/20185:00aThe Great American Read105Villains & MonstersTVPG
Thursday 410/4/2018
10/4/20186:00aWild Kratts421This Orca Likes SharksTVY
10/4/20186:30aWild Kratts422Baby Tooth & Kid MuskyTVY
10/4/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga207Salute to the Sun Part 1TVG
10/4/20187:30aBody Electric1722Tallahassee, Fl
10/4/20188:00aNature Cat112TVY
10/4/20188:30aCurious George506George's Home Run/Monkey On IceTVY
10/4/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific119Missing Squeakykins/The Cloud-O-MaticTVY
10/4/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood402Daniels Lunch/Daniels ToyTVY
10/4/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood102Daniel Visits School/Daniel Visits The DoctorTVY
10/4/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles108Deflated Dunk/Kelp Forest KeepersTVY
10/4/201811:00aSesame Street4807TVY
10/4/201811:30aSuper Why!146Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy AdventureTVY
10/4/201812:00pNOVA4516Operation Bridge RescueTVPG
10/4/20181:00pFrontline3702Trump's Showdown
10/4/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1801TVG
10/4/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique814Unlock Your HipsTVG
10/4/20184:00pPublic Eye News1520
10/4/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches19
10/4/20184:30pJazzy Vegetarian605Jazzin' Up VeggiesTVG
10/4/20185:00pGarden Smart5205TVG
10/4/20185:30pFocus On Europe3639
10/4/20186:00pBBC World News America16277
10/4/20186:30pNightly Business Report37199
10/4/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12369
10/4/20188:00pAsk the DNR1904Bird Hunting, Youth Hunt, Pre-Deer Season, Fall Fishing(10/5 12p)TVG
10/4/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1840(10/6 5:30p)TVG
10/4/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan706Grand Rapids(10/5 5p, 10/6 10:30p)TVG
10/4/201810:00pJamestown101New series from the producers of Downton Abbey is a fictional, female-focused drama unfolding in historic Jamestown, Virginia. 8-part series.(10/5 2p)TV14
10/4/201811:00pAmanpour and Company120
10/5/201812:00aBBC World News278
10/5/201812:30aNHK Newsline9134
10/5/20181:00aThe Great American Read105Villains & MonstersTVPG
10/5/20182:00aPOV3114Dark MoneyTVPG
10/5/20183:30aEmery Blagdon and His Healing MachineTVG
10/5/20184:00aNature3201Animal MisfitsTVPG
10/5/20185:00aNOVA4516Operation Bridge RescueTVPG
Friday 510/5/2018
10/5/20186:00aWild Kratts423Cheetah AdoptedTVY
10/5/20186:30aWild Kratts424Musk Ox ManiaTVY
10/5/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga208Salute to the Sun Part 2TVG
10/5/20187:30aBody Electric1723Tallahassee, Fl
10/5/20188:00aNature Cat113TVY
10/5/20188:30aCurious George403Girl Meets Monkey/Curious George Ramps It UpTVY
10/5/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific120Dream Salon/The Duck Stops HereTVY
10/5/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood131Neighbor DayTVY
10/5/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood104Daniel Gets Mad/Katerina Gets MadTVY
10/5/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles109Splash's Swim School/Light at the End of the TunnelTVY
10/5/201811:00aSesame Street4828Oscar The KindTVY
10/5/201811:30aSuper Why!155Dr. DolittleTVY
10/5/201812:00pAsk the DNR1904Bird Hunting, Youth Hunt, Pre-Deer Season, Fall FishingTVG
10/5/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1612HawaiiTVPG
10/5/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer308Grandfather's HouseTVG
10/5/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique815Increase Your EnergyTVG
10/5/20184:00pPublic Eye News1521
10/5/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches20
10/5/20184:30pWoodsmith Shop1204Puzzle BoxesTVG
10/5/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan706Grand Rapids(10/6 10:30p)TVG
10/5/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2731
10/5/20186:00pBBC World News America16278
10/5/20186:30pNightly Business Report37200
10/5/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12370
10/5/20188:00pWashington Week5814(10/7 1:30p)
10/5/20188:30pOff the Record4814
10/5/20189:00pGreat Performances4306Grammy Salute to Music Legends 2018Enjoy an all-star concert honoring Neil Diamond, Tina Turner, Queen, John Williams and more.TVPG
10/5/201811:00pAmanpour and Company121
10/6/201812:00aBBC World News279
10/6/201812:30aNHK Newsline9135
10/6/20181:00aGreat Performances4306Grammy Salute to Music Legends 2018TVPG
10/6/20183:00aPOV3114Dark MoneyTVPG
10/6/20184:30aEmery Blagdon and His Healing MachineTVG
10/6/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1701The Net Zero Bungalow | Plunge PoolTVG
Saturday 610/6/2018
10/6/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1481A Drawing Contest/How People Make CrayonsTVY
10/6/20186:30aDinosaur Train207The Earthquake/Nursery CarTVY
10/6/20187:00aBob the Builder1004Watch Out PilchardTVY
10/6/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood319King Daniel for the DayTVY
10/6/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific119Missing Squeakykins/The Cloud-O-MaticTVY
10/6/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles108Deflated Dunk/Kelp Forest KeepersTVY
10/6/20189:00aCurious George505Monkey Size Me/Metal DetectiveTVY
10/6/20189:30aNature Cat112TVY
10/6/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!801Lacey Look CardigansTVG
10/6/201810:30aQuilting Arts2205EmbellishTVG
10/6/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1207Dress for the Weather - LayeringTVG
10/6/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3342Waterfall WonderTVG
10/6/201812:00pJoanne Weir Gets Fresh104PotatoesTVG
10/6/201812:30pGarden Smart5205TVG
10/6/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3602Sliding Lid BoxesTVG
10/6/20181:30pThis Old House3801TVG
10/6/20182:00pAsk This Old House1701TVG
10/6/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy312The Fly Rod MakersTVG
10/6/20183:30pWilderness Journal2008
10/6/20184:00pGreat Getaways1516Color Tour Along U.S. 23TVG
10/6/20184:30pWeekend Explorer407Guangzhou, China
10/6/20185:00pNative Report1212
10/6/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1840TVG
10/6/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1028
10/6/20186:30pMedia Meet1820Suicide Awareness and PreventionA look at suicide prevention efforts in the Upper Peninsula and the state of Michigan with guests Marquette County Health Department Health Educator Sarah Derwin; Pathways Community Mental Health Outpatient Services Supervisor Ashley Jenema; and Dial Help Rural Coordinator Kristine Putz. (Repeat from September)(10/7 2:30p)
10/6/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow1901New York City (1)TVG
10/6/20188:00pHigh School Bowl Encore4033-34Quarterfinals 1 & 2: Hancock vs Marquette; Sault Ste. Marie vs Escanaba(10/8 12p)
10/6/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1607County Fair (1975)(10/7 5p)TVG
10/6/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville206Restless Heart, Larry Steward, John Dittrich, Paul Gregg, David Innis, Greg JenningsTVG
10/6/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan706Grand RapidsTVG
10/6/201811:00pAustin City Limits4401St. VincentTVPG
10/7/201812:00aSong of the Mountains1308Unspoken Tradition / The Litte Roy and Lizzy ShowTVG
10/7/20181:00aNOVA4516Operation Bridge RescueTVPG
10/7/20182:00aNature3201Animal MisfitsTVPG
10/7/20183:00aSecrets of the Dead1605The Woman in the Iron CoffinTVPG
10/7/20184:00aThe Great British Baking Show507Sweet DoughTVPG
10/7/20185:00aWashington Week5814
10/7/20185:30aBreaking Big104Jason AldeanTVPG
Sunday 710/7/2018
10/7/20186:00aSid the Science Kid218Halloween Spooky Science SpecialTVY
10/7/20186:30aDinosaur Train209Dry Times at Pteranodon Terrace/Big Misty Sea Fishing ContestTVY
10/7/20187:00aSesame Street4828Oscar The KindTVY
10/7/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood140Someone Else's Feelings/Empathy at SchoolTVY
10/7/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific120Dream Salon/The Duck Stops HereTVY
10/7/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles109Splash's Swim School/Light at the End of the TunnelTVY
10/7/20189:00aCurious George403Girl Meets Monkey/Curious George Ramps It UpTVY
10/7/20189:30aNature Cat113TVY
10/7/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1316TVG
10/7/201810:30aThe Visionaries2106Sustainability-Lost in the Lexicon?TVG
10/7/201811:00aSecond Opinion912The Future of Cancer TreatmentTVPG
10/7/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World901Changing The Way America Eats (Pocantico Hill, Ny)TVG
10/7/201812:00pGZERO World with Ian Bremmer101TVPG
10/7/201812:30pOff the Record4814
10/7/20181:00pFiring Line with Margaret Hoover116
10/7/20181:30pWashington Week5814
10/7/20182:00pMarket to Market4407
10/7/20182:30pMedia Meet1820Suicide Awareness and PreventionA look at suicide prevention efforts in the Upper Peninsula and the state of Michigan with guests Marquette County Health Department Health Educator Sarah Derwin; Pathways Community Mental Health Outpatient Services Supervisor Ashley Jenema; and Dial Help Rural Coordinator Kristine Putz.(Repeat from September)
