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$100 PROGRAM PATRON - The Lawrence Welk Show
Sponsor an entire month of the 6 pm Sunday repeats of a champagne music favorite.

$100 PROGRAM PATRON - Washington Week
For news & views from the capitol, be a program patron for the month of your choice, Fridays at 8 pm.

$70 PROGRAM PATRON - Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
For insightful coverage of the world’s broad religious landscape, be a program patron for the month of your choice, Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.

Select a week of live world news coverage at either 6 pm or 11 pm (2 credits daily, around the program time chosen.)

$60 PROGRAM PATRON - Fitness Friend
Show your support for Wai Lana Yoga and Body Electric during the week of your choice and receive 3 credits daily between 7 and 8 am.

$60 PROGRAM PATRON - Charlie Rose
Sponsor the midnight broadcast for the week of your choice (5 nights, Monday-Friday).

$60 PROGRAM PATRON - Antiques Roadshow
Sponsor the rebroadcasts of the Roadshow for the week of your choice - put your name on the the Tuesday noon and Saturday 7 pm repeats.

$60 PROGRAM PATRON - Saturday Outdoor & Sports
4 credits on the Saturday of your choice between 3:30 and 6:30 pm, announcement made at the bottom of the hour.

$60 PROGRAM PATRON - High School Bowl
Show your support for High School Bowl during the week of your choice, Saturday at 8 pm and Monday at noon. Support your local High School Bowl team on the day their game is shown -- program schedule avaliable here.

$80 - High School Bowl Question Sponsor
Support High School Bowl by sponsoring the cost of questions and your name will be announced during the game. One sponsor per game, two sponsors per 1 hour program.

$40 Public TV 13 Kids' Club Membership
Your child will have his or her name announced 3 times on their special day during the kids' programming block (8-10 am.) See the Kids' Club page for details.

Pledge Online

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