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Public TV 13 is part of a ShopPBS online store affiliate program. You'll find links to the ShopPBS Web site on in the right sidebar and at the bottom of our home page. These links make it possible for you to support WNMU-TV when you shop for videos, DVDs and other program-related merchandise.

Here's how it works:

1) Click a ShopPBS ad link on our Public TV 13 home page to go to the ShopPBS store or click this link to open the ShopPBS.org store in a new window.

2) Make your purchase from over 5,000 titles available.

3) Your public television station receives a percentage of each sale made through our link!

*Bonus: Receive a 15% partner discount by entering the promotional code "MEMBER_15" in your ShopPBS shopping cart -- you save money and support Public TV 13!

Thanks for using our ShopPBS links when you shop for public television merchandise.

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