10/7/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1613Papua New Guinea IslandsTVPG
10/7/20184:00pClassic Gospel1305Booth Brothers: Gospel FavoritesTVG
10/7/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1607County Fair (1975)TVG
10/7/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1029
10/7/20186:30pOff the Record4814
10/7/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 5 on Masterpiece4502Part 2Learn how Rose tries to get a radio in the house and see the arrival of an art historian.TVPG
10/7/20188:00pThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4829Part 2Louisa accompanies Aunt Hermione's body to England; Leslie may have gotten a girlfriend pregnant.TV14
10/7/20189:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4837Part 2The Poldarks examine their relationship; the Enyses are expecting; Ross is offered a candidacy.(10/8 1p)TVPG
10/7/201810:00pMy Mother and Other Strangers on Masterpiece4724Part 5See if Tillie can stop the captain and Rose from making a terrible mistake.(10/8 2p)TVPG
10/7/201811:00pVisionkeepers105Not Business as UsualTVG
10/7/201811:30pGZERO World with Ian Bremmer101New public affairs series offering compelling discussion about global politics with people from all sides of the political spectrum, plus puppets of world leaders and others.TVPG
10/8/201812:00aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4829Part 2TV14
10/8/20181:00aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4837Part 2TVPG
10/8/20182:00aMy Mother and Other Strangers on Masterpiece4724Part 5TVPG
10/8/20183:00aGreat Performances4306Grammy Salute to Music Legends 2018TVPG
10/8/20185:00aThe Great American Read105Villains & MonstersTVPG
Monday 810/8/2018
10/8/20186:00aWild Kratts417The Colors of ChinaTVY
10/8/20186:30aWild Kratts502Temple of the TigersTVY
10/8/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga209Salute to the Sun Part 3TVG
10/8/20187:30aBody Electric1724Acapulco, Mexico
10/8/20188:00aNature Cat115Kingdom of Rotting Log/Can You Dig It?TVY
10/8/20188:30aCurious George401Personal Trainer/Sprout OutingTVY
10/8/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific111Pink Lemonade/Pink ShoesTVY
10/8/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood405Jodi's First Day at School/Daniel Plays at Jodi's HouseTVY
10/8/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood406A New Friend at School/ A New Friend at the PlaygroundTVY
10/8/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles131Seal Sitters/from Ray to ZeeTVY
10/8/201811:00aSesame Street4811Kitty KindnessTVY
10/8/201811:30aSuper Why!157The Story of Mother GooseTVY
10/8/201812:00pHigh School Bowl Encore4033-34Quarterfinals 1 & 2: Hancock vs Marquette; Sault Ste. Marie vs Escanaba
10/8/20181:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4837Part 2TVPG
10/8/20182:00pMy Mother and Other Strangers on Masterpiece4724Part 5TVPG
10/8/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3342Waterfall WonderTVG
10/8/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique816Tone Your Entire BodyTVG
10/8/20184:00pPublic Eye News1522
10/8/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches21
10/8/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1606Diabetes and Peripheral NeuropathyTVG
10/8/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1606No Passport NecessaryTVG
10/8/20186:00pBBC World News America16281
10/8/20186:30pNightly Business Report37201
10/8/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12371
10/8/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow1903New York City (3)(10/9 12p, 10/13 7p)TVG
10/8/20189:00pThe Circus: American Experience3007Part 1Travel back to when Circus Day was as anticipated as Christmas and witness the rise of P. T. Barnum.(10/9 1p)TVPG
10/8/201811:00pAmanpour and Company122
10/9/201812:00aBBC World News282
10/9/201812:30aNHK Newsline9136
10/9/20181:00aThe Circus: American Experience3007Part 1TVPG
10/9/20183:00aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4829Part 2TV14
10/9/20184:00aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4837Part 2TVPG
10/9/20185:00aMy Mother and Other Strangers on Masterpiece4724Part 5TVPG
Tuesday 910/9/2018
10/9/20186:00aWild Kratts503The Dhole DuplicatorTVY
10/9/20186:30aWild Kratts504The Cobra KingTVY
10/9/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga210Salute to the Sun Part 4TVG
10/9/20187:30aBody Electric1725Tallahassee, Fl
10/9/20188:00aNature Cat116Mud Love/Call It A NightTVY
10/9/20188:30aCurious George402The Big Picture/Juicy GeorgeTVY
10/9/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific112Gnome More Nonsense/Space DancingTVY
10/9/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood201The Tiger Family Grows/daniel Learns About Being A Big BrotherTVY
10/9/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood202The Baby Is HereTVY
10/9/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles110Small But Mighty/Washed AwayTVY
10/9/201811:00aSesame Street4824TVY
10/9/201811:30aSuper Why!156Alice In WonderlandTVY
10/9/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow1903New York City (3)(10/13 7p)TVG
10/9/20181:00pThe Circus: American Experience3007Part 1TVPG
10/9/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford305Bird on a Fence, Part 2TVG
10/9/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique817Strengthen & Shape Your LegsTVG
10/9/20184:00pPublic Eye News1523
10/9/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches22
10/9/20184:30pMartha Bakes1010Perfect Puff PastryTVG
10/9/20185:00pWider World1850TVG
10/9/20185:30pTravels with Darley503Santa Fe Arts & CultureTVG
10/9/20186:00pBBC World News America16282
10/9/20186:30pNightly Business Report37202
10/9/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12372
10/9/20188:00pThe Great American Read106What We Do for LoveFall in love all over again with some of literature's most beautiful romances.(10/10 1p)TVPG
10/9/20189:00pThe Circus: American Experience3008Part 2See the rise of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, and the circus' final show under a big top.(10/11 1p)TVPG
10/9/201811:00pAmanpour and Company123
10/10/201812:00aBBC World News283
10/10/201812:30aNHK Newsline9137
10/10/20181:00aThe Circus: American Experience3008Part 2TVPG
10/10/20183:00aThe Circus: American Experience3007Part 1TVPG
10/10/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow1903New York City (3)TVG
Wednesday 1010/10/2018
10/10/20186:00aWild Kratts505Fire SalamanderTVY
10/10/20186:30aWild Kratts506Cheeks The HamsterTVY
10/10/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga211Release, Arch and StretchTVG
10/10/20187:30aBody Electric1726Tallahassee, Fl
10/10/20188:00aNature Cat128Runaway Pumpkin/Lady Bug ToughTVY
10/10/20188:30aCurious George404The Inside Story/A Monkey, A Plan, A CanalTVY
10/10/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific113Indoor Camp-In/The FlutterbugsTVY
10/10/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood203Time for Daniel/There's Time for Daniel and Baby TooTVY
10/10/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood204Playtime Is Different/the Playground Is Different With BabyTVY
10/10/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles132The Sea Sparkles/Tyke and SeekTVY
10/10/201811:00aSesame Street4822The Helpful CloudTVY
10/10/201811:30aSuper Why!158The Ugly Duckling: Becoming A SwanTVY
10/10/201812:00pNature3201Animal MisfitsTVPG
10/10/20181:00pThe Great American Read106What We Do for LoveTVPG
10/10/20182:00pAll-Star Orchestra302Northern LightsTVG
10/10/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell1709A Cunning Predator, Part 4TVG
10/10/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique818Burn Calories & Lose WeightTVG
10/10/20184:00pPublic Eye News1524
10/10/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches23
10/10/20184:30pDestination Michigan906
10/10/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1810TVG
10/10/20185:30pCiao Italia2711Comfort FoodTVG
10/10/20186:00pBBC World News America16283
10/10/20186:30pNightly Business Report37203
10/10/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12373
10/10/20188:00pNature3313Animal ReunionsGet caught up in the emotion as keepers and carers reunite with the wild animals they raised.(10/17 12p)TVPG
10/10/20189:00pNOVA4510Volatile Earth: Volcano on FireJoin a team of volcanologists as they explore one of the world’s most active and mysterious volcanoes in central Africa: Nyamuragira.(10/11 12p)TVPG
10/10/201810:00pNOVA4511Volatile Earth: Volcano on the BrinkLearn what feeds Nyamuragira’s frequent eruptions and see other hidden volcanic dangers.TVPG
10/10/201811:00pAmanpour and Company124
10/11/201812:00aBBC World News284
10/11/201812:30aNHK Newsline9138
10/11/20181:00aNOVA4510Volatile Earth: Volcano on FireTVPG
10/11/20182:00aNOVA4511Volatile Earth: Volcano on the BrinkTVPG
10/11/20183:00aThe Circus: American Experience3008Part 2TVPG
10/11/20185:00aThe Great American Read106What We Do for LoveTVPG
Thursday 1110/11/2018
10/11/20186:00aWild Kratts507Wild PoniesTVY
10/11/20186:30aWild Kratts508Elephant Brains!TVY
