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Click Here to Pledge Now with our secure and easy online pledge form. (Note: Please let us know if you have problems with the new pledge form or comments about donating online.)
**About online pledge security...

Other PBS stations may call people who donate "members" or "subscribers," but not us. We call these important people our Partners.

At Public TV 13, people like you fund a significant portion of our programming budget. We rely on our Partners for funding and in exchange, they count on us to provide programming that entertains, educates and enlightens. Partners are the reason why we're able to broadcast quality programming day after day, year after year. We'd love to have you as our Partner in Programming!

Special Thank-You Gift Available for a Limited Time:

Portrait of a Peninsula bookPortrait of a Peninsula Book
This large (11"x14") beautifully printed book features 60 watercolor paintings by Paul Grant, with text by Brian Cabell. You can receive this book as a thank-you gift for a donation of $120, made with your credit card. To order with our online pledge form, simply click the donate button at the the top of the page which will take you to our pledge form. Fill in the form with a $120 donation and your credit card information. At the bottom of the page in the comments section, let us know that you'd like the Portrait of a Peninsula book. Or give us a call at 800-227-9668 or 227-1300, Monday-Friday, 8-5 pm and we can take your pledge information over the phone. Thanks for your support!

Right click on the image below and open in a new window or tab to see larger samples of some of our favorite paintings from Portrait of a Peninsula.
Portrait of a Peninsula book

FanFare Program Guide

FanFare covers stackedFor a gift of $20 or more you'll receive 12 issues of FanFare, our monthly program guide. Each issue lists our schedule, highlights upcoming shows and includes a handy primetime grid that displays an entire month of evening programs so you won't miss that important and interesting program you've been looking forward to. FanFare is the most accurate source of program information, and it's one of the best ways we have to keep you informed about how your financial support is being used.

Also, look into becoming a Program Patron or Underwriting Partner and be recognized on the air telling others you support Public TV 13!


Invest in Your Public TV Station with a Special Partnership!

Here's a way to broadcast your support across the U.P. and northeastern Wisconsin. Public TV 13's Underwriting Partners pay for a portion of station operations for a day. In return, their name, business name, and community appear on the screen with an audio announcement 16 times throughout their day. You also see their names listed in FanFare. At $150 (or 15 PPS*) per day, this is a great publicity opportunity for businesses and groups. When you take advantage of Michigan and federal tax benefits, it's an even better deal. Call 800-227-9668 to reserve your special Underwriting Partner day and ask about discounts for multiple days.

Pledge Now with our secure and easy online pledge form.

Become a Sustaining Partner (link downloads a printable PDF brochure that includes an enrollment form and all the information you need to set up a Sustaining Partnership with Public TV 13.)

*PPS = Partner Premium Shares

**Online Pledge Security: Public TV 13 is very serious about protecting the billing information entrusted to us by our Partners. When you click the "Submit Form" button on our online pledge form, your information is sent to a secure server where it is kept until it is entered into our membership system. If you entered an email address, you will be sent a confirmation email immediately. If you have concerns about pledging online, we are always glad to take pledges by mail or by phone during regular business hours (8 am-5 pm ET) at 906-227-1300 or 800-227-9668. Our mailing address: WNMU-TV, 1401 Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI 49855.

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