10/11/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga212Stretch, Tone & SaluteTVG
10/11/20187:30aBody Electric1901TVG
10/11/20188:00aNature Cat118Woodpecker Picks A Place/Here Comes The SunTVY
10/11/20188:30aCurious George405Guest Monkey/Charkie Goes to SchoolTVY
10/11/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific114Secret Sculpture/The CelebratorTVY
10/11/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood205Daniel Fixes Trolley/Problem Solver DanielTVY
10/11/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood206Daniel's Friends Say No/Prince Wednesday Doesn't Want to PlayTVY
10/11/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles133Lights Out!/Catching Some ZzzsTVY
10/11/201811:00aSesame Street4802TVY
10/11/201811:30aSuper Why!163The Big GameTVY
10/11/201812:00pNOVA4510Volatile Earth: Volcano on FireTVPG
10/11/20181:00pThe Circus: American Experience3008Part 2TVPG
10/11/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1802TVG
10/11/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique819Tone Your Abs & Strengthen Your LegsTVG
10/11/20184:00pPublic Eye News1525
10/11/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches24
10/11/20184:30pJazzy Vegetarian606Vegan Drive-InTVG
10/11/20185:00pGarden Smart5206TVG
10/11/20185:30pFocus On Europe3640
10/11/20186:00pBBC World News America16284
10/11/20186:30pNightly Business Report37204
10/11/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12374
10/11/20188:00pAsk the Doctors1905General Health(10/12 12p)TVG
10/11/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1841(10/13 5:30p)TVG
10/11/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan901Traverse City(10/12 5p, 10/13 10:30)TVG
10/11/201810:00pJamestown102Part 2Farlow and Redwick’s disdain for the women intensifies and they are accused of witchcraft and worse.(10/12 2p)TV14
10/11/201811:00pAmanpour and Company125
10/12/201812:00aBBC World News285
10/12/201812:30aNHK Newsline9139
10/12/20181:00aThe Great American Read106What We Do for LoveTVPG
10/12/20182:00aGood Work: Masters of the Building ArtsTVG
10/12/20183:00aNature3313Animal ReunionsTVPG
10/12/20184:00aNOVA4510Volatile Earth: Volcano on FireTVPG
10/12/20185:00aNOVA4511Volatile Earth: Volcano on the BrinkTVPG
Friday 1210/12/2018
10/12/20186:00aWild Kratts509Sloth Bear SuctionTVY
10/12/20186:30aWild Kratts510City Hoppers!TVY
10/12/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga213Stretch Your BackTVG
10/12/20187:30aBody Electric1902TVG
10/12/20188:00aNature Cat119The Great Grasshopper Race/Fall for HalTVY
10/12/20188:30aCurious George603TVY
10/12/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific115Sweet Pea Pixie/Pink PiperTVY
10/12/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood207Miss Elaina Gets Hurt/Daniel Feels BetterTVY
10/12/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood105Prince Wednesday Finds A Way To Play/Finding A Way To Play On Backwards DayTVY
10/12/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles134The Job Search/Reeftown's Got Talent!TVY
10/12/201811:00aSesame Street4811Kitty KindnessTVY
10/12/201811:30aSuper Why!301The Story of the Super ReadersTVY
10/12/201812:00pAsk the Doctors1905General HealthTVG
10/12/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1613Papua New Guinea IslandsTVPG
10/12/20182:00pJamestown102Part 2TV14
10/12/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer309South Haven LighthouseTVG
10/12/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique820Full Body Posture WorkoutTVG
10/12/20184:00pPublic Eye News1526
10/12/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches25
10/12/20184:30pWoodsmith Shop1205Kitchen CartTVG
10/12/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan901Traverse City(10/13 10:30p)TVG
10/12/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2732
10/12/20186:00pBBC World News America16285
10/12/20186:30pNightly Business Report37205
10/12/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12375
10/12/20188:00pWashington Week5815(10/14 1:30p)
10/12/20188:30pOff the Record4815
10/12/20189:00pShakespeare Uncovered301Much Ado About Nothing with Helen HuntExplore the history and themes in “Much Ado About Nothing” with host Helen Hunt.TVPG
10/12/201810:00pShakespeare Uncovered302The Merchant of Venice with F. Murray AbrahamUntangle the controversies of “The Merchant of Venice” with host F. Murray Abraham.TVPG
10/12/201811:00pAmanpour and Company126
10/13/201812:00aBBC World News286
10/13/201812:30aNHK Newsline9140
10/13/20181:00aShakespeare Uncovered301Much Ado About Nothing with Helen HuntTVPG
10/13/20182:00aShakespeare Uncovered302The Merchant of Venice with F. Murray AbrahamTVPG
10/13/20183:00aThe Great American Read106What We Do for LoveTVPG
10/13/20184:00aGood Work: Masters of the Building ArtsTVG
10/13/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1702Net Zero from the Ground Up | Window RepairTVG
Saturday 1310/13/2018
10/13/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1482Mister Rogers Visits An Art MuseumTVY
10/13/20186:30aDinosaur Train210Hurricane at Pteranodon Terrace/Rafting The CretaceousTVY
10/13/20187:00aBob the Builder1005Don't Muck It UpTVY
10/13/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood405Jodi's First Day at School/Daniel Plays at Jodi's HouseTVY
10/13/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific114Secret Sculpture/The CelebratorTVY
10/13/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles133Lights Out!/Catching Some ZzzsTVY
10/13/20189:00aCurious George404The Inside Story/A Monkey, A Plan, A CanalTVY
10/13/20189:30aNature Cat118Woodpecker Picks A Place/Here Comes The SunTVY
10/13/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!802Blooming AfghansTVG
10/13/201810:30aQuilting Arts2206Globally InspiredTVG
10/13/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1208Keep Your Valuables SafeTVG
10/13/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3343Hidden Winter Moon OvalTVG
10/13/201812:00pJoanne Weir Gets Fresh105Spice It UpTVG
10/13/201812:30pGarden Smart5206TVG
10/13/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3603Carved Oak Desk BoxTVG
10/13/20181:30pThis Old House3802TVG
10/13/20182:00pAsk This Old House1702Window Repair, Space House TourTVG
10/13/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy313The Metal ShaperTVG
10/13/20183:30pWilderness Journal2009
10/13/20184:00pGreat Getaways1502Our Favorite HikingtrailsTVG
10/13/20184:30pWeekend Explorer408Guangdong Province, China
10/13/20185:00pNative Report1213
10/13/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1841TVG
10/13/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1030
10/13/20186:30pMedia Meet1821Election 2018 Candidate Forum #1Upper Peninsula candidates running for state office answer questions about issues of interest to voters. Offices and candidates to be announced, check wnmutv.nmu.edu for details. (10/14 2:30p)
10/13/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow1903New York City (3)TVG
10/13/20188:00pHigh School Bowl Encore4035-36Quarterfinals 3 & 4: Westwood vs Menominee; Ironwood vs Kingsford(10/15 12p)
10/13/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1608We Can Make Music (1973)(10/14 5p)TVG
10/13/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville212Angaleena PresleyTVG
10/13/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan901Traverse CityTVG
10/13/201811:00pAustin City Limits4402John PrineTVPG
10/14/201812:00aSong of the Mountains1309Webb Wilder / Sherman HolmesTVG
10/14/20181:00aNOVA4510Volatile Earth: Volcano on FireTVPG
10/14/20182:00aNOVA4511Volatile Earth: Volcano on the BrinkTVPG
10/14/20183:00aNature3313Animal ReunionsTVPG
10/14/20184:00aThe Great British Baking Show508BiscuitsTVPG
10/14/20185:00aWashington Week5815
10/14/20185:30aBreaking Big103Danai GuriraTVPG
Sunday 1410/14/2018
10/14/20186:00aSid the Science Kid208Reused Robot!TVY
10/14/20186:30aDinosaur Train218A Heck of a Neck/Gilbert Visits The NestTVY
10/14/20187:00aSesame Street4822The Helpful CloudTVY
10/14/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood406A New Friend at School/ A New Friend at the PlaygroundTVY
10/14/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific115Sweet Pea Pixie/Pink PiperTVY
10/14/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles134The Job Search/Reeftown's Got Talent!TVY
10/14/20189:00aCurious George603TVY
10/14/20189:30aNature Cat119The Great Grasshopper Race/Fall for HalTVY
10/14/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1317TVG
10/14/201810:30aThe Visionaries2201Smile TrainTVG
10/14/201811:00aSecond Opinion913AnginaTVPG
10/14/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World902For The Love of Maples (Flat Rock, Nc)TVG
10/14/201812:00pGZERO World with Ian Bremmer102TVPG
10/14/201812:30pOff the Record4815
10/14/20181:00pFiring Line with Margaret Hoover117
10/14/20181:30pWashington Week5815
10/14/20182:00pMarket to Market4408
10/14/20182:30pMedia Meet1821Election 2018 Candidate Forum #1Upper Peninsula candidates running for state office answer questions about issues of interest to voters. Offices and candidates to be announced, check wnmutv.nmu.edu for details.
10/14/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1614Food Hour: The Story of BeefTVPG
10/14/20184:00pClassic Gospel1306Tribute to the GoodmansTVG
10/14/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1608We Can Make Music (1973)TVG
10/14/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1031
10/14/20186:30pOff the Record4815
10/14/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 5 on Masterpiece4503Part 3See the trials faced by Mary and Lord Gillingham, and Bates as well.TVPG
10/14/20188:00pThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4830Part 3With Louisa in England, it's up to the rest of the family to keep things running in Corfu.TV14
10/14/20189:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4838Part 3Ross finds notoriety in London; the Enyses' daughter is born; George makes a dangerous new friend.(10/15 1p)TVPG
10/14/201810:00pItzhak Perlman: American Masters3006Explore the life of violinist Itzhak Perlman through conversations with his friends and family.(10/16 1p)TVPG
10/14/201811:30pGZERO World with Ian Bremmer102TVPG
10/15/201812:00aVisionkeepers106Cultivating a CommunityTVG
10/15/201812:30aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4830Part 3TV14
10/15/20181:30aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4838Part 3TVPG
10/15/20182:30aItzhak Perlman: American Masters3006TVPG
10/15/20184:00aGood Work: Masters of the Building ArtsTVG
10/15/20185:00aThe Great American Read106What We Do for LoveTVPG
Monday 1510/15/2018
10/15/20186:00aWild Kratts511Blue HeronTVY
10/15/20186:30aWild Kratts512Choose Your SwordfishTVY
10/15/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga214Abs-Strengthening Leg ExercisesTVG
10/15/20187:30aBody Electric1903TVG
10/15/20188:00aNature Cat120Playground-Palooza/Small But BigTVY
10/15/20188:30aCurious George601School of Dance/Curious George Sounds OffTVY
10/15/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific101TVY
10/15/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood106Daniel And Miss Elaina Play Rocketship/Daniel Plays At The CastleTVY
10/15/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood107Friends Help Each Other/Daniel Helps O Tell A StoryTVY
10/15/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles123Yuck Or Treat/The Thing from Above The ReefTVY
10/15/201811:00aSesame Street4825The Wheel DealTVY
10/15/201811:30aSuper Why!302The Alphabet's Sad DayTVY
10/15/201812:00pHigh School Bowl Encore4035-36Quarterfinals 3 & 4: Westwood vs Menominee; Ironwood vs Kingsford
10/15/20181:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4838Part 3TVPG
10/15/20182:00pReturn to the Wild - The Chris McCandless StoryTVPG
10/15/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3343Hidden Winter Moon OvalTVG
10/15/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique821Strength and Flexibility to Your CoreTVG
10/15/20184:00pPublic Eye News1527
10/15/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches26
10/15/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1607Full Body WorkoutTVG
10/15/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1607Super Foods; Super RecipesTVG
10/15/20186:00pBBC World News America16288
10/15/20186:30pNightly Business Report37206
10/15/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12376
10/15/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow1913Santa Clara (1)(10/16 12p, 10/20 7p)TVG
Note: program did not air, rescheduled to 10/20 at 7 pm10/15/20189:00pMichigan U.S. Senatorial DebateDemocratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and her Republican opponent John James meet to debate the issues.TVG
10/15/201810:00pGod Knows Where I AmDiscover the diary of the late Linda Bishop, who suffered from bipolar disorder with psychosis.TVPG
10/16/201812:00aAmanpour and Company127
10/16/20181:00aAntiques Roadshow1913Santa Clara (1)TVG
10/16/20182:00aGod Knows Where I AmTVPG
10/16/20184:00aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4830Part 3TV14
10/16/20185:00aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4838Part 3TVPG
Tuesday 1610/16/2018
10/16/20186:00aWild Kratts513Komodo DragonTVY
10/16/20186:30aWild Kratts201Bad Hair DayTVY
10/16/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga215Salute to the SunTVG
10/16/20187:30aBody Electric1904TVG
10/16/20188:00aNature Cat121Slime Time/Rock StarsTVY
10/16/20188:30aCurious George602George Buys A Kite/Train of LightTVY
10/16/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific116Cha-Cha-Licious /Show and SmellTVY
10/16/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood108Something Special for Dad/I Love You, MomTVY
10/16/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood109A Trip To The Enchanted Garden/A Trip To The Crayon FactoryTVY
10/16/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles135Mo's Sunburn/Imagin-OceanTVY
10/16/201811:00aSesame Street4832Abby and Zoe Love KarateTVY
10/16/201811:30aSuper Why!303The Silly Word PlayTVY
10/16/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow1913Santa Clara (1)(10/20 7p)TVG
10/16/20181:00pItzhak Perlman: American Masters3006TVPG
10/16/20182:30pVisionkeepers106Cultivating a CommunityTVG
10/16/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford306Dragonfly, Part 1TVG
10/16/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique822Full Bar Workout to Loosen Your HipsTVG
10/16/20184:00pPublic Eye News1528
10/16/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches27
10/16/20184:30pMartha Bakes1011Embellished PiesTVG
10/16/20185:00pWider World1851TVG
10/16/20185:30pTravels with Darley504Finger Lakes & Monongahela ForestsTVG
10/16/20186:00pBBC World News America16289
10/16/20186:30pNightly Business Report37207
10/16/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12377
10/16/20188:00pThe Great American Read107Other WorldsTake a magical journey to another world through some of America's best-loved novels.(10/17 1p)TVPG
10/16/20189:00pThe Eugenics Crusade: American Experience3006Uncover the story of the largely unknown campaign to breed a "better" American race.(10/18 1p)TV14
10/16/201811:00pAmanpour and Company128
10/17/201812:00aBBC World News290
10/17/201812:30aNHK Newsline9142
10/17/20181:00aThe Eugenics Crusade: American Experience3006TV14
10/17/20183:00aGod Knows Where I AmTVPG
10/17/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow1914Santa Clara (2)TVG
Wednesday 1710/17/2018
10/17/20186:00aWild Kratts202Race for the Hippo DiscTVY
10/17/20186:30aWild Kratts203Creature Power ChallengeTVY
10/17/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga216Keep Your Balance!TVG
10/17/20187:30aBody Electric1905TVG
10/17/20188:00aNature Cat122Gimme Shelter/Goin' BattyTVY
10/17/20188:30aCurious George604TVY
10/17/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific117School Rules/ScooterboyTVY
10/17/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood110Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car/Katerina Shares Her TutuTVY
10/17/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood209Daniel Can't Ride Trolley/Daniel Can't Get What He WantsTVY
10/17/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles136Gush's White Whale/Exreme CleanTVY
10/17/201811:00aSesame Street4826Grandparent's DayTVY
10/17/201811:30aSuper Why!304The Rhyming CarnivalTVY
10/17/201812:00pNature3313Animal ReunionsTVPG
10/17/20181:00pThe Great American Read107Other WorldsTVPG
10/17/20182:00pAll-Star Orchestra303British EnigmasTVG
10/17/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell1710King of His Domain, Part 1TVG
10/17/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique823Stretch & Strengthen Your Lower BodyTVG
10/17/20184:00pPublic Eye News1529
10/17/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches28
10/17/20184:30pDestination Michigan907
10/17/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1813TVG
10/17/20185:30pCiao Italia2712Catch of the DayTVG
10/17/20186:00pBBC World News America16290
10/17/20186:30pNightly Business Report37208
10/17/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12378
10/17/20188:00pAutumnwatch New England101Part 1Experience a live New England autumn with a cast of unforgettable wildlife characters. 3-part series continues Thursday and Friday.TVG
10/17/20189:00pNOVA4512AddictionNOVA joins scientists and sufferers alike as they probe the mysteries of addiction.(10/18 12p)TVPG
10/17/201810:00pNeanderthal101Part 1Follow Andy Serkis and a group of experts who create a scientifically accurate 3D Neanderthal. 2-part series continues next Wednesday.TVPG
10/17/201811:00pAmanpour and Company129
10/18/201812:00aBBC World News291
10/18/201812:30aNHK Newsline9143
10/18/20181:00aAutumnwatch New England101Part 1TVG
10/18/20183:00aNeanderthal101Part 1TVPG
10/18/20184:00aThe Gene DoctorsTVPG
10/18/20185:00aThe Great American Read107Other WorldsTVPG
Thursday 1810/18/2018|Today’s Underwriting Partners|Susan and Patrick Martin, Houghton, in honor of their anniversary
10/18/20186:00aWild Kratts204Termites Vs. TonguesTVY
10/18/20186:30aWild Kratts207Bugs Or Monkeys?'TVY
10/18/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga217Abs and ThighsTVG
10/18/20187:30aBody Electric1906TVG
10/18/20188:00aNature Cat125Stop That Squirrel/Onward and PondwardTVY
10/18/20188:30aCurious George605TVY
10/18/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific118Garden Gnome Party/That Unicorn FeelingTVY
10/18/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood211Daniel Makes A Mistake/Baking MistakesTVY
10/18/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood212Daniel Thinks of Others/Daniel Thinks of What Margaret NeedsTVY
10/18/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles138Pole-To-Pole, Parts 1 & 2TVY
10/18/201811:00aSesame Street4805TVY
10/18/201811:30aSuper Why!305The Mixed Up StoryTVY
10/18/20181:00pThe Eugenics Crusade: American Experience3006TV14
10/18/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1803TVG
10/18/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique824Spine & AbsTVG
10/18/20184:00pPublic Eye News1530
10/18/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches29
10/18/20184:30pJazzy Vegetarian607Spring Has SprungTVG
10/18/20185:00pGarden Smart5207TVG
10/18/20185:30pFocus On Europe3641
10/18/20186:00pBBC World News America16291
10/18/20186:30pNightly Business Report37209
10/18/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12379
10/18/20188:00pAutumnwatch New England102Part 2Experience some of the best autumn has to offer, including leaf gazing, pumpkin carving and cranberry harvesting. Part 2 of 3, continues Friday.TVG
10/18/20189:00pAsk the Lawyers1906(10/19 12p)TVG
10/18/201810:00pMichigan Out of Doors1842(10/20 5:30p)TVG
10/18/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan902Washtenaw County(10/19 5p, 10/20 10:30)TVG
10/18/201811:00pAmanpour and Company130
10/19/201812:00aBBC World News292
10/19/201812:30aNHK Newsline9144
10/19/20181:00aAutumnwatch New England102Part 2TVG
10/19/20182:00aAntiques Roadshow1913Santa Clara (1)TVG
10/19/20183:00aThe Gene DoctorsTVPG
10/19/20184:00aNature3206The Last Orangutan EdenTVPG
Friday 1910/19/2018
10/19/20186:00aWild Kratts208Secrets of the Spider's WebTVY
10/19/20186:30aWild Kratts206Neck and NeckTVY
10/19/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga218Sit AwhileTVG
10/19/20187:30aBody Electric1907TVG
10/19/20188:00aNature Cat103TVY
10/19/20188:30aCurious George: A Halloween Boo Fest(10/21 9a, 10/30 8:30a)TVY
10/19/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood213No Red Sweater for Daniel/Teacher Harriet's New HairdoTVY
10/19/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood210A Storm in the Neighborhood/After The Neighborhood StormTVY
10/19/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles139Pole-To-Pole, Parts 3 & 4TVY
10/19/201811:00aSesame Street4825The Wheel DealTVY
10/19/201811:30aSuper Why!306Roxie's Missing Music BookTVY
10/19/201812:00pAsk the Lawyers1906TVG
10/19/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1614Food Hour: The Story of BeefTVPG
10/19/20182:00pThe Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken CirclesTVG
10/19/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer310The Watering CanTVG
10/19/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique825Feet & AnklesTVG
10/19/20184:00pPublic Eye News1531
10/19/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches30
10/19/20184:30pWoodsmith Shop1206Weekend WorkbenchTVG
10/19/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan902Washtenaw County(10/20 10:30p)TVG
10/19/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2733
10/19/20186:00pBBC World News America16292
10/19/20186:30pNightly Business Report37210
10/19/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12380
10/19/20188:00pAutumnwatch New England103Part 3(10/21 1:30p)
10/19/20189:00pShakespeare Uncovered303Measure for Measure with Romola GaraiDelve deeper into “Measure for Measure” with host Romola Garai.
10/19/201810:00pShakespeare Uncovered304Julius Caesar with Brian CoxAnalyze the implications of “Julius Caesar” in today’s world with host Brian Cox.
10/19/201811:00pAmanpour and Company131
10/20/2018Washington Week5816Final episode of the best of autumn in New England.
10/20/2018Ribbon of SandFinal episode of the best of autumn in New England.
10/20/20181:00aAutumnwatch New England103Part 3TVG
10/20/20182:00aShakespeare Uncovered303Measure for Measure with Romola GaraiTV14
10/20/20183:00aShakespeare Uncovered304Julius Caesar with Brian CoxTV14
10/20/20184:00aThe Gene DoctorsTVPG
10/20/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1703HVAC of the Future | Stone WalkwayTVG
Saturday 2010/20/2018
10/20/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1499Mister Rogers Talks About PetsTVY
10/20/20186:30aDinosaur Train301Adventure Camp: Rafting/Adventure Camp: Mountain ClimbingTVY
10/20/20187:00aBob the Builder1006Bob's Big ChallengeTVY
10/20/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood109A Trip To The Enchanted Garden/A Trip To The Crayon FactoryTVY
10/20/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific118Garden Gnome Party/That Unicorn FeelingTVY
10/20/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles138Pole-To-Pole, Parts 1 & 2TVY
10/20/20189:00aCurious George604TVY
10/20/20189:30aNature Cat125Stop That Squirrel/Onward and PondwardTVY
10/20/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!803Contrasting CowlsTVG
10/20/201810:30aQuilting Arts2207The Art of Being An ArtistTVG
10/20/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1209Traveling with Pets and KidsTVG
10/20/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3344Valley of TranquilityTVG
10/20/201812:00pJoanne Weir Gets Fresh106RootsTVG
10/20/201812:30pGarden Smart5207TVG
10/20/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3604Waving Arm WhirligigsTVG
10/20/20181:30pThis Old House3803TVG
10/20/20182:00pAsk This Old House1703TVG
10/20/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy401The Sword SmithTVG
10/20/20183:30pWilderness Journal2010
10/20/20184:00pGreat Getaways1517Fall DiscoveryTVG
10/20/20184:30pBeyond Your Backyard101TVG
10/20/20185:00pNative Report1214
10/20/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1842TVG
10/20/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1032
10/20/20186:30pMedia Meet1819Peter White Public Library Tax ProposalDiscussion of a local November ballot proposal to recoup $224,000 in tax repeal funding losses that would restore important library services. Guests: Peter White Public Library Director Andrea Ingmire; Library Board Member John Mallo; 'Vote Yes Committee member Janet Joswiak of Chocolay Township; and Powell Township Resident Kathy Nelson. (Repeat from September)(10/21 2:30p)
Note: Rescheduled from 10/1510/20/20187:00pMichigan U.S. Senatorial Debate  Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and her Republican opponent John James meet to debate the issues.TVG
10/20/20188:00pHigh School Bowl Encore4037-38Semifinals: Marquette vs Sault Ste. Marie; Westwood vs Ironwood(10/22 12p)
10/20/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1609You're Never Too Young (1981)(10/21 5p)TVG
10/20/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville213Angaleena PresleyTVG
10/20/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan902Washtenaw CountyTVG
10/20/201811:00pAustin City Limits4403Sam Smith/Anderson EastTVPG
10/21/201812:00aSong of the Mountains1310Judy Marshall / Jim LauderdaleTVG
10/21/20182:00aNature3206The Last Orangutan EdenTVPG
10/21/20183:00aNeanderthal101Part 1TVPG
10/21/20184:00aThe Great British Baking Show509PatisserieTVPG
10/21/20185:00aRibbon of SandTVG
10/21/20185:30aWashington Week5816
Sunday 2110/21/2018
10/21/20186:00aSid the Science Kid106My Mushy BananaTVY
10/21/20186:30aDinosaur Train302Train Adventure Camp: Ziplining/Adventure Camp: Canyon HikingTVY
10/21/20187:00aSesame Street4825The Wheel DealTVY
10/21/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood212Daniel Thinks of Others/Daniel Thinks of What Margaret NeedsTVY
10/21/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific102TVY
10/21/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles139Pole-To-Pole, Parts 3 & 4TVY
10/21/20189:00aCurious George: A Halloween Boo Fest(10/30 8:30a)TVY
10/21/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1318TVG
10/21/201810:30aThe Visionaries2202The Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Iita)TVG
10/21/201811:00aSecond Opinion1501Precision MedicineTVPG
10/21/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World903Cemetery Gardens (Atlanta, Ga)TVG
10/21/201812:00pGZERO World with Ian Bremmer103TVPG
10/21/201812:30pOff the Record4816
10/21/20181:00pFiring Line with Margaret Hoover118
10/21/20181:30pWashington Week5816
10/21/20182:00pMarket to Market4409
10/21/20182:30pMedia Meet1819Peter White Public Library Tax ProposalDiscussion of a local November ballot proposal to recoup $224,000 in tax repeal funding losses that would restore important library services. Guests: Peter White Public Library Director Andrea Ingmire; Library Board Member John Mallo; 'Vote Yes Committee member Janet Joswiak of Chocolay Township; and Powell Township Resident Kathy Nelson. (Repeat from September)
10/21/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1615Food Hour: The Story of BeerTVPG
10/21/20184:00pClassic Gospel1307Give The World A SmileTVG
10/21/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1609You're Never Too Young (1981)TVG
10/21/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1033
10/21/20186:30pOff the Record4816
10/21/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 5 on Masterpiece4504Part 4Witness the bombshells delivered by Merton to Isobel and Mary to Tony.TVPG
10/21/20188:00pThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4831Part 4Larry's friend comes to visit; Louisa wants Gerry to go to school; Leslie faces a tough decision.TV14
10/21/20189:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4839Part 4George plots his return to Westminster; Ross returns home; tragedy strikes in Cornwall.(10/22 1p)TVPG
10/21/201810:00pThe Woman in White101Part 1Walter Hartright encounters a woman who escaped from an asylum and learns her tragic story. 5-part series.TVPG
10/21/201811:00pVisionkeepers101Co-Operation in CharlestonTVG
10/21/201811:30pGZERO World with Ian Bremmer103TVPG
10/22/201812:00aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4831Part 4TV14
10/22/20181:00aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4839Part 4TVPG
10/22/20182:00aThe Woman in White101Part 1TVPG
10/22/20183:00aThe Eugenics Crusade: American Experience3006TV14
10/22/20185:00aThe Great American Read107Other WorldsTVPG
Monday 2210/22/2018
10/22/20186:00aWild Kratts: Creepy CreaturesTVY
10/22/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga219Breathe Away Your StressTVG
10/22/20187:30aBody Electric1908TVG
10/22/20188:00aWild Kratts: Creepy Creatures(10/26 8a, 10/31 8a)TVY
10/22/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific123TVY
10/22/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood215Daniel Takes Care of Snowball/Margaret's BathtimeTVY
10/22/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood128Katerina's Costume/Dress Up DayTVY
10/22/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles137The End of the Ocean/Antarctic RangerTVY
10/22/201811:00aSesame Street4804Rapunzel Gets A HaircutTVY
10/22/201811:30aSuper Why!307The Banana MysteryTVY
10/22/201812:00pHigh School Bowl Encore4037-38Semifinals: Marquette vs Sault Ste. Marie; Westwood vs Ironwood
10/22/20181:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4839Part 4TVPG
10/22/20182:00pDavy Jones’ LockerTVY
10/22/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3344Valley of TranquilityTVG
10/22/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique826Weight Loss & ToningTVG
10/22/20184:00pPublic Eye News1532
10/22/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches31
10/22/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1608Brain and BalanceTVG
10/22/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1608Leaders in the FieldTVG
10/22/20186:00pBBC World News America16295
10/22/20186:30pNightly Business Report37211
10/22/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12381
10/22/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow1915Santa Clara (3)(10/23 12p, 10/27 7p)TVG
10/22/20189:00pA Chef’s Life Harvest SpecialChef Vivian Howard hosts a special harvest gathering for one last batch of quintessential Southern ingredients.TVG
10/22/201810:00pPOV3115The ApologyMeet three former "comfort women" forced into military sexual slavery during World War II.TVPG
10/22/201811:30pAmanpour and Company132
10/23/201812:30aAntiques Roadshow1915Santa Clara (3)TVG
10/23/20181:30aRibbon of SandTVG
10/23/20182:00aA Chef’s Life Harvest SpecialTVG
10/23/20183:00aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4831Part 4TV14
10/23/20184:00aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4839Part 4TVPG
10/23/20185:00aThe Woman in White101Part 1TVPG
Tuesday 2310/23/2018
10/23/20186:00aWild Kratts209Shadow: The Black JaguarTVY
10/23/20186:30aWild Kratts211Rainforest StewTVY
10/23/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga220Do It All!TVG
10/23/20187:30aBody Electric1909TVG
10/23/20188:00aNature Cat126Appily Ever After/Sound OffTVY
10/23/20188:30aCurious George608Dj George/Curious George Paints The DesertTVY
10/23/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific121Sidewalk Art/Gnome at HomeTVY
10/23/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood216Daniel Explores Nature/Daniel's Nature WalkTVY
10/23/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood217So Many Feelings/Daniel's Many FeelingsTVY
10/23/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles123Yuck Or Treat/The Thing from Above The ReefTVY
10/23/201811:00aSesame Street4828Oscar The KindTVY
10/23/201811:30aSuper Why!308The Underwater Lost TreasureTVY
10/23/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow1915Santa Clara (3)(10/27 7p)TVG
10/23/20181:00pThose on the Front Lines of Alzheimers & DementiaProfessionals from around the world share the work they are doing to better understand a pathway to help those diagnosed with multiple forms of dementia.
10/23/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford307Dragonfly, Part 2TVG
10/23/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique827Stretch & Strengthen Your HipsTVG
10/23/20184:00pPublic Eye News1533
10/23/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches32
10/23/20184:30pMartha Bakes1012Frosted CakesTVG
10/23/20185:00pWider World1852TVG
10/23/20185:30pTravels with Darley505French RivieraTVG
10/23/20186:00pBBC World News America16296
10/23/20186:30pNightly Business Report37212
10/23/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12382
10/23/20188:00pThe Great American Read108Grand FinaleFind out which of the 100 nominated novels is crowned America's favorite.(10/24 1p)TVPG
10/23/20189:00pNative America101From Caves to CosmosDiscover the cities, science, art and beliefs that connected Native Americans 15,000 years ago. 4-part series runs through November 13.(10/25 1p)TVPG
10/23/201810:00pFrontline3703The Pension GambleSee how state governments and Wall Street led America’s public pensions into a $4 trillion hole.(10/25 2p)
10/23/201811:00pAmanpour and Company133
10/24/201812:00aBBC World News297
10/24/201812:30aNHK Newsline9147
10/24/20181:00aNative America101From Caves to CosmosTVPG
10/24/20182:00aFrontline3703The Pension Gamble
10/24/20183:00aPOV3115The ApologyTVPG
10/24/20184:30aRibbon of SandTVG
10/24/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow1915Santa Clara (3)TVG
Wednesday 2410/24/2018
10/24/20186:00aWild Kratts: Creepy CreaturesTVY
10/24/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga221Tone Your BackTVG
10/24/20187:30aBody Electric1910TVG
10/24/20188:00aNature Cat202Stop and Hear The Cicadas/Cold-BloodedTVY
10/24/20188:30aCurious George609Junky Monkey/Jumpy Warms UpTVY
10/24/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific103TVY
10/24/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood111Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty/Daniel Goes To The PottyTVY
10/24/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood112Fruit Picking Day/Daniel Is Big Enough to Help DadTVY
10/24/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles113The Kelp Needs Help/Mountain of FireTVY
10/24/201811:00aSesame Street4818TVY
10/24/201811:30aSuper Why!309The Cowgirl MysteryTVY
10/24/201812:00pNature3206The Last Orangutan EdenTVPG
10/24/20181:00pThe Great American Read108Grand FinaleTVPG
10/24/20182:00pAll-Star Orchestra304Mysterious MountainTVG
10/24/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell1711King of His Domain, Part 2TVG
10/24/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique828Strengthen Your BonesTVG
10/24/20184:00pPublic Eye News1534
10/24/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches33
10/24/20184:30pDestination Michigan908
10/24/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1808TVG
10/24/20185:30pCiao Italia2713A Surprise Inside / Una Sopresa DentroTVG
10/24/20186:00pBBC World News America16297
10/24/20186:30pNightly Business Report37213
10/24/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12383
10/24/20188:00pNature3601Super Cats: Extreme LivesExplore the mysterious and misunderstood lives of big cats across the world. 3-part mini-series, airs through Nov. 7.(10/31 12p)TVPG
10/24/20189:00pNOVA4513Flying SupersonicUncover the history of the Concorde, the passenger plane that flew at twice the speed of sound.(10/25 12p)TVG
10/24/201810:00pNeanderthal102Part 2Join Ella Al-Shamahi, Andy Serkis and a team of scientists to learn why Neanderthals went extinct.TVPG
10/24/201811:00pAmanpour and Company134
10/25/201812:00aBBC World News298
10/25/201812:30aNHK Newsline9148
10/25/20181:00aNOVA4513Flying SupersonicTVG
10/25/20182:00aNeanderthal102Part 2TVPG
10/25/20183:00aA Chef’s Life Harvest SpecialTVG
10/25/20184:00aNative America101From Caves to CosmosTVPG
10/25/20185:00aA Chef’s Life Harvest SpecialTVG
Thursday 2510/25/2018
10/25/20186:00aWild Kratts210To Touch A HummingbirdTVY
10/25/20186:30aWild Kratts208Secrets of the Spider's WebTVY
10/25/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga222Stiff Knees and Tight Shoulders?TVG
10/25/20187:30aBody Electric1911TVG
10/25/20188:00aNature Cat128Runaway Pumpkin/Lady Bug ToughTVY
10/25/20188:30aCurious George610No Knowing Gnocchi/Here Comes The TideTVY
10/25/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific122Don't Wake Norman/PinkasaurusTVY
10/25/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood113Daniel Waits For Show And Tell/A Night Out At The RestaurantTVY
10/25/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood305The Neighborhood Fall Festival/Field Day at SchoolTVY
10/25/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles116The Greatest Treasure of All/CrabulousTVY
10/25/201811:00aSesame Street4811Kitty KindnessTVY
10/25/201811:30aSuper Why!310The Unhappy PuppyTVY
10/25/201812:00pNOVA4513Flying SupersonicTVG
10/25/20181:00pNative America101TVPG
10/25/20182:00pFrontline3703The Pension Gamble
10/25/20183:00pPainting with Paulson1804TVG
10/25/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique829Improve Posture & Flatten AbsTVG
10/25/20184:00pPublic Eye News1535
10/25/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches34
10/25/20184:30pJazzy Vegetarian608Pasta LoveTVG
10/25/20185:00pGarden Smart5208TVG
10/25/20185:30pFocus On Europe3642
10/25/20186:00pBBC World News America16298
10/25/20186:30pNightly Business Report37214
10/25/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12384
10/25/20188:00pAsk the Doctors1907Women’s Health(10/26 12p)TVG
10/25/20189:00pMichigan Out of Doors1843(10/27 5:30p)TVG
10/25/20189:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan901Traverse City(10/26 5p, 10/27 10:30)TVG
10/25/201810:00pJamestown103Part 3Pamunkey warriors descend upon the colony and the settlers meet with powerful tribal leader Opechancanough.(10/26 2p)TV14
10/25/201811:00pAmanpour and Company135
10/26/201812:00aBBC World News299
10/26/201812:30aNHK Newsline9149
10/26/20181:00aNative America101From Caves to CosmosTVPG
10/26/20182:00aA Chef’s Life Harvest SpecialTVG
10/26/20183:00aNeanderthal102Part 2TVPG
10/26/20184:00aNature3601Super Cats: Extreme LivesTVPG
10/26/20185:00aNOVA4513Flying SupersonicTVG
Friday 2610/26/2018
10/26/20186:00aWild Kratts: Creepy CreaturesTVY
10/26/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga223Reach for the SkyTVG
10/26/20187:30aBody Electric1912TVG
10/26/20188:00aWild Kratts: Creepy CreaturesTVY
10/26/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific123TVY
10/26/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood128Katerina's Costume/Dress Up DayTVY
10/26/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood115The Neighborhood Votes/The Class VotesTVY
10/26/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles123Yuck Or Treat/The Thing from Above The ReefTVY
10/26/201811:00aSesame Street4804Rapunzel Gets A HaircutTVY
10/26/201811:30aSuper Why!311The Pupp-AthonTVY
10/26/201812:00pAsk the Doctors1907Women’s HealthTVG
10/26/20181:00pGlobe Trekker1615Food Hour: The Story of BeerTVPG
10/26/20182:00pJamestown103Part 3TV14
10/26/20183:00pPainting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer311Wooden Boat SchoolTVG
10/26/20183:30pClassical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique830Strength & Flexibility of HipsTVG
10/26/20184:00pPublic Eye News1536
10/26/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches35
10/26/20184:30pWoodsmith Shop1207Router JoineryTVG
10/26/20185:00pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan901Traverse City(10/27 10:30p)TVG
10/26/20185:30pTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe2734
10/26/20186:00pBBC World News America16299
10/26/20186:30pNightly Business Report37215
10/26/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12385
10/26/20188:00pWashington Week5817(10/28 1:30p)
10/26/20188:30pOff the Record4817
10/26/20189:00pShakespeare Uncovered305The Winter's Tale with Simon Russell BealeUncover the romance and betrayals in “The Winter’s Tale” with host Simon Russell Beale.TVPG
10/26/201810:00pShakespeare Uncovered306Richard III with Antony SherLearn more about the historical figure behind Shakespeare’s “Richard III” with host Sir Antony Sher.TVPG
10/26/201811:00pAmanpour and Company136
10/27/201812:00aBBC World News300
10/27/201812:30aNHK Newsline9150
10/27/20181:00aShakespeare Uncovered305The Winter's Tale with Simon Russell BealeTVPG
10/27/20182:00aShakespeare Uncovered306Richard III with Antony SherTVPG
10/27/20183:00aPOV3115The ApologyTVPG
10/27/20184:30aEmery Blagdon and His Healing MachineTVG
10/27/20185:00aThis Old House Hour1704A Charleston Family House Is Reborn | Garage HeatTVG
Saturday 2710/27/2018
10/27/20186:00aMister Rogers' Neighborhood1530Week of Programs On WorkTVY
10/27/20186:30aDinosaur Train407Spooky Tree/Spinosaurus Super ModelTVY
10/27/20187:00aBob the Builder1007Wendy Lights It UpTVY
10/27/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood305The Neighborhood Fall Festival/Field Day at SchoolTVY
10/27/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific122Don't Wake Norman/PinkasaurusTVY
10/27/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles116The Greatest Treasure of All/CrabulousTVY
10/27/20189:00aCurious George609Junky Monkey/Jumpy Warms UpTVY
10/27/20189:30aNature Cat128Runaway Pumpkin/Lady Bug ToughTVY
10/27/201810:00aKnit and Crochet Now!804Snuggly Slipper BootsTVG
10/27/201810:30aQuilting Arts2208On The EdgeTVG
10/27/201811:00aIt's Sew Easy1210Weekend Get-AwayTVG
10/27/201811:30aBest of the Joy of Painting3345Seascape FantasyTVG
10/27/201812:00pJoanne Weir Gets Fresh107Fall FruitTVG
10/27/201812:30pGarden Smart5208TVG
10/27/20181:00pWoodwright's Shop3605Wedged Tusk TenonTVG
10/27/20181:30pThis Old House3804TVG
10/27/20182:00pAsk This Old House1704TVG
10/27/20183:00pA Craftsman's Legacy402The Ski MakersTVG
10/27/20183:30pWilderness Journal2011
10/27/20184:00pGreat Getaways1503Top of the Lake Scenic BywayTVG
10/27/20184:30pBeyond Your Backyard102Montgomery County, VATVG
10/27/20185:00pNative Report1215
10/27/20185:30pMichigan Out of Doors1843TVG
10/27/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1034
10/27/20186:30pMedia Meet1822Election 2018 Candidate Forum #2Upper Peninsula candidates running for state office answer questions about issues of interest to voters. Offices and candidates to be announced, check wnmutv.nmu.edu for details. (10/28 2:30p)
10/27/20187:00pAntiques Roadshow1915Santa Clara (3)TVG
10/27/20188:00pHigh School Bowl Encore40392017-18 Championship(10/29 12p)
10/27/20188:30pHigh School Bowl Season 40 Review4040(10/29 12:30p)
10/27/20189:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1610Halloween (1975)(10/28 5p)TVG
10/27/201810:00pRay Stevens CabaRay Nashville217Janie Fricke (Halloween Show)TVG
10/27/201810:30pUTR: Under the Radar Michigan901Traverse CityTVG
10/27/201811:00pAustin City Limits4404Brandi CarlileTVPG
10/28/201812:00aSong of the Mountains1311Doyle Lawson / QuicksilverTVG
10/28/20181:00aNOVA4513Flying SupersonicTVG
10/28/20182:00aNature3601Super Cats: Extreme LivesTVPG
10/28/20183:00aNeanderthal102Part 2TVPG
10/28/20184:00aThe Great British Baking Show510The FinalTVPG
10/28/20185:00aEmery Blagdon and His Healing MachineTVG
10/28/20185:30aWashington Week5817
Sunday 2810/28/2018
10/28/20186:00aSid the Science Kid218Halloween Spooky Science SpecialTVY
10/28/20186:30aDinosaur Train211Haunted Roundhouse/Big Pond Pumpkin PatchTVY
10/28/20187:00aSesame Street4804Rapunzel Gets A HaircutTVY
10/28/20187:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood128Katerina's Costume/Dress Up DayTVY
10/28/20188:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific123TVY
10/28/20188:30aSplash and Bubbles123Yuck Or Treat/The Thing from Above The ReefTVY
10/28/20189:00aCurious George701Monkey Down Under/Bright Lights, Little MonkeyTVY
10/28/20189:30aNature Cat203Lights Out for Sea Turtles/Nature ArtTVY
10/28/201810:00aAmerica’s Heartland1319TVG
10/28/201810:30aThe Visionaries2203Job TrainTVG
10/28/201811:00aSecond Opinion1502Teen SuicideTVPG
10/28/201811:30aGrowing a Greener World904Waking Up The Garden Farm (Atlanta, Ga)TVG
10/28/201812:00pGZERO World with Ian Bremmer104TVPG
10/28/201812:30pOff the Record4817
10/28/20181:00pFiring Line with Margaret Hoover119
10/28/20181:30pWashington Week5817
10/28/20182:00pMarket to Market4410
10/28/20182:30pMedia Meet1822Election 2018 Candidate Forum #2Upper Peninsula candidates running for state office answer questions about issues of interest to voters. Offices and candidates to be announced, check wnmutv.nmu.edu for details.
10/28/20183:00pGlobe Trekker1616MyanmarTVPG
10/28/20184:00pClassic Gospel1308Sweeter As The Day Goes ByTVG
10/28/20185:00pThe Lawrence Welk Show1610Halloween (1975)TVG
10/28/20186:00pPBS NewsHour Weekend1035
10/28/20186:30pOff the Record4817
10/28/20187:00pDownton Abbey Season 5 on Masterpiece4505Part 5Meet Rose’s handsome new acquaintance and watch Bricker and Robert lose control.TVPG
10/28/20188:00pThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4832Part 5A new Italian family arrives in Corfu, taking up more of Spiro's time than Louisa would like.TVPG
10/28/20189:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4840Part 5Ross faces failure in Parliament; Demelza continues her matchmaking efforts.(10/29 1p)TV14
10/28/201810:00pThe Woman in White102Part 2Laura’s uncle sends Walter away; Laura and Sir Percival marry; Mrs. Catherick looks for Anne.TVPG
10/28/201811:00pVisionkeepers102Pipe Dreams - Gray to GreenTVG
10/28/201811:30pGZERO World with Ian Bremmer104TVPG
10/29/201812:00aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4832Part 5TVPG
10/29/20181:00aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4840Part 5TV14
10/29/20182:00aThe Woman in White102Part 2TVPG
10/29/20183:00aShakespeare Uncovered305The Winter's Tale with Simon Russell BealeTVPG
10/29/20184:00aShakespeare Uncovered306Richard III with Antony SherTVPG
10/29/20185:00aThe Great American Read108Grand FinaleTVPG
Monday 2910/29/2018
10/29/20186:00aWild Kratts221Rattlesnake CrystalTVY
10/29/20186:30aWild Kratts134Little HowlerTVY
10/29/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga224Complete Yoga BreathingTVG
10/29/20187:30aBody Electric1913TVG
10/29/20188:00aNature Cat204Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel HalTVY
10/29/20188:30aCurious George702We Otter Be Friends/Sir George and the DragonTVY
10/29/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific123TVY
10/29/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood116Be A Vegetable Taster!/Daniel Tries A New FoodTVY
10/29/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood117Good Morning Daniel/Goodnight DanielTVY
10/29/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles114One Big Ocean: Parts 1 and 2TVY
10/29/201811:00aSesame Street4819Me Am Cookie MonsterTVY
10/29/201811:30aSuper Why!312Where's Woofster?TVY
10/29/201812:00pHigh School Bowl Encore40392017-18 Championship
10/29/201812:30pHigh School Bowl Season 40 Review4040
10/29/20181:00pPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4840Part 5TV14
10/29/20182:00p3 Seconds Behind the WheelIn-car cameras and tracking technology monitor the often-hidden behavior of distracted drivers.TVPG
10/29/20183:00pBest of the Joy of Painting3345Seascape FantasyTVG
10/29/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1101TVG
10/29/20184:00pPublic Eye News1537
10/29/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches36
10/29/20184:30pSit and Be Fit1609Upbeat and FunTVG
10/29/20185:00pP. Allen Smith's Garden Home1609Facts of LifeTVG
10/29/20186:00pBBC World News America16302
10/29/20186:30pNightly Business Report37216
10/29/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12386
10/29/20188:00pAntiques Roadshow2227Kooky & Spooky(10/30 12p)TVG
10/29/20189:00pFrontline3704The Facebook Dilemma, Part 1See how Facebook faced claims of misuse while becoming an unprecedented global power. Part 1 of 2, continues Tuesday.(10/31 1p)
10/29/201810:00pIndependent Lens2001WildlandMeet a wildland firefighting crew whose members struggle with fear, loyalty, love and defeat.(11/1 2p)TVPG
10/29/201811:00pAmanpour and Company137
10/30/201812:00aBBC World News303
10/30/201812:30aNHK Newsline9151
10/30/20181:00aFrontline3704The Facebook Dilemma, Part 1
10/30/20182:00aIndependent Lens2001WildlandTVPG
10/30/20183:00aThe Durrells in Corfu Season 3 on Masterpiece4832Part 5TVPG
10/30/20184:00aPoldark Season 4 on Masterpiece4840Part 5TV14
10/30/20185:00aThe Woman in White102Part 2TVPG
Tuesday 3010/30/2018
10/30/20186:00aWild Kratts136A Bat in the BrowniesTVY
10/30/20186:30aWild Kratts208Secrets of the Spider's WebTVY
10/30/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga225Netia Cleansing TechniqueTVG
10/30/20187:30aBody Electric1914TVG
10/30/20188:00aNature Cat206Enter The Dragonfly/Water WoesTVY
10/30/20188:30aCurious George: A Halloween Boo FestTVY
10/30/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood118Daniel Plays Ball/O Builds A TowerTVY
10/30/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood119Daniel Gets A Shot/A Stormy NightTVY
10/30/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles115One Big Ocean: Parts 3 and 4TVY
10/30/201811:00aSesame Street4834TVY
10/30/201811:30aSuper Why!313Super Puppy Saves The DayTVY
10/30/201812:00pAntiques Roadshow2227Kooky & SpookyTVG
10/30/20181:00pStill DreamingTVPG
10/30/20182:30pVisionkeepers102Pipe Dreams - Gray to GreenTVG
10/30/20183:00pPainting with Wilson Bickford308Out to DryTVG
10/30/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1102TVG
10/30/20184:00pPublic Eye News1538
10/30/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches37
10/30/20184:30pMartha Bakes1013PatternedTVG
10/30/20185:00pWider World1901
10/30/20185:30pTravels with Darley506Santa Fe AdventuresTVG
10/30/20186:00pBBC World News America16303
10/30/20186:30pNightly Business Report37217
10/30/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12387
10/30/20188:00p3 Seconds Behind the WheelIn-car cameras and tracking technology monitor the often-hidden behavior of distracted drivers.
10/30/20189:00pNative America102Nature to NationsExplore the rise of great American nations, from Peru to the Pacific Northwest.(11/1 1p)TVPG
10/30/201810:00pFrontline3705The Facebook Dilemma, Part 2Hear Facebook’s response to charges of promoting “fake news” and disrupting American politics.(10/31 2p)
10/30/201811:00pAmanpour and Company138
10/31/201812:00aBBC World News304
10/31/201812:30aNHK Newsline9152
10/31/20181:00aNative America102Nature to NationsTVPG
10/31/20182:00aFrontline3705The Facebook Dilemma, Part 2
10/31/20183:00aFrontline3704The Facebook Dilemma, Part 1TVPG
10/31/20184:00aIndependent Lens2001WildlandTVPG
10/31/20185:00aAntiques Roadshow2227Kooky & SpookyTVG
Wednesday 3110/31/2018
10/31/20186:00aWild Kratts: Creepy CreaturesTVY
10/31/20187:00aWai Lana Yoga226Spinal FluidityTVG
10/31/20187:30aBody Electric1915TVG
10/31/20188:00aWild Kratts: Creepy CreaturesTVY
10/31/20189:00aPinkalicious & Peterrific123TVY
10/31/20189:30aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood128Katerina's Costume/Dress Up DayTVY
10/31/201810:00aDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood124Super Daniel!/Play PretendTVY
10/31/201810:30aSplash and Bubbles123Yuck Or Treat/The Thing from Above The ReefTVY
10/31/201811:00aSesame Street4803TVY
10/31/201811:30aSuper Why!135The Ghost Who Was Afraid of HalloweenTVY
10/31/201812:00pNature3601Super Cats: Extreme LivesTVPG
10/31/20181:00pFrontline3704The Facebook Dilemma, Part 1
10/31/20182:00pFrontline3705The Facebook Dilemma, Part 2TVPG
10/31/20183:00pPaint This with Jerry Yarnell1712King of His Domain, Part 3TVG
10/31/20183:30pClassical Stretch: By Essentrics1103TVG
10/31/20184:00pPublic Eye News1539
10/31/20184:15pPriscilla's Yoga Stretches38
10/31/20184:30pDestination Michigan701
10/31/20185:00pAmerica’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated1812TVG
10/31/20185:30pCiao Italia2714Supper on the Grill / Cena Alla GrigliaTVG
10/31/20186:00pBBC World News America16304
10/31/20186:30pNightly Business Report37218
10/31/20187:00pPBS NewsHour12388
10/31/20188:00pNature3602Super Cats: Cats in Every CornerDiscover how cats have conquered the world, thriving in almost every landscape on Earth.TVPG
10/31/20189:00pNOVA4103Ghosts of Murdered KingsTVPG
10/31/201810:00pSinking Cities101New YorkSee how four major cities are preparing solutions against superstorms and rising sea levels.TVPG
10/31/201811:00pAmanpour and Company139
11/1/201812:00aBBC World News305
11/1/201812:30aNHK Newsline9153
11/1/20181:00aNOVA4103Ghosts of Murdered KingsTVPG
11/1/20182:00aSinking Cities101New YorkTVPG
11/1/20183:00aFrontline3705The Facebook Dilemma, Part 2TVG
11/1/20184:00aFrontline3704The Facebook Dilemma, Part 1TVPG
11/1/20185:00aNative America102Nature to NationsTVPG